We all have the capacity to create ANYTHING- an income, different place to live, different way of life, a feeling, emotion…optimal health, which means freedom from excess weight, visceral fat, and so on.

(even governmental visceral fat)

But back to BODY weight- the SUBCONSCIOUS knows exactly how to manage it. The challenge- some non-beneficial programs are running that can get in the way.

The solution is to identify and then clear these programs. Otherwise, dieting will NEVER work, other than temporarily..

In my opinion, working with the SRC is an excellent way to go about it.

Some examples of programs that may be running on an unconscious level-

  • unconscious desire to isolate
  • imprisoned emotion (s)
  • a feeling of being isolated
  • seeking a form of protection
  • accumulating forms of non-beneficial inner thought
  • creating a gulf between self and the outer world
  • camouflage insecurities about being exposed to love
  • avoid being hurt
  • experienced a traumatic event regarding sexuality
  • wanting to possess everything
  • selfish
  • refusing to let go of feelings
  • clinging to the past
  • eating excessively to fill an inner void
  • abandoned
  • co-dependent
  • hiding shame
  • hiding aggressiveness
  • desiring to run away or hide to avoid suffering
  • detesting things that have been imposed
  • feel ing the need to impose on others
  • wanting to have everything, just in case
  • persistent demand- can never be satisfied
  • great emotional shock
  • major loss
  • inner void
  • guilt over loss of a loved one
  • guilt over loss of a business
  • guilt over loss of a project
  • considering self a loser
  • broken heart
  • feeling one carries no weight
  • difficulty in taking one’s place
  • self-depreciation involving personal appearance
  • desire to take up space with physical body
  • body is sending a message of how self-destructive present thoughts/habits are
  • negative thoughts
  • self-rejection
  • feeling limited
  • need to accumulate thoughts, emotions, or things
  • need to avoid actions or situations
  • belief of having less power in certain aspects of life
  • desire for less responsibility
  • fear of asserting self
  • fear of not being found intelligent
  • believe in the necessity of being “stout” in order to survive
  • desire to be seen, easily spotted

So, along with continuing the work on GMO related stress– theme is STILL governing vessel-

-a member of the group offered to be a test subject on this “subconscious clearing”.  She’s never been able to lose weight- even now, she’s on the 21 day hormone reset and has GAINED 2 pounds.

We’re identifying stress levels, clearing via the emotions panel and issue solver, then running the following command in the Premium-

I accept expressing my emotions, recognizing my value, and all my possibilities. I now know that all the voids that I have the impression of experiencing in my life can be filled with LOVE and positive feelings towards myself. By accepting myself and others with the love I surround myself with I become free of this sadness and need for protection.

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Looking around- or in the mirror- there seems to be a wide assortment of big bellies.

When this is VISCERAL fat, (you can tell, because it’s probably somewhat HARD) disease is likely on its way- CVD, stroke, cancer, diabetes 2 – and apparently the sex life isn’t too great, either.

Why is this happening- and on such a large scale- to the American people?

Some say it’s because food is actually being used AGAINST them by those at the very top.

Because these same groups also control health care, it’s turned out to be extremely profitable.

Most can’t consider this possibility. Certain belief systems might collapse.

But for the few willing to have more awareness, so they can find solutions, some things to investigate further –

First, why has “organic” become a boutique food that many can no longer afford? There seems to be plenty of subsidies for corn and soy, which make the addictive, low voltage junk food.

Could it be that there are interlocking agreements between government agencies/certain corporations/the health care industry that influence food choices? These groups DO control a number of agencies that influence our thought processes.

Then- why do government programs such as WIC, a nutritional and educational program for women, infants, and children (our government prefers no fathers be involved in the family, or so it seems- check this out for yourself ) fail to educate on what foods are actually healthy?

Look at the foods allowed. The women, infants and children get GMO, pesticide laden foods from the top manufacturers.

What isn’t allowed? Organic. This is in spite of the fact that study after study continues to show the dangers of glyphosate.

(If you want to keep up with this- check out the Right to Know group-

In other words, the poor are getting food that wrecks the immune system, messes up their bowel flora, etc. and does NOT enrich their minds.

Is it conceivable that certain controllers aren’t interested in the poor raising voltage and, as a result, accessing more information from the Cosmos? Do they want to keep them right where they are?

I know this sounds crazy.

But, if there’s a Spirit that connects us ALL- and we ALL are intended to thrive…

… then, while there’s concern that programs like WIC might run out of money with the government shut down, maybe we need to be concerned about what the poor are receiving either way.

Which brings up a point- could the government have turned into a  blob of visceral fat?

Let’s look at the similarities- starts out small, but is necessary.. Then something goes haywire- it starts stealing from the ones it is supposed to protect. As it gets bigger and bigger it manipulates other cells to EAT EAT EAT and send all the benefits to IT.

Soon it’s creating havoc .

But let’s move on. In addition to intermittent fasting, I’ve read that therapeutic class probiotics and a good vitamin B complex can help with releasing visceral fat. Check it out.

Problem is, most of us know what to do- it’s just that we don’t do it.

Tomorrow we’re going to look into THAT.

For today, etheric, not physical, we’re still running on stress related to GMO and FAT. Current theme is governing vessel.

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Last night the computer running the 528 hertz/prosperity etc. program decided to restart itself.

As a result, all the work we were doing was lost.

Started over, added the GMO codes and a BURN FAT image- as requested.

(See post “When the Price Hits You in The Face” for full list.)

And- we’re back to one computer.

But did you know, speaking in terms of the BURN FAT image-

– that BELLY FAT is a DIFFERENT kind of fat from that OTHER stuff that just likes to make us look fluffy?

It has a frightening similarity to the old horror movie THE BLOB.

It starts with just a little bit of fat around the organs- necessary to protect them.

But then- thanks to an endless array of FAKE FOODS – advertised non-stop, highly addictive- coupled with plenty of stress- it gets out of control, starts forming a BLOB.

At that point it takes on a life of its own.

Its first devious step is to take away some of the cellular functions of the organs and put them into itself.

It has special receptors, too, for it’s FAVORITE – CARBOHYDRATES- – which can build it to a GIGANTIC size.

It’s able to set its human host up to CRAVE these carbohydrates.

Looking around, there seems to be a re-make of this scary movie.

New title- THE BELLY.

So, Saturday I went to a health expo and had my visceral fat measured.

The number was BAD.

With improved eating habits- and staying on the 21- day hormone reset-  so far NO CHEATING – and plenty of SRC energy- I thought the number would be much better.

I know how serious this can be. Visceral fat is associated with heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, type 2 diabetes-

I came home and ordered a scale that measures visceral fat- and am determined to release it.

An internet search indicates that intermittent fasting is one of the best approaches.

Since I’ve been doing that for a while now, and the belly really IS smaller, am assuming the measuring device at the expo was probably WRONG.

YES- that must be it. Defective equipment.

Anyway, we’ll explore this further tomorrow- and, after that, look into why, on an emotional level, so many are creating a reality that includes excess fat, visceral or otherwise…and living in denial about it.

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In today’s scan, stress related to GMO has dropped from 69% to 42%.

This could be due to working with codes from with or without the SRC software, this site is worth checking out. We’re in a mathematical Universe- EVERYTHING’S a number.

The specific codes entered into our program yesterday were related to:

  • Allergy – corn GMO Control #
  • Allergy – gluten reaction Elim
  • Allergy – GMO reaction Elim
  • Colon – sigmoid norm
  • Constipation – GMO Elim
  • Glyphosate – roundup neutralize
  • Glyphosate Elim
  • GMO – agent orange resistant
  • GMO – barley Elim
  • GMO – epithelial breakdown Elim
  • GMO – foods
  • GMO – wheat Elim

AWARENESS is what we’re after. Not OBSESSION, FEAR-ANGER or, the other extreme, OVERWHELM- HOPELESSNESS-APATHY concerning our food.

These lower vibratory emotions can get encoded in the energy system and create more of the same.

With awareness, we realize WE are in control.

In fact, the Ancients said ALL WISDOM surrounds us, and comes in based on the level of our VOLTAGE.

This is now validated by Science. (but how’d they know it back THEN?)

Turns out we’re electrical beings.

This electricity flows through our body, but can get into a state of negative or positive charge.

The challenge- for voltage to RISE, it needs to be in a state of balance.

That’s the focus with SRC stress-management.

But – Walter Russel said in order to truly balance we also had to connect with Nature.

Just putting bare feet on the ground for 30 minutes a day is all it takes.

(Even 5 minutes will do some good.)

With just this one small effort, the energy of the Earth does the rest.

It’s even been said that if a person gardens barefoot the herbs they need for their personal healing will begin to grow.

Don’t know about that-

But the elements, stones, and plants on the Planet have demonstrated repeatedly that they are designed for our benefit.

We are One with the Earth…

…NOT with books, the internet, TV, and so on.

Do your own online search, put the pieces together.

Recognize that if you have the CHARGE, you have the POWER.

And- think about the fact that there are some children- and many adults- that never get their bare feet on the ground.

In many areas it’s too cold- and/or there’s too much insecticide or animal waste, etc.

So I went on a search of earthing shoes– these are excellent-

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Nearly every morning Sprout and I walk past a coffee shop known for its “hip java and baked treats.”

As soon as this hormone reset is over- am on day 11- I plan to stop in and be hip.

It can’t hurt- I’m careful .most of the time Still, knowing what’s in many of our baked goods- and since yesterday’s scan we indicated it’s time for some stress management related to GMO- I went ahead and tested our present stress level related to this.

69% stress related to GMO for the daily energy group! Sure, this is subtle energy, but still- how could this BE? This is a health conscious group!

Maybe it’s time to face realty- GMO has infiltrated our food supply. Corn, soy, rice, tomatoes, beets, potatoes, certain oils, milk…in so many of our products, supplements…and it looks like restaurants are PACKED, so that’s another source –

Plus, how many of us are willing to go through life without ever again having certain TREATS?

Let’s think about this.

The ancients said solutions to ANY problem are available in the Light that surrounds us.

Walter Russel, a more contemporary “ancient”, said we access these solutions by keeping our voltage high,which is done through working with Nature and Balance.

The SRC does it’s part in the balance department- not that it’s ALL we need to do, but it’s a powerful tool. But what about NATURE?

For starters, going barefoot is a powerful way to connect to what we consider to be”nature”- which is, really, the electricity of the earth.

After all, WE’RE electric.

Eating plenty of vegetables (organic) is another way to connect.

Gemstones- essential oils- herbs- are all major connectors, and sent, energetically, each day via the SRC.

Also, we can focus on the 12 areas of Mastery. When it comes to our food, we seem to have plenty, so maybe there should be special emphasis on #7….

…as opposed to complaining, which only creates more of what’s being complained about, anyway.


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Haven’t posted for a few days,  because we’re STILL running a combination of 528 hertz, prosperity codes, the color/gem command, and SSTT cocktail on Natural Law.

These programs are powerful, and obviously resonate with the group. It didn’t seem appropriate to curtail them

BUT- Those who say more LIGHT is coming in also say the physical body must be in shape to receive it., and that we’d better get a move on it. With that in mind, by Saturday we’ll do just that. (we’ll keep the other programs running until they’re completed, though, and keep you posted on the progress.)

But- on to the mundane- we’re dealing with stress management. Obviously  it’s stressful to have a physically stressed body,  but in addition to the every day complications,  the financial stress can be catastrophic.

Not in terms of a long hospital stay or expensive medical procedures. either. It’s the prescriptions, clinic visits, medical equipment, lost work, keeping up insurance coverage…

Preventing all this is the purpose of the daily stress management sessions – with plenty of prosperity codes thrown in for good measure.

So, here’s what’s next,  in order of preference from a Master List scan. We’ll be using a different computer so that screen casts can be up and running again.

(All the protocols, lists, etc will be in the VSA. Am working with the webmaster to get these in a form that can be cut and pasted, not sure why this is a challenge but it seems to be.)

Anyway, here goes- the lower the number, the more the priority. Etheric, not physical.

Of course this is only necessary until the money fairy arrives-

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With all this talk, astrologically, of more LIGHT coming in- what exactly does this mean? According to Walter Russell, it means more GOD is coming in.

He considered the fact that science had ignored this concept- that Light is God- a Cardinal Error. As he would say, we are all absolutely dependent upon God…

… the invisible, motionless, sexless, undivided and unconditioned white Magnetic Light of Mind which centers all things” and…

We are ALL free to tap in.

He predicted that someday this would be proven scientifically. Interestingly enough, we now have the technology to photograph the “matrix.”. It looks like a big brain.

The main problem with what Russell was saying – it was the late 1800’s, early 1900’s.

So, even though he was a respected artist, sculptor, builder- he even created the first co-op and wrote the first lease- when it came to his talk about Light some people wanted to commit him. (One of them was his wife.)

All that saved him was his tremendous success in other areas and the brilliance of his writings.

So, he continued- explaining that God is Light, and that this Light is MOTIONLESS.

It’s available to ALL, he would say – but the degree of what’s pulled in is based on a person’s voltage, because we are electrical in nature. Because most have no comprehension of this, they live and die without ever tapping into the power of God.

He was apparently quite a character. For example, in his early career he was an artist, not a sculptor. But there came a time he was doing a portrait of a very famous person- a sculptor was lined up to do a bust- and the sculptor failed to arrive.

“I’ll do both” said Russell- even though he had NEVER sculpted. The result was a masterpiece.

As he explained, “ If you want to do something, just start doing it. Everything you need to know is in the Light that surrounds you.” and

“Consciousness is not what you think it is”.

Everything he referenced was based on Natural Law.

With this in mind, Ray Foley has prepared a Natural Law SSTT cocktail for us. It’s in the VSA.

That’s what we’re receiving today, along with the abundance cocktail and color/gemstone command.

The theme is Yin Qiao Mai, which rules the right side of the body and is about flexibility and free movement.

And- speaking of free movement- if we are each free to TAP IN and create the Heaven On Earth the Ancients spoke of…

…is there any need to blame OTHERS for what, perhaps, WE’VE had a hand in creating. (?)

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