Hocus Pocus Focus by Cathy D. Slaght (Blog from 3/29/2015)

Well, yesterday I discovered how challenging it is to eat 9 fruits and vegetables in a day. The obstacle was that I didn’t have access to the foods. Was on the road in the early part of the day. Had lunch with a friend, ordered a big beet salad. (delicious) Since 1 serving is just 1/2 cup that was 3 right there. Ran some errands, putting off the grocery shopping till later in the day. Then got a call to go to a friend’s for dinner, said “YAY” and didn’t get the groceries. In other words, I lost my focus. ( We had salad for dinner, so that was another 2, but also ate a bunch of wonderful bread, which probably negated the benefits of the salad)

Point is- because I know nobody cares if I got my 9 servings of vegetables and fruits in- is:


Most of us have so many things going on that it’s like trying to juggle when you don’t know how. Can’t help but drop some balls. Hopefully one of the benefits of the daily energy clearing is the consistent, focused, energy coming day in and day out. Today we asked for the program called “sustenance boost”. So, any food you consume today will be charged, via your energetic request, with:

1. Campesterol

(Campesterol has been getting a lot of attention lately because it may reduce bad cholesterol. Obviously this would be a preventative for heart disease. Thing is, a person could try to supplement and actually take too much! Maybe frequency form is the best way to get it? Anyway, you got it today.)

2. Histidine

Lots of info online about this one! Histidine is an amino acid that is used to develop and maintain healthy tissues in all parts of the body, particularly the myelin sheaths that coat nerve cells. It may be useful for treatment of mental disorders as well as certain types of sexual dysfunction. It needs to be balanced in order to ensure good mental and physical health. NOTE: before supplementing your diet with histadine through capsules, which are available, consult your physician. Taking any one amino acid supplement may throw the whole body off!

3. vitamin B6

This can also be called pyridoxine. It’s involved in the metabolism of protein and carbohydrates, the production of insulin, red and white blood cells, and enzymes. It’s especially important for maintaining healthy nerve and muscle cells. Again, there’s’ a lot more information online.

Here’s the thing. I’m no nutritionist, but personally believe it’s unwise to just go out and buy a bunch of supplements. Instead, we need to eat the real food. Why? Because it’s the energy of ALL the elements in the food, not just one or two, that benefit the body. Look at it this way: If you’re making a pot of soup, you know you need some salt. But you’re not going to say “well, salt is .important, so I’ll put the whole box in.” What a toxic soup you’d have! Our body’s the same- trying to take a supplement for just one issue needs to be cleared with your health care provider first! If you don’t want to do that, look up and then eat the foods that provide key nutrients you think you may need. Beyond that, there are some excellent whole food supplements, if you care to do some searching online.

Unfortunately, even when you can eat perfectly, there’s still the challenge of our soil being depleted of minerals. We may all a whole food supplement in some form. I take the products mentioned to the left of the home page, headed “recharge your batteries” and “vials of light and love”. However, if you’re like most heath seekers, you probably already have products at home that you bought and never took. If it’s a whole food product, how about getting it out of the pantry and using it!

Meanwhile, the SRC is sending information, in the form of frequency, to your matrix to balance out the stress of any deficiency. (you requested 7 minutes) This doesn’t take the place of eating and supplementing properly! Instead, it prepares the matrix for you to pull it from your foods and/or possibly absorb it properly!

In addition, you asked for frequency work to balance out the stress of candida and yeast. Also, you requested a panel called “NOTES AND FREQUENCIES OF THE ENERGY SYSTEMS OF THE BODY. The system you wanted to focus on was the stomach. The “note” for that is A.

Finally, you asked for energy to change self awareness. You also wanted:

  • Physical Clearing
  • Relationship Clearing
  • Emotionally Traumatic Clearing

This will all run for 24 hours.

Comforting Quotes

And speaking of “hocus pocus” Arthur C. Clarke said ” Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. The reason this might be the case with the energy work we’re doing is that information is being provided from the etheric blueprint, which is invisible to us. Because everything is frequency, and measureable, a software program designed for such purposes can provide information from this blueprint that might not be available any other way. You then receive the frequency, via the airwaves, no matter where you are. But, if along with the daily energy clearing you begin to focus on making some lifestyle changes, the transformation may appear to be magical!

But the magic is YOU.


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