We seem, as Laurel and Hardy used to put it, to have gotten ourselves into quite a predicament…

… non-stop wars…harmful chemicals in our air food and water…skyrocketing mental and physical dis-ease… human trafficking…so much more…

WE are the generators, because we continue to listen to the same small group of people who’ve set this system up.

Maybe, down deep, we don’t believe we deserve anything better.

If so, that’s a primary example of non-beneficial programming that needs to be cleared.

With this in mind, for the next 3 days, via the Issue Solver, we’re working to clear stress related to “lack of deserving.”

The primary blocks, according to today’s scan:

“recurrent issue, addictions, geriatric issues, blood heat, burn fat, crown chakra, heart chakra, demonic attack, digestion, ears and hearing, element earth restore, feet, heart disharmony, illness, kidney, large intestine, lung, masks and defense mechanisms,teeth/gums/mouth/tongue/jaw, trauma”

(even an INDIVIDUAL scan would have a number of blockages- which is why a computer software program such as the SRC can be so powerful – our human systems are complicated!)

But why LIST the blocks?

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…it doesn’t matter what any leader does.

So, maybe all this political frenzy is just a distraction from what’s REALLY important- which is-

  • gaining knowledge about KEYS that unlock another realm known as the KINGDOM, where ALL THINGS are possible.

Could certain visionaries have been trying to get this information to the masses?

If so, it would have been a challenge, because of the consciousness of the times.

Stories, or parables, might have been necessary.

For example, there’s a story about a Centurion (Roman soldier) who asked Jesus to heal one of his young servants- who was quite a distance away. The soldier said:

“I know you can just speak the word from where you are right now and this boy will be healed”.

Jesus spoke, and at home the boy got up.

Distance healing demo?

And it could be that another KEY- AUTHORITY– was revealed in this story, too.

(So far I may have found 3 keys- this is getting time consuming, but hopefully worth it)

Forgiveness- Peacemaking- and now, Authority.

The idea could have been that we ALL have the authority to create via the spoken word- from any distance-

BUT- back then, and still, now, the average person doesn’t have much interest in all this.

In fact, if YOU begin to get interested, you may be seen as eccentric.

Maybe it SCARES people- like a horror movie, even- because it contradicts mass consciousness programming.

But, we’re not here just to experience a few thrills.

We’re here to experience TRUTH.

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You know, detective work… on if there could be a KEY or KEYS to creating the life desired…and, if so, WHAT ARE THEY?

There will be some religious overtones. If this stresses you- and we ARE doing stress management- below is the group work, so you can skip the rest.

And, just in case you don’t watch the screen cast, a new code is being added-
87674878598 – you can have it all-

you can jot it down and put it under your pillow, what would it hurt?

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Some believe (and scientific data supports) that we are surrounded/ part of a web/grid/matrix of informational energy, set in place to provide all our needs.

The brain acts as a scalar wave generator to access it.

This system will not infringe on free will – what’s accessed is based on one’s level of interest.

Unfortunately, not all that many ARE interested –  they haven’t heard about it, or don’t believe such a thing is possible.

AND- It DOES sound like pie in the sky –

But Jose Silva may have provided proof.

He’d never been to a mainstream school. Instead, he’d learned to read and write at home, then became a radio repairman.

But at 30 he was drafted. Somehow the standard psychiatric interview left him fascinated about how the questions asked were designed to work with the MIND.

After the war ended, he began to read everything he could get his hands on about this, staying up till 3, 4 amafter a full day of work…

…because he could see OUR OPERATNG SYSTEM– THE MIND- pulled in waves of information much like a RADIO.

In both cases, it was all about the SETTING.

He began to demonstrate that we are capable of setting the MIND, through a particular style of meditation, to pull in solutions to just about any problem.

He was condemned by his church. Friends turned away.

As a result, he began to read up on what the church actually taught – he was Catholic, so started with Christianity. He came to believe that we may have been taught some MISS-TRUTHS.

For example…Jesus didn’t seem to think much of religious authorities. He said they knowingly misled people, keeping them out of something He kept referring to to as the KINGDOM.

In fact, it seemed his FOCUS of His ministry was this KINGDOM- and some KEYS.

I’ve been wondering- could the Kingdom possibly be this WEB of informational energy that we’re to tap into? Are certain keys involved?

Then last night I had a dream. Somehow I was cleaning up – of all things, a restaurant- and kept finding sets of keys under the tables.

I was wondering how to get them back to their rightful owners.

(They were yucky, too, encrusted with food and dirt.)

I took it as a sign that we need to talk about these KEYS, which means I’d better learn what they all are. So far I only know of one, forgiveness.

(If this kind of talk offends you- tomorrow will probably be worse.)

Meanwhile, we’re STILL going from yesterday- a combination of stress management related to emotions, along with essential oil vibratory therapy- and a new cocktail, the Transformer- in the VSA.

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There are nearly 7.6 billion humans on planet earth who suffer because they are victims of bad karma, mind-control, adrenaline dominance, astrology, or things of a similar nature.

A select few who seek to control them- mostly for economic reasons- have been known to refer to them as the Great Unwashed- although smelly Walmart Shoppers has been bouncing around a bit lately.

BUT WAIT. I’ve just given you a MISS-TRUTH.

(If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you know it’s no longer PC to say LIE. In the event false information is brought to light- MISS-TRUTH is less offensive.)

So here’s the truth- there’s you- me-and quite a few others…who choose NOT to go into any category of victim hood.

We believe in solving problems.

Maybe not through conventional means- like building more bombs- more powerful computers-  taking other peoples’ stuff- or anything else on the physical plane.

Instead, we’re aware of the power of working with the MIND.

As science demonstrates, there’s a higher level, an informational field that surrounds us, offering every solution. All we have to do is access it.

And, as it turns out, Jose Silva figured much of this out a long time ago, demonstrating a way for ALL* to do so.

*this field does NOT discriminate.

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The sages of the East believed that ignorance was NOT bliss, but, instead, the root of all obstacles.

And who did they consider to be IGNORANT?

Those who denied their true nature.

This “TRUE NATURE” – now switching to the WEST, via William James, the Father of American Psychology-

  • is that ANY individual can tap into a powerful reservoir of informational energy that will assist them in solving any problem and/or creating anything they desire.

James referred to this reservoir as the subconscious mind. But technology now shows we are ALL surrounded by a web of informational energy designed to provide us with everything we need.

(This may seem far-fetched, but has been proven in experiments.)

Putting this understanding into perspective- and then taking action on it- may be the true sign of wisdom.

The daily SRC work can play a part, but some 3D activity is involved as well.

Have been thinking about this over the last couple of days, as the group work continues (clearing stress related to emotions) – and yes, we’re STILL going-

– but had already decided to share something I’d learned n 1983 that transformed my life.
At that time I was in the middle of a painful divorce.

The weekend my husband moved out I took a class to get away- Silva Mind Control.

Only implemented ONE thing from what I learned, though. Just didn’t consider myself one to meditate- too much mind chatter.

But, from that point on, every time ANY thought came to mind that I DID NOT WANT as part of my reality, I had learned to say, to myself, CANCEL CANCEL.

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OUR STRANGE WORLD by Cathy D. Slaght

These posts are meant to be reminders that we CREATE-

  • “reminders” because, on some level, we already know.

But, on a MASS level, mankind doesn’t seem to be using this power the way it was intended.

Just look at your own life- do you see vibrant health, financial fulfillment, loving relationships?

If not, maybe it’s because you’ve been programmed not to create it.

Yes, science has already documented that everything is energy AND that the HUMAN energetic system operates as a powerful computer system, processing this energy…

…which means – like any computer- we are receiving/downloading information 24/7 from a WEB of frequency and then converting it to our 3D reality.

The challenge is that this web contains both beneficial and non-beneficial energy/information.

What we download is based on personal voltage, which is lowered by stress.

STRESS is a broad term, too. For example- environmental toxins are a form of stress.

No mainstream system of education or religion truly explains this. As a result, many end up downloading primarily non-beneficial information, and, as a result, creating lack in a wide variety of forms.

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