A direct quote from DECODING THE HUMAN BODY FIELD by Peter H. Frazer and Harry Massey.

“ It is almost impossible for us to view our bodies as vast networks of cells and molecules, much less as webs of interacting particles and waves. However, the beautiful mystery of nature is that at our most fundamental level, waves and particles are exactly what we are.”

In other words, there is more to the body- and our reality- than what the 5 senses reveal.

And we’re not speaking in metaphysical terms. There are fields and forces which can now be measured and analyzed by various forms of technology.

This “measuring” can get interesting, too. It turns out that just like a satellite beams down frequencies that televisions convert into “shows”, there could be a much larger “beaming” going on.

WE, as powerful bio-computers, may be creating our own show based on what part of it we pull in.

But what sets our dial?

Well, according to scientific studies, it turns out that animals can see much more of what’s really going on. .


With that in mind, I asked Sprout to become a consultant. He has agreed, with the condition that he never has to war a tie again.

So, for those interested in more information on “invisible forces” –

Follow Sprout on  (Social Media is being set up.)

Meanwhile, why does the mainstream continue to ridicule- and/or block- scientifically-based information on all this?

The story of Clair Patterson might give some thoughts.

(Ever hear of him? Probably not, history pretty much ignores him.)

Patterson was on par with Einstein when it came to environmental protection.

He discovered how seriously harmful it was for us to be pumping gasoline containing LEAD.

Making this information available to the public put him up against some corporate structures controlled by powerful men. They tried to silence him, but he persevered, and independent scientists began to back him up.

(scientists employed by the corporate structure did repeated studies showing lead in gasoline was just FINE, though. Amazing, since lead is extremely poisonous.)

Bottom line- in 1952, because of his efforts, lead was removed from gasoline.

This cost the big boys some money, but subsequent tests showed the levels of lead in humans then dropped 80%.

So, a question- would it possibly cost the health care “big boys” if we understood that our health might benefit (along with standard health care), if we incorporated some energetic stress management ?

Today’s scan- stress management related to intestines- etheric- we’re asking for only the qi gong panel in the Pro Tools, specifically:

  • All core emotion energies
  • Bladder posture 1 and 2
  • Lotus kick
  • Super fireball

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Following a path to wellness is much like climbing a flight of stairs.

Obviously there’s a first step which, with a health challenge, would be to see a doctor.

Climbing further would involve saying to the doctor “ I’d like to know as much as possible about the diagnosis, as well as the treatment you’re advising ”…

(DOCTOR actually means TEACH)

…and then doing some research of your own.

Those who do this- i.e. keep climbing- may come to know that the core cause of any dis-ease is spiritual in nature.

With this in mind, the group work as of late has included breaking down/clearing stress related to some “seed programs” which can be huge sources of spiritual stress.

We started with: “You are deficient and therefore not whole”

For DAYS we ran, with the theme of EGO frozen in place.

Finally, we cleared, possibly because some rates to balance out a few forms of physical stress were added.

Of course we must maintain the higher level of frequency necessary, but at this moment in time, we’re ready to move on, next week, to another core program:

“You are lacking in the essentials of what you need to get along in life.”

(but, as you’ll see in the screen cast, we’re first going to spend a few days on stress related to the intestines, as that impacts intuition. This is part of an over-all etheric detox, we go to the next level on the 22nd.)

Anyway, I didn’t include details on the work done to clear the physical stress because of a text a friend had received related to the SRC work she’s doing,

I felt a few things about our work needed to be re-emphasized.

The text came from a family member who works in mainstream medicine. It contained the following revelations/warnings.

  1. Something must be tested and then diagnosed before proper treatment can be done.

So, to repeat, the SRC does not treat or diagnose.

Instead, the energy of Qi Gong is sent to the etheric field to clear blockages created by stress. As blockages are cleared, voltage may rise, empowering the body to self heal. The work can be reactive, but is primarily proactive.

(And, by the way, we’re not seeing high levels of accuracy with medical diagnosis. Check this out, plenty of information online.)

  1. Wavelengths from quantum equipment are too long to enter the physical body.

We aren’t doing physical work. It’s ETHERIC, in other words, with the field of energy that surrounds the physical body.

  1. Symptoms can only be treated with medicine.

Please. This is an example of the programming our doctors are getting, as well as the postage stamp perspective related to energy work.

That being said, sometimes I can’t blame them. This quantum stuff IS weird.

Maybe it’s time to do more investigation on THAT. Next week.

Meanwhile, here’s today’s scan. Etheric, not physical

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Some say we’re in the Golden Age, a time when many are coming to realize that our biggest problem may be the way we THINK, because it’s THOUGHT that creates.

AND, people are searching for information on a wide variety of subjects- health, politics, religion, etc. There’s so much out there, though. How do we really know what to KNOW?

For one thing, we must keep our GUTS balanced – it’s considered the second brain, some say it’s the FIRST- either way, it’s the center of intuition.

A diet of processed, sugary foods can skew the gut, and therefore the mind.

A subject for another time. For now, let’s talk about another version of know- NO.

For example, in terms of Natural Law- what would happen if those who were ordered to harm their fellow man in any way simply started saying NO?

We’re talking about soldiers, police, food manufacturers, sales people, health professionals, attorneys, government workers, political figures-

– even those in the entertainment industry who amass fortunes from song lyrics, tv shows, and movies that promote lower vibratory behavior such as drug and sex abuse, disintegration of the family, worship of the material world, and so on-

Saying NO could cause them some problems, though.

Look at Bill Cosby. Some say his troubles started not because he was into sex and drugs- that’s apparently par for the course in the entertainment industry- but because of a dangerous statement he continued to make:


Apparently back in the 90s he even tried to purchase NBC to upgrade the information being “channeled” into America. Rumor has it this offended some powerful people.

Maybe, someday, if we keep taking our probiotics and eating real food we’ll know the truth

Can’t think much about it today – we have a Royal Wedding!

Harry and Meghan requested a simple wedding, so it’s only 10 Million more than William and Kate’s!

aSproutAbout Royal wedding 2018But a thought- there’s so much poverty in London. What if Harry and Meghan had said NO to this extravaganza-and given the (approximate) 43 million paid by Harry’s family and the 32 Million paid by the taxpayers to those in need?

A simple wedding could be televised, crowds could still line the street…

But we can’t judge. Truth is, as far as saying NO, there’s only one category we need to focus on…


Maybe, for starters, NO to processed foods, NO to mindless entertainment-

– except that I’m taking Sprout to the Dog Bar to watch the wedding. There’s a costume party, the dogs can dress like Harry or Meghan. We didn’t have time to pull anything together, so Sprout’s just going black tie.

As far as the group energy work, we’re still clearing stress related to seed programming, the theme is still EGO.

But also there’s an A-Z scan, referring to related physical stress. The screen cast is in the VSA instead of this site, explanations tomorrow.

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Picture this:

You’re a boxer, in the match of your life. The opponent keeps knocking you down. Your vision has become so blurred you can’t even see who or what you’re fighting. A man? A woman? Some sort of monster?


The crowd is screaming- “GET OUT OF THE RING!”

But you don’t believe that’s possible.

Such is the way many choose to live.

Don’t get me wrong- FIGHTING is just an analogy.

We don’t really want to fight, as it puts people deeper into bondage.

Instead, when up against unseen forces, call into action your greatest weapon and power shield…

… the unseen power of love.

This is another part of the knowledge the ancients tried to share:


You can see why THAT had to be suppressed!

Because here’s the thing- anything you don’t like is held into place by an electric charge. HATING OR FEARING makes that charge much more powerful.

(note: complaining also LOCKS IN what’s being complained about, which is why its one of the least productive things a person can do.)

Point being- hating, fighting, complaining locks in what you DON’T want.

INSTEAD- along with maintaining the energetic charge of LOVE- learn some new moves.

This involves some work, but can take you out of the RING.

For example, start doing your own research.

Be eclectic, too- for example, did you ever look up Darlie Routier?

With getting information on a wide variety of topics FOR YOURSELF, instead of depending on certain others, you may begin to suspect the media has been somewhat devious – after all, the entertainment industry knows how the human mind works..

They are well aware that stirring up hate, fear, anger- locks in problems, which can be very profitable for the corporate sector.

And – back to the seed programs mentioned yesterday-

– if your research includes learning more about quantum energy you may come to the conclusion that ALL dis-ease is spiritual in nature…

… the result of one or more SEED PROGRAMS.

We’re working to clear stress related to this. It loos like our work is cut out, as we’re STILL going and our theme is STILL ego.

So, in addition to letting the P3 keep running, we’re again bringing our PRO- the PRO TOOLS

Details- etheric, not physical-

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It was once true that the vast majority of people on the planet lived and died without realizing they came in equipped to create the life they desire.

Those days may be coming to an end, though. Growing numbers are now aware of how our systems truly operate, namely:

  1. We are not matter, but frequency systems, interfaced with multiple energy fields which are, quite literally, sets of informational codes/mathematical formulas.
  2. We are designed to access this information so we can thrive.
  3. But, various forms of static- referred to as stress – can block the information.

“Growing numbers believe this?”you may be thinking.

Well, there are a quite a few of us, but belief is not the correct term. Belief is often a sign of being programmed. We are AWARE. We continue to learn, but no longer automatically accept what others have told us to believe.

Along with understanding how the human energy system operates, we also are coming to realize Natural Law must be followed if we wish to create the life- and world- we desire.

BUT WAIT- murder, theft, lying, coercion, trespassing, rape, and assault- all violate Natural Law. And yet some of the most powerful people on the planet seem to profit from these very things!

Well, those who want to rule the world understand energy and Natural Law. Because of that, they often think they know how to manipulate it.

Take WAR, for example. THEY aren’t murdering, raping, trespassing, and so on. The enlisted soldiers are.

AND- ANOTHER EXAMPLE- the ones who are at the top of the sex-trafficking industry may also be great PHILANTHROPISTS.

Okay, fine. But ultimately, there are no loopholes. There is always a penalty for breaking Natural Law.

And here’s a way we may have been “coerced”, which also is a violation of Natural Law. It seems much of the knowledge concerning our true power has been destroyed, piece by piece, over a period of time, by those who wish to control the resources of the planet.

Libraries were burned, scholars were tortured and killed, even entire groups of people who searched for true knowledge were wiped out.

Case in point- the Cathars.

The Cathars had some interesting information about energy. They were WAY ahead of the consciousness of the time.

Somehow they suspected their knowledge- along with THEM- would be destroyed.

That’s probably why they buried a bunch of scrolls that contained the information.

In 1945 these scrolls were discovered.

Among other things, these writings said humans and the physical world were constantly being manipulated by unseen forces. Only with awareness could humans regain control.

(no wonder the rulers of the time wanted Cathars eliminated.)

So, a question- could these “forces” have implemented core programming that diminished the power of the human race?

Here are 8 examples of what is known as SEED PROGRAMMING

You are defective and therefore not whole.
You are lacking in the essentials of what you need to get along in life.
You are dependent upon the people and institutions around you for all your needs.
What you see is all there is. What you have been told is all there is to know.
You are born into a hostile Universe.
Nothing lasts.
You can never know.
Everything that can be known is already known.

In the group, we’re still working, energetically, on clearing stress related to the first, “You are defective and therefore not whole”.*

Details- etheric, not physical

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We live in an electromagnetic spectrum of informational energy.

We can only “see” (with our 5 senses) about .1% of what’s out there.

Science has learned to work with this spectrum on a limited basis. This is where our frequency gadgets- TV, radios, computers, phones- come from.

What most don’t realize is that there’s  FAR MORE information out there…

…and a system set up to access it.


Everything we need to thrive is available.

There are challenges in accessing it, though.

For one thing, access is based on life force, or voltage. Just like a cell phone keeps losing signals when it’s weak, or drained of energy, so do we.

The more stress we’re exposed to, the lower our voltage goes.

Also, our human systems are highly programmable.

Awareness can clear non-beneficial programming — we’re that powerful- but …

…we’re programmed to resist awareness.

SEED programs,  downloaded or “seeded” into the collective, are a part of this.

It seems there are nine such programs. In the energy group we’re working to manage this stress, starting with:


Like all programs, this is false. Each of us is here for a purpose. We are a vital part of the WHOLE, and deficient in no way.

The theme at this point, automatically selected by the SRC based on  stress level, is EGO.

Makes sense. Every computer needs an operator and the EGO is ours.

Just like a person may be hesitant to download a new program on their man-made computer because of a concern they won’t understand how to operate it once the new stuff is there-

  • we’re the same when it comes to downloading new information into OUR system.

This is why most self-improvement programs fail.

SRC technology can assist in clearing this kind of blockage. Details of where we are with this are below- but meanwhile-

Where did these SEED programs come from?

Today’s scan, etheric, not physical

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Each individual has the utmost control over his or her own life.

That being the case, why is there so much struggle in the world? Surely we don’t want poverty, corrupt governments, war…

…and yet we keep creating it.

It could be that we’re programmed to do so. The human system IS highly programmable.

Families, caretakers, educators, layered in with culture and nationality, are possibly the main source of this programming. Now, though, we have to take into consideration TV, computers, music- as so many children are also exposed to all of this in their most formative years.

Anyway, I remember telling my mother- and this was before starting school OR having a television – that I was going to be a detective when I grew up. Don’t know where that came from. In between those years there were some other ideas, but after graduating from college I found myself filling out an application for a position with the FBI and actually getting an interview.

This would have been 1969. I was a child prodigy so had graduated at age 5.

Okay, just kidding- wanted you to know the date, though- because, back then, when I went to the interview they thought I was applying for clerical work. When I said NO, I wanted to be an AGENT they laughed their heads off!

So, by default I became a teacher. Back then, standard programming for women with education was teacher or nurse, and I hadn’t done so well in chemistry.

Point being, you have your programming, I have mine. We don’t know where all of it comes from.

But, with awareness, we DO have a great deal of control over it. For example, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what would happen if children were taught Natural Law at an early age?

And face it – maybe we should consider this. The deep struggle in the world indicates our present collective programming isn’t working out so well.

This same programming has convinced many that change isn’t possible. But it’s not true. Maybe it’s just that the way we’ve attempted change, up to this point, has been to try and change OTHERS.

REAL change comes from within.

It involves clearing non-beneficial programming- BELIEFS.

So, for the group, we’re going to examine and work towards clearing some SEED (programmed) BELIEFS. There are 9 that, collectively, we seem to share.


(It registered at 80%- in other words,it seems to be a huge source of stress)

And one last thing-

That urge to be a detective never left. Working with the SRC can be like doing detective work, but also, it seems I’ve always had an inclination to investigate, on my own, information presented to the public by the corporate structure.

That’s why the internet has been such a transformation for me personally- reports, documents, and so on are available.

With that in mind, and if you have the inclination, look up Darlie Routier and Diane Downs, two mothers convicted- with the help of the media- of the murder/attempted murder of their children.

But what’s this got to do with anything?

I’ll leave that to you to figure out.

Today’s scan, etheric, not physical

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