Today -while driving- I did the YES THERAPY. It had been a while, so had forgotten how empowering this exercise can be. Started with a simple request – and am hoping a few others are willing to give this form of prayer a chance.

Also had a session with someone I hadn’t seen in a while. She immediately noticed I’d lost weight! Am fairly certain it’s the BIOAGE- because nothing else in my daily regime has changed…except…

…on February 22 I started drinking the water with Himalayan salt. This is part of a chakra detoxing protocol as outlined Will have to look later today to see what’s involved in the second step, as I’ll be ready to begin it onMarch 22

Anyway, a fair number of people said, when the pinch of Himalayan salt in drinking water was mentioned, that they couldn’t have salt because of their blood pressure.

But here’s some information from SALT: Your Way To Health by David Brownstein, MD:

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Ancient healers in the Far East worked with subtle energy currents. They considered the body/brain to be an “innocent bystander” in the causation of life events.

Instead, it was seen an antenna, designed to receive information from the matrix.

(But, to be clear- there is no more powerful “energy device” than the human body. It is said that one human brain is more powerful than all the computers in the world, combined.)

So, I got to thinking– maybe the field of energy that surrounds us is similar to a Pinata…filled with all kinds of candy- except that it’s information, of course.

So, a Pinata is a beautiful work of art, but only by hitting it with a stick does the candy emerge.

In other words, some type of action is necessary.

With that in mind, would you consider taking some action- in other words, trying out- a powerful technique for working with subtle energy that originated in China?

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Many believe OUTSIDE FACTORS – certain people or even groups of people, as in governmental agencies/corporations- or environmental toxins, a health diagnosis, the state of the world – whatever- have power over their life.

It isn’t really true.

Each of us has tremendous power to create anything we desire. It’s accessed from unseen fields of energy that surround us, via the power of our personal resonance, or voltage.

Some refer to this as consciousness.

But, regardless of terminology, most are oblivious to how it all “works”. Because of this, there’s needless suffering. Why? Because when we’re not accessing our true power we create, on an unconscious level , “walls” of limitation.

THEN, problems- sometimes even in crisis form- appear to encourage us to push those walls down.

(Some of us seem to have MAC DADDY walls, so we get to have REPEATED problems/ opportunities to figure this out. Unfortunately, many go to their graves without doing so.)

Of course, because of books like The Secret, many have a generalized understanding of all this, even believe in it. But, they say, it doesn’t seem to work for THEM.

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The ancients taught that we have an innate URGE – possibly even carved in our DNA– to be the architects of our reality.

And don’t get me wrong, I think this is a GREAT time to be alive– but-

  • it could be that modern day society is doing its best to beat this innate urge out of us.

There’s environmental stress that could be lowering resonance, but also many seem to be AFRAID, on some level, to exercise their power.

For those who AREN’T, the first step is to gain power over ONESELF.

In my case, the biggest struggle has always been food. Also, I forget to drink water.

So, have been preparing a gallon of water with a pinch of Himalayan salt nearly every day since February 22. (Haven’t been able to drink an entire gallon in one day, so it often lasts into the next day. It may be a gallon is too much- not everybody needs that much water on a daily basis.)

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Read a thought-provoking article  yesterday- the link is at the bottom of this post- about a recent study on how to chemically mind control the public.

The study demonstrated that it could be done. The focus was on xenophobia- fear of immigrants or those from other cultures. Apparently giving people oxycotin, the “love hormone” cleared that right up. (And, interestingly enough, some people ARE low in oxycotin.)

This brings up all kinds of considerations. For example, why DO so many fear immigration? Is it because they’ve been imprinted with misinformation? Are they low on the LOVE hormone? Could there be justification for concerns, even fear?

And regardless, is it ethical to use any form of mind-control to correct this?

But, as far as mind control- NOT intentional, but ongoing-

The average American eats fast food 3x a week. For many, it’s the only way they can afford to keep their children’s bellies full- because it IS cheaper. (this is because of government subsidies, more on this another time.)

But many are also ADDICTED. I was, for years. Most days, while driving around previewing houses for the real estate business, I had a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Only years later was I able to totally give them up.

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It seems the brain is nothing more than a processor of information coming from the etheric field.

Thoughts DON’T come from it- any more than “thoughts” come from a radio.

So here we are, relying on BRAINPOWER to create our reality, but, just one example- what we see and hear via the media/entertainment industry is imprinted in our etheric field.

This impacts our resonance/reality creation, and not always in a good way.

Those who are aware of how this all works do their own thinking instead of automatically believing what they’re told. They look at both sides of issues, remaining objective while doing so. Because of this, they aren’t often in line with popular thinking.

Quick thought on this- about six months ago it was reported on main stream news that American diplomats in Cuba had been injured by a sonic attack. Apparently brain damage resulted

It was blamed on the Cubans. And yes, there is sound technology capable of causing brain damage.

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Dr. Richard Gerber, in his book Vibrational Medicine, says an energy imbalance in the etheric body is what leads to dis-ease, whether it be physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual.

He goes further to say the only difference between the physical and etheric body is a difference in frequency.

At one time this was revolutionary thinking. Now, many understand, at the least, that everything is frequency.

How else could those little people get in the TV?

But, do we give much thought to the fact that the human brain has it’s own set of frequencies?

Lowest is Delta- .1 to 3 hertz. This is the realm of deep sleep, trance states, and the unconscious mind.

Then there’s Theta- 4-8 hertz- creativity, intuition, and daydreaming. This is the realm of the subconscious. Children up to age 13 practically live in Theta, which may explain why they’re so imaginative.

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