We’re surrounded by an unseen web of frequency that contains all possibilities.

We tune in to it, energetically, to create our personal and collective reality. The challenge is that our energy system operates much like a tuning fork. And, we humans have been known to tune into some strange things.

While this is NOT theory, but scientific fact, there ARE plenty of theories on how this “tuning” comes about. One is that the heart may be the primary controller of the vibration of our “tuning fork.”

How ironic, then, that the leading cause of death, worldwide, is the heart.

The mainstream has given us a theory on what causes heart disease- artery blockage. This has led to billions spent on surgeries.

But what if science were to discover that the body is equipped to do its own bypass? (this has already happened.)

This would mean that billions of $$$ have been wasted on unnecessary surgical costs and medications. (well, to be fair, the billions may be wasted by the populace, but are being enjoyed somewhere)

More on this down the road, but, for now- a major report on the efficacy of bypasses, stents, and angioplasty that was issued by the Mayo Clinic way back in 2003⁵ concluded that bypass surgery – the gold standard for treating arterial blockages- has, at best, minimal benefits.

The truth is that the prevention and treatment of heart disease has to do with the autonomic nervous system.

And the point – when it comes to the creation of personal and collective reality, maybe we should be re-examining the information we’re tuning in to.

As we go about this – in today’s screen cast you’ll see our top stress is SETTLING- which, since we’re surrounded by every possibility, may turn out to be unnecessary.


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Just in case it seems as if not much is happening for the group because there are not as many posts as usual – the opposite is true.

Thanks to the Coronavirus situation, the sessions have gotten even more involved. Also, an extra scan is done every day to see if any members need extra energy- at which point they get an individual session.

Along with this, for some reason I’ve been driven- yes, that’s the most appropriate word- to study the HEART.

First, Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, by Thomas Cowan M.D. came along (scribd.com) where I learned much of what we’ve been taught about the heart, including heart disease – may not be TRUE.

Then came a re-reading of The Healing Codes, by Alex Lloyd, where I was reminded that, among other things, images are downloaded on the HEART.

This image thing is a big deal. Here’s why-

Science validates that our human systems operate as computer systems, processing frequency.

Everything is frequency- our entire genome can be mapped in frequency, our cells talk to each other in frequency, and so on.

AND- based on certain mathematical systems that only a few can explain, (I’m not one of them) we are continually downloading IMAGES, in frequency form, from the Cosmos.

These images create the template for what we pull in as our reality.

But, if certain images are not TRUE- which can easily happen, either accidently or intentionally – then what happens?

Well- in terms of the reality we end up creating for ourselves and the world, it’s not good.

Of course, this is all frequency- and any frequency can be changed. We just need to know how to go about it.

In the case of images, they must be replaced.

There are many ways to go about this- but step 1, more important than any kind of energy work, is to start gathering information.

One of these days we may talk about why many are unwilling to do this- but for now, in terms of awareness, here are some things I’ve learned about heart health. (this has led to some new frequencies added to our sessions, too):

1.       The heart is not a pump. Instead, it controls a Vital Force that aligns us with the Cosmos
In fact, Rudolph Steiner said the 3 most important “things” for the further elevation of humanity are that people stop working for money, realize there is no difference between sensory and motor nerves, and understand that the heart is not a pump.

2.       WATER, earth energy, and the infrared wavelengths emanating from other living beings is really all that is needed in any biological system for the maintenance of abundance, robust, perpetual flow of blood/circulation.

3.       HEAL is the root of the word WHOLE. So, if one has an ailing heart, they need to find the part of the outer world that’s lacking within their own body.
Will run a few more things by tomorrow- better yet, do your own reading- what you come to terms with may be different.

Also, a word about the screen casts- they haven’t been working. Can’t figure out why, but got word today the computer guy is going to break his quarantine Friday so, hopefully, this can be remedied.

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting interview-


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WHAT DO DUCKS EAT? by Cathy D. Slaght

(this question may make sense at some point)

For the past week, as the daily “zapping” (better known as stress management) continues, I’ve also been reading an interesting book on the heart- Human Heart, Cosmic Heart by Thomas Cowan, M.D.

The motivation for reading this particular book isn’t just that heart disease is our #1 killer. (although there IS a great deal of information on a physical level in the book that has now been added to our scans)

But, of course, we’re also going quantum.

It seems the creation of what we perceive as our reality is primarily coordinated by the HEART.

This “coordination” comes in the form of IMAGES which the heart STORES.

These images come from thoughts and words because it is impossible to have a thought or word without forming an image on a subconscious level, and-

IMAGES are the foundation of communication with the Cosmos.

(This is why we use them so often in our work with the SRC4U Software.)

Am still only halfway through the book – but it starts with the following quote:

  • “People may say I am crazy. Perhaps they are right. In this case, it is not so much important if there is one fool more or less in the world. But in case I am right and science is wrong, Lord have mercy on Mankind.”  Victor Schauberger.

This may be referring to the idea that science could have given mankind some incorrect information on how the heart really works, what causes heart disease, and so on.

That information will be covered in the next post.

But on a deeper level, it could also mean that it’s time to get a grip on what kind of images we’ve been storing in our hearts.

For example, could DARK images have been programmed in by those who understand the mechanics of all this?

(Worth checking out. And, ironically, today the group requested, via the prayer warrior, the “where the heart is” cocktail.)

Meanwhile, there’s a new post on energyvisionariesgroup.com concerning astrology.

Several astrology-minded friends say there could be some strange energy out there because of Pluto being in retrograde.

And yes, the position of the moon and planets does impact our electrical system, so why not have an SRC4U protocol to deal with it.

About the duck…

Today I ran across a mama duck sitting on a nest on one of the busiest streets in St. Petersburg.

She appears to be weak. People are taking her fruit, grains, and water so she doesn’t have to go far from her nest.

It seems the image of a mama duck and her babies can melt even the hardest of hearts.

Will keep you posted.


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The software we’re working with, known, as the SRC4U software, represents a Paradigm Shift. This is because it’s designed to send the energy of QI GONG to the energetic blueprint of people, places, situations, even objects. (everything is energy and has a blueprint/template. It’s known as the etheric field.)

This is significant because Qi Gong is known to enhance QI. (voltage)

Increase in Qi/Voltage is the WHOLE DEAL when it comes to creating the reality desired on a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level.

We’re not in fantasy land here, by the way. There have been studies over the years but now also technology that can validate the impact of increased Qi.

In terms of the PHYSICAL plane, there are studies that show that strokes decreased by 50% for those who did qi gong exercises on a consistent basis. Improvement in hormone levels, bone density, immune function, and age- related disorders are also identified.

As far as the BRAIN- a handy thing to have in good working order –it turns out (can be measured) that alpha waves dominate the beta waves and spread to the frontal lobe during Qi Gong exercises.  This is significant because when alpha waves are dominant there is a sense of peace and well-being.

Finally, studies have also demonstrated that combining Qi Gong with Western Medicine gives more benefits than just doing Western Medicine alone. (Wouldn’t hurt to pull some Qi Gong exercises up on YouTube.com and follow along.)

Meanwhile, we’re receiving daily VIRTUAL Qi Gong.

With that in mind, saw the following list of issues Qi Gong could help manage  – scanned the group- below is our data. The lower the number, the more significant the stress.  All etheric, not physical, as you know:

  • General muscle or joint pain, postoperative pain, arthritis containing 5345 Options
  • Back problems containing 7497 Options​
  • Weight problems containing 187 Options​
  • Eyesight and/or hearing problems containing 1541 Options​
  • Thyroid or other gland problems containing 3379 Options​
  • Stress containing 2157 Options​
  • Anxiety containing 545 Options​
  • Diabetes containing 6894 Options​
  • Gallbladder or kidney stones containing 1382 Options​
  • Heart disease containing 4046 Options​
  • Circulation problems containing 1356 Options​
  • Depression containing 874 Options​
  • Respiratory disease or lung problems containing 4823 Options​
  • Digestion problems containing 4077 Options​
  • Aids, lupus, or other autoimmune problems containing 2259 Options​
  • Mental health problems containing 4689 Options​
  • Post- traumatic stress disorder containing 3176 Options​
  • Panic attacks containing 353 Options​
  • Addictions containing 3429 Options​
  • Obsessive/compulsive disorders containing 1998 Options​
  • Hyperactivity containing 5706 Options

At this time weight problems, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression top the list. We registered 97% benefit from 71 hours of the Issue solver on these items, so that’s the approach we’ll be taking.

Since there’s room for 10 items in the Issue Solver another scan was done to see what to add. Here goes: governing vessel excess, mold, endocrine, self-pity, lung and heart.

BUT- technology can now validate something else the Ancients often spoke of: The WORDS we speak dramatically effect our reality. To be specific, they impact the THALAMUS, which is the organ that organizes signals that form what we view as reality!

This means it’s time to stop talking about ANYTHING we doesn’t want to CREATE.

All this ties in with the HEART, too. Specifics to come.


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First, if anybody checked the screencast link from the last post and it didn’t work- it does now.

For today our theme, according to the Codes of Life scan, is cardiovascular health. (etheric, not physical.)

Meanwhile, back to where we left off – the power of IMAGES in the creation of personal and collective reality.

We’ve been heavily influenced by images sent via the entertainment industry, educational system, religion, and who knows what else. A strong trail of research substantiates this.

Accompanied by WEAPONIZED WORDS – those that inspire fear or anger – some believe a sort of SPELL can result.

Since we’re constantly being hit with words and images, is mankind under a collective “spell”?

Could there be a “psychopathic consciousness” involved- even a BATTLE of sorts between this consciousness and the consciousness of LOVE?

Here’s a quote from an article that addresses this possibility.

“Anything that tries to frighten you comes from “opposition” in spiritual battle.” (opposition is the psychopathic consciousness) “Ignore its threats and keep your wits about you. We are safe. We have an immune system that is a miracle. (email me if you want the link to the full article.)

Concerning the immune system, in the Mastery program, which is always running in the background, the focus is on clearing stress related to immunity.

And,yes, maybe it’s time to go into more PHYSICAL health -related topics in these posts. BUT- if one can’t free the mind, changes in lifestyle are virtually impossible.

Of course, most people are skeptical of the idea that their minds could be “controlled”.

BUT THE TRUTH: because of the way the brain operates (as a computer) we’re ALL susceptible to mind control.  What varies is HOW susceptible, which relates to VOLTAGE.

Our focus with the daily SRC4U software work is to raise voltage.

But – stick a person in front of the TV day after day, with a bunch of processed/junk foods, and chances are their minds will be easily controlled by outside forces that do not have their best interests at heart.

Also, sadly – consider the huge number of children who have been traumatized by abuse beyond what most of us can comprehend. Their minds are open targets.

Finally- at ANY age the mind can be accessed and controlled through use of alcohol, drugs, certain music, isolation, high stress – you get the idea.

THE GOOD NEWS -as information becomes more available, awareness is rising. As this happens, “psychopathic consciousness” loses power.

Here’s a quick example of something that happened years back, before this was the case.

Back in the 80’s stories of horrific sexual abuse of children began to be reported. Some of it seemed to be tied to what’s known as SRA- Satanic Ritual Abuse. Yes- I know, that’s ridiculous, right?

A book came out that put this matter to rest- The Politics of Child Abuse, written by Paul and Shirley Eberle.  We all learned that mothers, mental health professionals, and prosecutors were feeding children the stories.  There was no sexual abuse such as the children were describing, and especially no such thing as SRA.

Paul and Shirley Eberle were hailed as experts. They testified at trials and spoke at conferences.

But, apparently nobody checked their credentials. Turns out they were also publishers of hard- core pornography which included all forms of sex/bondage with young children.

Maybe it’s time to get “wired and ready” for some investigating of our own. The sources of information we’ve always trusted could be working for the opposition.



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Had an upsetting experience yesterday. An acquaintance – in other words, someone I regularly come in contact with, but don’t really know all that well – brought up something regarding “politics”. I made the mistake of replying with a different opinion.

MAJOR explosion.

It got WORSE when I said I could provide documentation. (Don’t EVER do that! YOW!)

In quantum terms, one might say she had some images hard-wired into her system that would not allow her to even LOOK at different viewpoints.

As science now demonstrates, EVERYTHING is images.

These images serve as a template for whatever reality is being created.

The idea, if a person wants to change their reality, is to REPLACE non-beneficial images. How do you know if you have a few? Look at your life.

This is the reason we consistently send IMAGES via the SRC4U. Every Sunday, for example, we receive images related to prosperity.

This type of work may be necessary because, to repeat, non-beneficial images can’t be erased. They must be replaced.

Compare it to working with a toddler. Say a 2-year old picks up something that could hurt them. They’ll scream with rage if you just take it away.  So, ideally, you hand them another object to take their attention away from the harmful one.

Anyway, I’ve drifted from the point-  gathering data is also required to form new images. The SRC4U work is a major assist but there must also be some work in the 3D world.

This type of work involves gathering data/information WITHOUT AN ACCOMPANYING EMOTIONAL CHARGE.

This doesn’t come easy. But, otherwise, you end up using the Law of Attraction to create what you DO NOT WANT.

Once this “awareness without the charge” is accomplished, images begin to change and there’s greater access to the TRUE remedy for ANY problem.

It’s always been available, but maybe not used by we humans to full capacity.

The mind.

We live in a mind created universe.

If a person can change their mind…i.e. images presently downloaded… even just a little…their world changes.

It’s a challenge to understand the mechanisms of this. BUT there are experiments done in quantum mechanics that prove it’s real. In one experiment even the past was changed!

Maybe it’s time to re-think our reality.

As far as our group sessions, today far fewer members of the group needed extra energy. This means I have some extra time to do- and share- more research on all of this.

Also, the screen cast is again working- etheric, not physical


Finally, for those open to some additional information –

(if you’re the type who experiences an emotional charge when new data is presented, you aren’t, so don’t watch these.)

Not saying what’s presented is true or false, just an addition to our ever-growing data base-



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ARE YOU VISIONABLE? by Cathy D. Slaght

Not sure that’s a word- but our work with the SRC4U Software is all about doing things differently, so why not try it out?

The first step in being “visionable” is to become aware of the power of choice.

According to quantum theory, EVERYTHING is about choosing.

Seriously- scientific discoveries reveal we’re part of a vast field of energy that offers every possibility. We are to work with Free Will Choice, envisioning, on both conscious and unconscious levels, WHAT we want to create.

Once you’ve got this down, unless you are totally content with the reality you’ve presently created…personally and globally…

…the next step, logically, would be to start making new choices.

AND- this all sounds GREAT- except, obviously, (look around) much of mankind has somehow forgotten how to choose.

What’s going on? Well…

What creates our reality is IMAGES. That’s right- our reality is a variety of shapes and forms (IMAGES) that our powerful CPU, the BRAIN, chooses to pull in from unseen fields of energy that surround us.

We’re little computers in a great big WEB of energy.

Stress can SKEW this process, though. It comes in many forms.

Here are the 5 most obvious:

  • Infection/pathogens
  • What’s on our DNA
  • Psychological/spiritual dysfunction
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Toxins

We’re working daily with the SRC4U Software to manage all this. Repetition is the key. But there’s another source of stress- A SNEAKY ONE- that many are now becoming aware of.

Programming/manipulation from outside sources.

Understanding the specifics of this requires a shift in focus, which is now happening for many as they are spending more time at home.

Specifically, a few specialized cells known as sensory neurites seem to be awakening!

Will make every effort to get more posts up, and SOON, on this exciting development.

Meanwhile, here’s today’s scan, etheric not physical

As you’ll see, there are some changes in our overall protocol – probably more to come- have been sitting at the computer for HOURS a day – no complaints, just thankful for all the ways we have to deal with the stress of these times.


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