Pain Free? Is It Possible?

Pain Free? Is It Possible? by Cathy D. Slaght (Blog from 3/30/2015)

Pain Free? Is It Possible? by Cathy D. Slaght

Got this email yesterday from a woman in California, and am so thrilled for her!

“Cathy! I’m feeling better! I’m not having as much pain! WOW! I’m scheduled to go to my pain management doctor to have an epidural but I’m going to cancel!!!!”

We don’t always have such rapid results, but it definitely isn’t rare. And did you know that “stress management technology” isn’t all that new? Way back in the 20’s they discovered that everything is frequency- and of course that would include pain. At that time they developed devices that sent frequency to terminally ill people via light and sound and had amazing results. There’s a great book if you’d like to learn more. The author is Barry Lymes and the book is “The Cancer Cure That Worked” It’s an old book, but carries quite a message about
human nature.

Now we have software technology that can send these frequencies via the airwaves, just like a cell phone can make a call, or maybe a better analogy is a computer picking up and then sending information from the world wide web. People are often resistant, because they don’t understand it. But this could change their entire health paradigm. If their 5 senses would let them see what’s REALLY going on they’d realize that everything’s a swirling mass of frequency. The daily stress clearing is working to keep these frequencies from putting out
static. Think of a radio: with static you can’t hear the program. With your body, it’s the same. Static, which is caused by stress, lowers the body’s voltage and keeps it from getting the information it needs to maintain health on all levels.

Many still don’t understand how this works, even though they show no hesitation to work with all the other frequency gadgets- cell phones, computers, etc- but such is life, this is for the few who are willing to give it a chance. And $10 a month? Most people blow $10 on a daily basis!

Today the overall theme for the group is emotional. The first request is light therapy. Below are the frequencies being sent. The auto selection was for 18 hours! Light carries information. In the future a medical exam may just consist of having the amount of light in the cells measured!


  • 814nm Infra-red
  • 364nm Blue UV
  • 586nm Yellow
  • 797nm Infra-red
  • 722nm Infra-red
  • 874nm Infra-red
  • 1020nm Infra-red
  • 664nm Orange
  • 558nm Yellow
  • 688nm Orange
  • 550nm-600nm Yellow

The second request was the “soul imaging” panel. This works to clear emotions that have a “charge” to them- i.e. static. These particular emotions may inhibit a person from living a full and complete life. Here are the emotions selected:

uneasiness, minimizing, exasperated, amusement, thrill, optimism, restraint, collected, thick skinned, introjections, stunned, comfortable, peace of mind, justifying, inviting, apprehensive, galvanized.

In the next couple of weeks we’ll have a webinar for group members only, so you can see for yourself exactly what we’re doing!

What is Daily Energy Clearing Cathy D Slaght Learn More

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