There’s a song that goes “Do the Hokey Pokey, that’s what it all about”.  

Wouldn’t it be ironic if that WAS what it’s all about…in that the potential of being forced to do this “dance” turns out to be what it takes to awaken humankind to its true sovereignty? 

Seriously- we are advanced beings with a powerful self-regulatory (self-healing) system.  

There is NO man-made device- or dance- that equals the power of even ONE human.  

To re-emphasize,  as validated by science- each human operates as a powerful computer/software system, with 50-70 trillion cells, each cell with .07 in electrical potential- do the math- designed to process electrical information from an unseen field of surrounding energy. 

This energy is in the form of codes…and the way we process these codes determines our reality. 

(Same with cell phones, TV, internet, radio…it’s just the processing of a bunch of unseen codes. It’s just that WE are much more powerful than any man-made gadget!.)  

Some say doing the Hokey—Pokey can throw this electrical process off. What we DO know is that stress in its many forms DOES…because it lowers electrical power. Do your own research on the Hokey-Pokey.  

Regardless, even ancient spiritual writings were numbers/codes, so it looks like we were supposed to figure all this out at some point. Maybe this is the time.  

That’s why, in the most recent Fractal Fairy Tale “Lessons from a De-Activated Zombie“, Daz and Bec learn to chant/recite certain codes. In real life we can do the same. I personally have clients experiencing great success with this. 

Check out Healing Numbers & Code Generator (Grabovoi Numbers, Grabovoi Codes, Online Healing, Self Healing by Numbers) Link: if you’d like to get a feel for the many codes that are available. 

The SRC4U software can also be used to send codes, most often Grabovoi, to the human blueprint. (etheric field). Tune in to the Zoom calls to see how this can be done. 

News on this powerful approach to manifestation seems to be getting out, too –

How to Use Grabovoi Codes and Manifest Your Dreams

With all this in mind, here’s the epilogue to TALES OF A DE-ACTIVATED ZOMBIE: 

(and thanks to those who take the time to read these strange quantum tales)

The last time anyone had seen the head dance instructor, Dr. Slouchie, he had been running around in circles, as if in a state of shock.

His dancers had disappeared!  

Apparently, the tipping point had been the “no-fly” zone…all those elastic waistbands had just been too much to take for the non-zombies. They chanted codes so ardently, resulting in such powerful manifestations – health, wealth, relationships, freedom- that it got the zombies’ attention. They began to chant too, and as a result de-activate, and the rest is history. 

Many joined the “SRC4U Daily Energy Group” so they could receive codes and stress management on a regular basis.  

The End 

They had come to realize that unconditional love was essential for the codes to work at maximum power.  Dr. Slouchie was a recipient of that love, wherever he was…
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Moving on with our creation…


Posts about working with the “unseen” via energetic stress management—even adding an ancient modality known as the I-Ching- can sound a little crazy. 

Brace yourself – this is NOTHING compared to the craziness I’m about to share… 

…Zombies are showing up EVERYWHERE 

Most appear human, but they still SCARE me. This is because they are mindless servants to what’s known as ZOMBIE KEEPERS… a REALLY BAD category of monsters. 

ALL zombies are POSSESSED by these monsters. 

They are their slaves. 

That’s why becoming a zombie is probably one of the worst things that can ever happen to a human. It represents total slavery- the loss of autonomy, the ability to control one’s body and even the mind. 

(Seriously, it might be better to be a vampire, especially one of the cute ones.) 

But Zombies, not Vampires, are going viral. Look around- you’ll see them- one sign is that they’re totally immersed in their smart phones, no matter where they are.  

Another- they typically don’t interact with others unless they are hungry…they do like to eat. Otherwise, they isolate, typically via television/internet/social media. 

How has this happened? 

WELL- it turns out our environment has zombie-inducing qualities.   

Not only that, but there are also whole branches of slave masters devoted to creating zombie compounds. 

I’ve been afraid I might become a zombie too.  

Then I met DAZ. 

It was such a coincidence- although quantum physics says there are none – we were both shopping the outside aisles at Publix, avoiding the inner aisles because that’s where zombies shop- and somehow struck up a conversation. 

When he introduced himself, I commented on the unusual name, and he told me it stood for DE-ACTIVATED ZOMBIE. 


DAZ has explained to me that the reason we’re seeing so many zombies is that our FRONTAL LOBES have been absolutely ASSAULTED- primarily because of the chemicals in our food, although there are other factors involved.. 

Point being- the Frontal Lobes determine consciousness..

He has me on a simple detox- as outlined in a book he recommends, Food Babe.

Will cover this over the next few days- 

Of course, this is just the beginning of a new Fractal Fairy Tale- all zombies, de-activated or otherwise, are in my imagination. (are thoughts things? YIKES!)

But meanwhile, if you take a look at the website Energy Visionary Group you’ll see a new post along with a protocol, THE ZOMBIFICATION OF AMERICA… which may not be fantasy.

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What if we’re graced with lavish abundance – provided in the form of a possibly infinite field of informational frequency – set in place to meet every need? 

All we’d have to do is access it via our personal CPU, a/k/a BRAIN.   

BUT THEN – what if a form of darkness descended, causing mankind to lose consciousness of this reality?  

Could this be the real Garden of Eden story? 

Some, I for one, are driven to learn the truth of this. 

This is what led me to work with the SRC4U but long before that to a Chinese oracle known as the I-Ching. 

The SRC4U scans the etheric field for information, via software. The I-Ching does this manually, working in response to questions such as “what do I need to know about…” or “what is the truth of…” 

Who knows how it originated- Natural Law DOES dictate there can be no negative without a positive, so maybe we’ve been provided with various tools throughout the ages to help us process information from surrounding energy fields???

Anyway, it may be a good time to bring the I-Ching into our work. In the last post (THE SRC4U- A CONSCIOUSNESS ALIGNMENT INSTRUMENT?)a question was asked “Is there a message for the energy group?” Information was posted. (kua 63) 

Last week TWO DAYS IN A ROW when this question was asked, we got kua 43- (GOD GEOMETRIZES?) the essence of this message is that the obstacles we face show us the condition of our inner world. “untangle the knots” is the advice. 

Makes one wonder, in terms this Covid 19 situation and all the stress it represents – what do we need to untangle?  

Anyway, after the two days in a row of Kua 43 (by the way it’s very unusual to get a kua repeated like this) we then received Kua 56- which indicates a journey of discovery. “What are you looking for?” Where do you think it will be found? 

Which led us to “Kua 44”, Coming Together 

You may find it interesting to occasionally consult the I-Ching. On the Energy Visionary Group Index Page there are 4 new posts that deal further with this – the most recent addresses a question for the energy group related to “contracts”- more on that in the future. There are also 3 that deal with stress related to the covid vaccine and information on the potential of our working together, via the SRC4U, to manage the related stress. 

But moving on, in terms of our daily focus on stress management – it appears we Americans have a serious issue with alcohol consumption.  

2/3 of American -adults, we’re not even counting the kids- have 3 drinks a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. If you don’t drink that much, then somebody is out there drinking more. 

What’s this doing to our T. Q.? (Treasure Quotient- which may be more important than I. Q.) 

AND-what if this isn’t a matter of psychological stress, weakness, and so on but instead a complex genetic/biochemical disorder more closely related to diabetes/sugar metabolism – OR- the ability to absorb B vitamins? 

For starters- let’s get some information from the SRC4U– and do some stress management. 

etheric, not physical

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The SRC4u – A Consciousness Alignment Instrument

The SRC4u – A Consciousness Alignment Instrument by Cathy D. Slaght

Have you ever wondered- 

“Why do we look outside of ourselves for answers we carry within?” 

“Why do we force situations that don’t fit?” 

“Why do we willingly endure things that are toxic to our mind, body and spirit?” 

“Is there such a thing as a still small voice within, and it is superior to working with the rational mind?” 

Maybe it’s time for some answers, and there are tools that can assist. 

One such tool is the SRC4U, a software system designed to provide information from surrounding energy fields and help manage any disruptions in the flow of that information to YOU. 

That’s right- as only software can do, the SRC4U breaks down the MATHEMATICS of what’s going on – in other words, the NUMBERS.  Everything is energy, which is measurable.  

The energy is that of Qi Gong, used for thousands of years to mobilize the body’s forces to correct imbalances. 

For the past few weeks, we’ve been working with this energy along with THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AILMENTS AND DISEASES – also an invaluable tool- analyzing and managing stress related to voltage, the thymus, spine, and liver. 

​Join the zoom calls, if possible, also check out the Virtual Spa Academy for protocols. 

We’re going to spend this coming week going deeper- to the level of DNA- with some cross pollination by incorporating another Chinese tool, the I-Ching.  

The reference- DNA and the I-Ching, The Tao of Life, by Johnson F Yan.  

The I-Ching is an ancient book of wisdom that – my opinion- is a way to MANUALLY scan the etheric field. 

(This is NOT psychic work, any more than punching numbers into a cell phone and connecting with a person at a distance.) 

Through a series of images- there are 64, known as KUAS- one can learn a great deal about the state of their energy. Combined with the SRC4U – well, let’s give it a go for the next 7 days and see what happens.  The next post will include our images for each day of the week. 

Because there is an ultimate reality far beyond the reach of the INTELLECT. 

Here goes- 

The I-Ching works with QUESTIONS. So, I asked “Is there a message today for the energy group?” 

We got KUA 63-  

A transition from chaos to order is referenced by this hexagram.  

“You have come a long way, but the journey is not over. The most difficult work is over, but the wise person never stops moving onward in incremental steps. You are entering new territory and it will be smooth going at first. Stay balanced internally and externally, or else the road ahead could become bumpy.” 

Let’s see what happens when the image of this message is added to the SRC4U–  

Also am going to ask for guidance related to a new post in the Energy Visionaries Group, “Seeing All Situations Through the Lens of Empowerment

Look there for information on the KUA- we’re working through a series of codes on a rather controversial topic so there will be a post and KUA every day till completed. 

Meanwhile, for the energy group- 
Etheric, not physical

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Many have crude or distorted ideas about “energy”. 

BUT science has now broken into the atom and discovered it’s CHARGED UP beyond our wildest imaginings.

They say that a single drop of water contains enough latent energy to blow up a ten-story building.  

This kind of energy- again, now validated – is contained in each of us, too- and is there for us to access, not just for self-healing but to create the very life we desire. 

One KEY to this may be to keep the physical body’s VOLTAGE high. 

With this in mind, last week we focused on the THYMUS- hope some of you are tapping 10 minutes a day. 

This week we’re focused on the SPINE, which is the SWITCHBOARD for pulling in information from the “unseen”. 

If you’ve been on the ZOOM calls you’ve see that we’ve been working with information from THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AILMENTS AND DISEASES and have quite a scanning list of emotions that generate from each vertebrae. 

This list should be in the VSA by the weekend- it’s expansive- but the point is that many emotional issues may be related to the spine. Probably an SRC4U scan should be done on a regular basis.  

My own personal scan convinced me of the need to add chiropractic adjustments to my regular health regime, even though I am pain—free 

Also, I was reminded of the power of Dr. Gary Kersey’s biotheric discs, particularly those related to the spine.  Testing via the SRC4U I discovered the use of these discs along with the B.E.T. (a tool he developed to transmit the energy of the discs into the body) could be as impactful as a chiropractic visit! 

For more information, look under “self – care” on this site and then “biotheric”.  

The best approach would probably be to incorporate the 3D (chiropractic visits) and the energetic.  

Anyway, the overall condition of the BACK represents SUPPORT OF LIFE. 

We have so many expressions that reveal our deeper understanding of this…”turning our back”, “stabbed in the back”, “backed against the wall” and so on. 

It may be that we bury our dreams in our back. 

On the other hand, a strong back can represent a willingness to see reality in a new light instead of being “bowed down from burdens or acceptance of burdens” 

Here’s today’s scan, etheric not physical- doing the screencast instead of a zoom so as many as possible can realize the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impact of the BACK.

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As referenced in the last post, THE BODY’S NAVIGATION SYSTEM, the human body is a supercomputer. 

We are WIRED (in a good way) right down to our very CELLS.  

Breaking this down even further, each atom consists of a positively charged nucleus which is surrounded by a system of ELECTRONS. 

It’s THIS SYSTEM…the movement of electrons…that creates the matter we see as reality, and… 


Work with SRC4U Software is focused on raising voltage- referred to as QI- and QI IS WHAT TRANSPORTS ELECTRONS. 

The 3 main channels for this are the perineural nervous system, acupuncture points, and blood plasma, all of which can use a little energetic stress management from time to time. 

Focus on the THYMUS, though, a small gland most of us seen to have forgotten about, might be KEY to all this.

This can be accomplished by gently tapping it for 10 minutes a day. Also, as you’ll see in the screencast, we have a new SRC4U Software protocol, also in the VSA

Here’s why keeping this small gland in a state of harmony is VITAL: 

The thymus is not only a yin/yang center, but, when in harmony, a channel of LOVE. 

It is said to control, energetically:  altruism, forgiveness, capacity for inner healing, empathy, Divine power, the will of the soul, one’s level of Universal Consciousness AND personal perception of love. 

Just a note on “perception of love”- this a POWERFUL program determined by early parental/caregiver environment.  

We attract into our life those who support this programming, which means some of us might decide, with awareness, to make some changes. 

Is this possible? YES. There are many energetic approaches- consistent work with the SRC4U Software being just one. 

In the new protocol- now being run first thing every day for the group – you’ll see a list of stress related issues that we might be better off clearing-   

  • For starters, when the thymus is in disharmony, it means non-acceptance of self.  

Maybe it’s time to TAP and ZAP – 

Etheric, not physical

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The body is a supercomputer…… not responsible for the outcome of your life any more than a man-made computer. 

Both are designed to do the same thing- navigate and translate energy from unseen fields of surrounding energy. 

The man-made version works with the world wide web, the body with a far greater expanse of energy known by many names- Source, matrix, universe…God.  

When the body’s navigation system is OFF it brings in things we can SEE, often in the form of what we know as disease.  

The thought of ANY disease can bring in FEAR. 

BUT- what if this is simply the body’s attempt to get a person back on track – physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually? 

With that in mind, here are the leading causes of death in America, 2020 

Heart Disease 
Covid 19 
Unintentional injuries 
Chronic respiratory disease 
Alzheimer’s Disease 
Influenza and pneumonia 
Kidney disease 

In reference to heart disease, the group has been running this theme in the Mastery. We’ll go a total of 85 days, which will take us to August 16. 

Meanwhile, we’re focusing in the P4 on stress related to the MOUTH- which is where much stress, but particularly that related to the heart can originate. 

We’ve covered mouth disorders, gums, and next week is teeth- tune in to the ZOOM calls if you’d like to observe. Interestingly, the root source emotion related to ALL these areas seems to be stress over DECISIONS. 

Point being – the neurological biofeedback of the body is extraordinary. It instantly and accurately tracks every thought a person is thinking—even before it is fully formed- along with correlating emotions. 

For example, before a self-criticizing thought is even FINISHED a physical series of events begins within the body. 

On the other hand, a POSITIVE THOUGHT will open and expand the body’s capabilities – particularly that of the HEART- even before its fully formulated. 

These THOUGHTS create a magnetism that brings in what we consider to be our “reality”. 

(somewhere I once read that thoughts are our “ace card” because we can learn to manage them!) 

Still, successfully navigating this system- which is what we’re here to do- can be a challenge because much of what’s going on is beneath conscious awareness. 

That’s where technology such as the SRC4U can be invaluable because it can provide information and manage related stress.  

With that in mind, here’s some information on the “messages” dis-eases related to top causes of death could be conveying. 

Etheric, not physical

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There is an old Chinese tale about a young student who was invited to have a cup of tea with his Master. 

BUT when he sat down at the table, the Master said “If you drink this tea, I will hit you with this stick. If you do NOT drink the tea, I will hit you with the stick.” 

Of course, there was a solution- always is- that’s how the Universe works. 

In this case it was to take away the stick. 

The stick represents FEAR. 

Point being- regardless of the work we do to raise and then balance QI, FEAR VAPORIZES QI. 

IN REFERENCE TO THIS REALITY- many seem to be filled with fear regarding covid 19. Just about every day someone calls about the vaccine. They want to know what the SRC4U says about their taking it. 

Well- the SRC4U doesn’t give that kind of information. It must come from one’s own inner voice. The accuracy of THAT is determined by the power of their QI…the challenge being…  


With the information available I have chosen not to take the vaccine at this time. What top level people – not baseless conspiracy theorists but highly credible in their fields – are saying about injections that modify the genetic code is the basis for my decision. 

 (The fact that this information is heavily censored raises MORE questions) 

If all this doesn’t concern others, great. The decision to take the vaccine is their privilege, not to be interfered with or judged by ANYONE. 

However- for those who have concerns about the vaccine, but are being PRESSURED- here are some questions they might ask themselves: 

“To please others, have a social life, go on vacation and so on will I abandon my principles?” 

“What is the impact of this vaccine on my own immune system as well as immediate environment and/or descendants?” 

“Am I lying to myself about the vaccine just so I can preserve peace of mind about taking it?” 

“Do I lack the courage to stand alone, or must I be part of the herd?” 

(There may be a YOKE involved for herd participants)

Even as I type this out, it seems impossible to change anybody’s mind.  Too many just want to live comfortably.   

PLUS- they may believe they can’t do anything about the state of the world.  For example- they believe that at some point the entire global population will be vaccinated, no matter what. 

But that doesn’t have to be true. 

If we can step away from FEAR – on both sides, pro vaccine and anti – and raise personal and collective Qi, TOGETHER we could create a positive outcome for ALL. 

Here’s how the SRC4U can help manage stress related to ANY kind of fear – etheric, not physical

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Regardless of whatever approach to stress management we take via the SRC4U, the TOP PRIORITY is to move QI through the body. 

Some key points related to this- For starters, the supply of QI is inexhaustible. Also, we can easily learn how to tap into it, cultivate it, and direct it- the SRC4U is just one approach. 

But perhaps most significant – because of the power of QI, WE ARE FAR GREATER THAN WE CAN IMAGINE 

SO- we’ve been focused on the Meridian System, which is, among other things, our “wiring”, for the flow of electricity, or qi, through the body. 

Last week we did some stress management related to the conceptional and governing vessels, which, when flowing correctly, form a “microcosmic orbit” necessary for wellness.  

Another major area involved in the flow of QI is what the Chinese refer to as “San Jiao”.  (This energy channel goes by several names- the triple burner or warmer, for example.) 

There is nothing the San Jiao does not envelope.  

Upper San Jiao represents the whole area above the diaphragm, including the head, face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, arms, upper back, chest, lungs, esophagus, and trachea.  

The middle Jiao is everything between the diaphragm and the umbilicus. 

The lower Jiao includes everything below the umbilicus, including the lower back, the hips, the abdominal cavity, the reproductive and urinary systems, and the legs. 

Last week it took 3 full days to clear stress related to the lower San Jiao 

Now we’re addressing the middle. In honor of “Mother’s Day” the screencast will demonstrate a way to work with stress related to breast dis-ease via the SRC. 

Breast cancer- primarily for women but men can get it too- is said to be at epidemic levels. 

AND- That connection science still can’t measure because it’s immeasurable? A MOTHER’S LOVE. Yes, for fur babies too. But could the stress of wanting to move forward in one’s career- which seems to be expected of women- while still being a “good enough woman” be disrupting QI? Could this stress be expressed in what might be the ultimate symbol of femininity- the breasts? 

Let’s do a session.

Relevant data can be put into a computer database such as the SRC4U and produce information as well as manage underlying stress. With the management of this stress- which includes that of emotions and thoughts that might not otherwise rise to conscious awareness…transformation can occur. 

As you know, this approach involves the body’s energetic blueprint- not the physical body. However, this blueprint is where everything starts- so we want to be aware of what’s going on beneath the surface.

The SRC can be a primary approach for this OR complement any other approach.  

Many still refuse to believe technology could accomplish such a thing, but maybe they should be reminded of what happened when Edison first formally demonstrated the phonograph – it was to Congress- they said he was an imposter because a voice could not come out of a box. 

See what you think- etheric, not physical 

The reference for this protocol is THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AILMENTS AND DISEASES by Jacques Martel

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To be specific- the human body is like a website- sending and receiving messages constantly from a Universal web of energy set up to provide information on EVERYTHING WE DESIRE. 

To quote John Burroughs: “Each of you has the wealth of the Universe at your very door.” 

Our physical eyes can’t see all this- just like they can’t see radio and television waves, microwaves, ultraviolet and infrared waves, brain waves, etc. HOWEVER- now we have technology such as the SRC4U that can measure these waves and manage related stress. 

SO- over the past few weeks the group work has focused on the Qi Gong approach to all this, which is a) balancing yin, yang, and b) increasing qi, which is the Chinese term for Life Force.  

Somehow the Chinese understood, thousands of years ago, that the amount of energy and its balance in one’s system determines the quality of information pulled IN from the WEB, and that this is what creates our reality. 

In a search via the SRC4U for what creates imbalance and lowers QI most significantly, first INFECTION came up. The root source cause of infection seems to be imbalance of the MICROBIOME. 

There’s plenty of information out there on all this – has some good books, but even a quick google search gives plenty of information. The point – roughly 70% of the human body is made up of what we’ll refer to as GOOD AND BAD BUGS, and… 

…the good bugs appear to be getting WEAKER while the bad bugs are getting STRONGER.  

The bad guys have even figured out how to resist antibiotics and vaccines. 

(that’s right, there is every indication that these bugs- ok, we can call them MICROBES- have a consciousness. Remember when you ate that box of cookies, or had the 3 glasses of wine? That could have been CANDIDA saying, “FEED ME!” 

What seems to have killed off the GOOD BUGS is antibiotics – given out like candy by some physicians- along with, obviously, the fact that we keep feeding the BAD ones.

Hopefully, we’re all educating ourselves on this- and, did you know that as new information is gathered, neurons in the brain grow closer to one another and, as a result, consciousness RISES. 

Plus, the group is running for 90 days in the Mastery with the theme “balance microbiome” 

Meanwhile, let’s move to the subject of MERIDIANS. 

We know for certain there are 71 energy meridians and over 570 recognized energy cavities (acupuncture points) in the human body. BUT- more keep getting discovered. 

THESE MERIDIANS AND POINTS are what connect consciousness- yours, mine, the collective – to the Universal Web. 

According to the Chinese, the 2 most important meridians are the governing vessel and the conception vessel, so that’s today’s focus…and for good reason, as you’ll soon realize. 

The conceptional vessel runs along the front of the body, promoting healthy functioning of the respiratory and digestive systems by supplying ample energy for balance and efficiency. 

The governing vessel runs from the base of the spine to the top of the head and down to the third eye between the eyebrows. 

All this connects in the mouth. (This connection is balanced during qigong by lightly touching the tip of the tongue to the upper palate slight behind the front teeth. With our virtual qigong we’re doing it energetically via technology) 

AND- when there IS a connection- known as the microcosmic orbit- WELLNESS is the result. 

See what you think- etheric, not physical

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The original plan for this post was to talk about stress related to SCREEN TIME- you know, cell phones, computers… 

…and how, along with all other negatives related to these times – Covid 19, rising rates of infection/chronic disease, sugar loaded foods that feed all this…food and pharmaceutical industries making massive profits because of it, which empowers them to control the media…sorry, got off track… 

The POINT: because of such stress QI can be lowered significantly, which would make things much WORSE. 

In todays’ screen cast- and regular Zoom calls- you’ll see how we’re dealing with all this via daily SRC4U sessions. 

Still, there’s a MAJOR technique many are leaving out, PRAYER 

Maybe this is because now the first and last thing we do every day is look at the phone or computer.  

OR- it could be there has never been a time where so many human beings have an issue with GOD. 

But why? 

Well, check out what’s being taught in school. Take a good look at what’s on TV. Listen to some popular music.  

The irony – this is not an ordinary time in human history. If we ever wanted to create Heaven on Earth, THIS IS THE TIME. 

You read right: Consciousness is increasing to the point where we are ready to shift our reality in a positive way if we can keep our QI up and then just TRY. 

Why not consider making prayer a part of this process?

Carolyn Myss explains it beautifully in The Power of Prayer. The full video is in the VSA. 

Highlights –   

God is LAW 

It is through working with this LAW- which includes an understanding of the role of QI (Life Force) – that THOUGHT BECOMES FORM. 

She describes reality as a “high rise”. What you see from the first floor is drastically different from the top. In other words, the higher one’s consciousness/voltage/QI, the better the view. 

It DOES take some work to move UP- cost, too. Like, what’s more expensive- fast food or organics? 

My favorite part of the video – “Don’t know HOW to pray? When you go to bed just say “Heaven, you’ve got the Night Shift. Then pray like you’re crazy and let Heaven show off.” 

With all this in mind, a few new codes have been added to our daily work. They’re listed in the VSA.  

As yes, we’re doing some stress management related to screen time too. 

It’s all about sovereignty…

Etheric, not physical

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WHERE’S THE BOX? by Cahty D. Slaght

Some of us are so far OUT of it we don’t know where it IS anymore…and sometimes just want to crawl back IN… 

Case in point- it turns out that the DRIVING FORCE behind most every problem a person could have … physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…is a bunch of GERMS- call them what you like… microbes, bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites… causing various INFECTIONS. 

This leads to LOWERED QI which, in turn, is the root source cause of just about any problem in life you can think of.  

By the way- the plan had been to go from yin/yang to qi and then meridians, but this qi lowering “infection” topic has come up—so we’re deviating slightly- 

Moving forward – what’s causing all this infection?  Believe it or not- the way we’re EATING

REAL FOOD is coded with information that communicates with every cell in the body. But we’re not getting much of that. Instead, thanks to the technology that keeps us well fed (fat? have you checked the numbers on THAT?)  we’re living primarily on processed foods, loaded with sugar, which FEEDS germs. 

Beyond that, MILLIONS are ADDICTED to processed foods. They end up struggling with food choices like someone addicted to heroin struggles to stay clean.

Check out the long list of diseases- mental and physical- related to the obesity that can result-

How has this come to be? 

Here’s what we’ve been working on in the group- all related to STRESS- 

On Monday the theme was FALSE APPETITE. This may be primarily related to blood sugar, which seems to be WAY out of control for many- 

Tuesday- the focus was ADDICTED TO FALSE LIGHT- this relates not only to an acquired need to reach a state of peace through foods and beverages but also- not yet covered specifically- the time we’re spending on SCREENS….computers, televisions, cell phones and so on. 

Wednesday we’ll deal with TRIVIA ADDICTION- seriously who really cares what a celebrity eats or drinks? (somebody, obviously, because they’re paid significantly to promote the processed stuff) 

Thursday- MASS CIVILIZATION ADDICTION- this is, primarily, the impact of HOLIDAYS on eating and drinking habits.

Friday- DEPRESSION AND EATING DISORDERS – see what you can learn about the claims some are making that hospitals are not filling up with Covid but with children experiencing depression and eating disorders.

Saturday- back to ADDICTED TO FALSE LIGHT with a focus on what is happening to our brains and therefore eating habits because of the time we’re spending on various screens.

Sunday- what all this has done to the MICROBIOME 

Here are codes for those working with the SRC4U software: 

  • false appetite 86024190 
  • addicted to false Light 76705787 
  • trivia addiction 88474546 
  • mass civilization addiction 81560963 
  • depression 952446173 
  • eating disorders 902448556 
  • microbiome 14946099 

Also, something QUICK that could be done daily with the Pro Tools – etheric, not physical

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Every day the energy group gets a virtual qi gong session focused on balancing yin/yang and releasing whatever might be lowering QI. 

The work is not on body, but with the etheric field, the body’s blueprint. Since this blueprint contains frequency information on 99.9% on what’s going on in one’s life you can imagine there’s a great deal of information that can be gathered from even one SRC4U software scan. 

SO, during this past week our focus was to pinpoint the ROOT SOURCE CAUSE of what lowers QI. 

When QI is low, life can be a struggle on a physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual level. It seems many are going through this type of thing.

Anyway- it turns out to be INFECTION.  

Specifically, infection is the driving force behind chronic disease, mental and/or physical. 

Our big killers, from cancers and coronaries to dementia and diabetes are largely infection driven. 

This indicates our immune systems are operating WAY under par,  

The state of the immune system, dramatically impacts the BRAIN, which impacts, yes… 


Could it be that a life of poor decisions, one crisis after another, conflict, rage, addiction, etc. could be related to a bunch of germs taking over the body? 

Crazy talk, I know. 

Here’s more: 

WHAT IF GERMS AREN’T THE BAD GUYS, but instead scavengers that appear to clean up the body’s terrain when it gets out of balance? 

More on this possibility down the road. Meanwhile, here’s what we KNOW: 

Resistance to antibiotics is already a leading cause of death.  “The threat of antibiotic resistance to mankind is much more serious than global warming.” Dame Sally Clair Davies.  

AND, for those willing to check it out, there’s some misinformation out there on the efficacy of vaccinations. 

Could it be we’ve been lulled into a false sense of security, thinking antibiotics and vaccinations are the answer to infection?  (Surely our trusted authorities would NOT do this!)

But, before going further with this possibility, it seems we need a session on hemorrhoids. 

That’s right- in Friday’s scan the group reported a 95% priority for QI to receive a session on hemorrhoids. Not only that, but we requested 23 hours of FOCUS (the manual control tab,

Tune in to the ZOOM calls if you want to see how this came about. I was NOT wanting to work on hemorrhoids!) 

This morning (Saturday) we asked for ANOTHER 13 hours of the manual control. 

How long is this going to TAKE?  

However, with the SRC4U software, such emphasis on any physical issue typically means the Higher Self is ready to move forward on some level. So, look up the EMOTIONAL cause of hemorrhoids online- that’s what I did – and you will see the relation to conflicts/ rage regarding something one does not want to let go of.  

Could it be we’re working on the release of some non-beneficial programming that, such as in the case of hemorrhoids, can cause some pain?

Here’s how we’re dealing with this stress today, via the SRC4U software. Etheric, not physical 

(the list scanned is in the VSA) is taking this a step further by working with a vision board and intention statement.

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In Qi Gong- which is what we’re doing virtually with the SRC4U- the focus is a) balance of Yin and Yang and b) training the body to flow with what the Chinese refer to as QI. 

There are other terms for QI – prana, vital life force, spark, force, vitality… 

…I prefer vital life force because it IS vital. It’s the electrical current lighting up the intelligence and proper functioning of every cell, tissue, organ, system, and energy meridian in the body. 

In the book Qi Gong, A Legacy In Chinese Healing, authors Dean Y. Deng, MD and Enid Ballin may explain it best, at least for me personally: 

The essence: “The Western mind is conditioned to think more in terms of God rather than Life Force. There is no conflict. God created the human body and mind to heal itself through awareness and use of an inner and outer power- QI- that’s always available. 

BUT THERE’S MORE: All of mankind has been provided with the wisdom of the Universe. This comes in the form of a possibly infinite (science has not yet found an end to it) field of <unseen> informational frequency that we are designed to access. 

(There are codes for these frequencies- turns out EVERYTHING in the Universe is a number/code. We can work with these codes via the SRC. You’ll see in today’s screencast how we access them.) 

Anyway- the greater the strength of one’s personal QI, the more wisdom they access from the “unseen”. 

At some point, some realize that they can also DIRECT Qi ENERGY. (we’re ALL designed for this!) 

Qi Gong Masters have been seen to break stones, dissolve tumors, and perform other seemingly impossible feats by emitting QI. 

But ANYBODY can direct QI to clear negative habits, emotions, and thoughts…even manifest intentions…if they choose to put in some work, via the SRC4U or physical QI Gong exercise. 

The point: we can take responsibility for creating a life of personal freedom, health, and happiness. 

The goal of the work with the SRC4U is to clear various forms of stress so that we can do just that. 

It takes time, and may manifest, at first, in unexpected ways. For example, a family situation may resolve “out of the blue”. Or a person may become interested in new habits. 

Here’s an example of a session done today. This is a teenager who is having dizziness and digestive issues. The work is anonymous, but we have her permission to share the screencast. 

There is a second screencast where we tie in the Pro Tools. It’s available in the Virtual Spa Academy. 

You will see that we’re not trying to “cure’ or “diagnose” anything. Our focus is simply to balance yin and yang while getting some awareness as to where any stress is coming from. 

Etheric, not physical;

Also, there’s a new post and screencast on;

One final note- in these screen casts you may be see me doing a few things besides just hitting “The Wonder Click” which, by itself, is a powerful session. 

However, the SRC4U seems to be a platform for anything you want to do, and I like to explore all options.

If you’re working with the software and want to go deeper, please join us on the ZOOM calls whenever possible. 

And a thought- 

There is a story told of a great master who had reached a very old age. It was now his time to die, and his sad students were gathered around him. They asked for one last insightful teaching. What was his secret?  

He smiled as he departed this world and whispered only one word. 

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So here we are, in the middle of a network of informational frequencies, equipped to pull in what we need, even create heaven on earth.  

BUT, somehow, we’ve gotten out of sync with the process. 

THIS is the reason for the misery we see on the planet, NOT an angry or nonexistent God.  

A way to get BACK IN SYNC is daily Qi Gong. 

SO- Has anybody tried the Eight Treasures workout from the last post?   

Well- if you found you just couldn’t get around to it, know that the SRC4U software sends the energy of VIRTUAL QI GONG.  

(Either approach can put one back in touch with the great unseen life force from which all things emerge. Compare it to snail mail (do the exercise) OR working with technology, as in email- the SRC4U software version)  

Somehow the Chinese figured all this out over 5000 years ago, coming to understand that the exercise of Qi Gong facilitated an exchange of energy with the cosmos for wisdom and guidance in every- day life.   

It starts by managing what the Chinese referred to as Yin and Yang.

In Chinese philosophy Yin stood for the feminine, with attributes of negativity and darkness and Yang stood for the masculine, with attributes of positivity and brightness.  

Regardless of the somewhat offensive terminology, it is essential that these forces be balanced in every organ system and bodily process to maintain health  

When balance is maintained, all things follow a definite order and flow smoothly.  

In reference to physically doing Qi Gong exercise vs SRC4U software, another important point: 

With snail mail a message is put on Matter such as paper. 

With email messages travel via unseen energies to the recipient. 

Similarly, SRC4U software work does not involve matter- it is off body. 

Put another way, it extends beyond familiar boundaries by working with Universal Intelligence.  

(Universal Intelligence is the force behind EVERYTHING.)  

Doing this kind of work may be where one realizes much of what they believe is impossible is NOT.

Next, we’ll talk about QI, the unlimited reservoir of energy that flows everywhere throughout the universe and sustains all life…the life “tool” of the Universe…the electrical current that lights up the intelligence and proper function of every cell, tissue, organ, and system in the body. 

Meanwhile, below is an example of a simple daily SRC4U software session. 

There’s a new post on, also with a screen cast  

Etheric not physical

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Solomon’s Temple is said to be the first Temple built by the Israelites to honor their God. 

But not a single stone from it has ever been found after a century of searching. 

Could its description have been code for the human brain…the wisdom it housed symbolic of the wisdom WE hold, provided we are open to it?  

What we DO know is that Solomon’s Temple was said to be a dwelling place for Divinity. 

So, if they were really talking about the brain…what a thought. 

AND there’s something else to think about. While the brain is designed to receive external frequencies, it has a partner, the HEART. 

Here’s how it works: the brain sends the information/frequencies it receives directly to the HEART, which then transmits them to every cell in the body. 

With STRESS this process becomes skewed. 

And- looking around, we DO see plenty of signs of skewed behavior. What you think of as “skewed” may be different from what I think, but that’s not the point… 

…what I’m saying is that it may be time to give some thought to getting our hearts and brains back in sync. 

Part of this will involve no longer focusing on what’s WRONG, because life is a manifestation of where one focuses their energy. We DO need awareness, but only to create positive change. 

So, speaking of positive change, it’s time to talk about Qi Gong. 

This extraordinary exercise, virtual or otherwise, is powerful because it works with what the Chinese referred to as “the great unseen life force from which all things emerge.” (they figured this out over 5,000 years ago.) 

The key- it must be done DAILY, which many find difficult. This is the reason Triple Grand Master David Harris developed software, the SRC4U software, that could send the frequencies of the exercise directly to the etheric field. 

Here’s an example of the manual version. 15 minutes a day is all it takes.

For those with the software, here are a few codes that could also be dowsed in: 

  • receive and exchange energy for wisdom and guidance in everyday life 9694001 
  • balance yin and yang   79936426 
  • awaken awareness of self- healing ability 3003583 

There’s a lot of material to cover on all this. This is just a start.
Also, there’s a new post on

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Once you understand how the Universe works you have the power to get it to work for YOU  

There are a few challenges, of course- for starters, fear and cultural programming must be PULLED UP BY THE ROOTS. 

The SRC4U software can be an exceptional tool for this kind of work. 

BUT- even some who own the SRC4U software never get in the habit of using it on a regular basis. (we aren’t even PRESENT for about 50% of our daily activities, we’re on “habit autopilot”!) 

Many are constantly TRYING to start new habits, but just can’t seem to stick with them. Even when something gives phenomenally positive results –in my case EFT has brought about a couple of MIRACLES- I should do it every day- but don’t… not sure why. 

Could it be our BRAINS? For one thing, most of us are walking around with a critically dehydrated brain. 

What about stress level? For example, did you know that just walking in a store under the bright lights puts you into fight or flight? 

Anyway- all this is the reason the energy group was formed. I have a habit of getting up and doing the SRC4U software work first thing every day, so it made sense to also run those who don’t have the software and/or  the time.

You can do just about anything with this software, which is why the idea of writing intentions following a certain formula, as described in THE CREATION FREQUENCY by Mike Murphy (Scribd), got me to thinking.

Now I have 3 intention statements for myself that run daily. Have I seen results? YES. Please give it a try for yourself!  

It DOES take a few days to put a statement together. For starters- 

The SRC4U software can provide information on a deeper level. Part of the process will involve unearthing hidden patterns. We must imprint new patterns and desires into the etheric field. Otherwise, we end up working against ourselves. 

GET SPECIFIC AND BE PRACTICAL (no matter what kind of statement I run I will never win the Miss America contest, LOL) 



You are not creating your life in isolation. If if’s “all about you” your fulfillment will be limited. Shift attention from getting to giving! 

In the screencast below you’ll see also that we have anew cocktail, SOLOMON’S TEMPLE The next post will go into detail on this, but it turns out that scholars believe the description of Solomon’s Temple in the Bible is describing the human BRAIN!  It could be that a few codes related to this could give an intention some extra umph. 

The intention statement we’ll be working with in the screencast: 

Also, there’s a new post on

Etheric, not physical

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Yesterday’s ZOOM call was awkward, to say the least – because the group’s top stress came up as PSYCHOSIS.  (Today’s theme was a little less insulting, Western Pathogens. Please check in when you can to see what is going on in the group sessions each day.) ​

Anyway- we got to thinking about the actual definition of psychosis. Here it is: 


Is it possible we have gotten disconnected from WHAT’S REAL when it comes to our power to create a life of joy and abundance?  

Quantum physics has validated that NO SITUATION/PROBLEM is without a solution once one understands that MATTER (data processed by the 5 senses) IS AN ILLUSION.  

We are made up of ATOMS, which are 99.9% EMPTY SPACE, simply waiting for direction. This direction comes through programming from one’s personal and collective environment…heredity plays an extremely SMALL part. 

This programming is taking place on an energetic level…the unseen world- so YES…we may have become disconnected because we can’t SEE what’s going on.

Growing numbers understand all this. Books are sold, seminars attended…lots of $$$ spent…but many who apply the various techniques are disappointed.

Possibilities as to WHY: 

First, we may be more heavily programmed than we realize. (Are you aware that lifelong habits are pretty much programmed in by age 7?)  

Next, many keep trying to create via the CONSCIOUS MIND.

According to neuroscientists, the conscious mind provides less than 5% of the data necessary for change. All the rest comes from the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

(a comparison of the power between these 2 minds – the subconscious processes 40 million nerve impulses a second while the conscious processes only 40.) 

This is where software such as the SRC4U software can have such positive impact. Specifically, it can reveal and then redirect information BENEATH THE LEVEL OF THE CONSCIOUS MIND. 

BUT- 90% will never give such technology a chance. They are heavily programmed to believe any kind of energy work is, at best, foolish, at worst dangerous or even a sin. 

That leaves about 10% who understand the concept on an intellectual level. Out of this 10%, roughly 1% will choose to learn and then apply the principles.

The following information is for that 1%. 

We’re going to do some work with intention statements…first, design them according to a formula that WORKS and then get beneath the surface of the conscious mind by running them in the SRC4U software.

For starters, for those who watched the video about the 10 stages of genocide– the first step in “genocide of the mind” was to negate the power of the body to self-heal by censoring natural healing techniques.

If that concerns you, here’s an example of a statement – following the formula we’ll be discussing- that could be run in the SRC4U software:


We’ll look at intention statements related to finances, relationships, health,  …but this is a worthless endeavor without freedom of the MIND. This means we’ll also be doing intention statements for the other 9 stages of genocide. 

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Because so many on the planet are asleep, even perhaps under some sort of SPELL, they have been unwilling to consider what quantum physics clearly demonstrates: 

Our senses- touch, sight, sound, taste, smell- convince us that everything is ABSOLUTELY SOLID. 

That means it cannot be changed.  BUT THIS IS NOT SO.  What we SEE in our world is only .1% of what’s really going on. Everything is Energy, made visible through frequencies or vibrations of that Energy as it combines with YOUR consciousness.  

Two points to focus on related to all this:


(consider running this code in the SRC4U software- REARRANGE MY ATOMS TO CREATE THE LIFE DESIRED  367179) 

With this powerful capability in mind, am going to share some information from a video I saw earlier this week, THE 10 STAGES OF GENOCIDE. (the video is at the bottom of this post.) 

Am NOT saying the information it contains is 100% on target. But, if even a small percentage IS, some atom-shifting could be in order. 

It DOES seem some of the information it contains is already valid. So, here goes- 

According to genocide scholars we are being led to literal genocide via the PANDEMIC.  Not from any ILLNESS, though 

The FEAR it has generated is being used to manipulate us into a series of steps that lead to eventual genocide. ..of the mind.

See if you are up to some mental exercise on this ( take a look at the information and decide for yourself) 
Step one: Classification 

Certain groups must be labeled as dangerous to the population. So, in step one, those who stand up for medical freedom and self-healing are classified as, at best, kooks, at worst dangerous. Heavy censorship is put in place.

Is the goal to have us be totally dependent on the medical/pharmaceutical industry? (if you do some digging, you may come to believe these industries control many elected officials. A clue might be to look for those who somehow became immensely wealthy after entering public office.) 

Is it possible the end result- and remember this is just step 1, there are 9 more – is for everything to become governed, monitored, and owed – including your body and MIND*- by a ruling class?

*in terms of a permanent state of enslavement, taking over one’s mind is WORSE than physical genocide. 

Fortunately, we have POINT B: we can, with awareness, work together to protect our bodies and minds. 

One way to get started- choose something- ANYTHING- and tap for a miracle every morning, first thing! 
What this will demonstrate is the power you possess to create the reality you desire.  
Seriously- what could it hurt to give this a try? 
EFT Tapping: Attract A Miracle – YouTube

And, also, the video describing the 10 stages of genocide- for those who dare to look- 
The Ten Stages of Genocide (

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Growing numbers live in fear regarding their health. 


There is the pain of losing loved ones, living a compromised lifestyle, the financial impact of rising health costs… and of course fear of our OWN death. 

The government is NOT going to be able to take care of this – financially or otherwise- the problem is too massive. Forget the promises. 

THE IRONY- we are designed to SELF-HEAL. 

Main- stream medicine can assist in this process, but there is a growing awareness that we also need to work with the ENERGY of it.

That’s where the SRC4U software comes in. Please consider downloading the manual on this site and requesting a free trial of the software… along with learning more about QUANTUM PHYSICS. 

For starters, science validates that we are surrounded by a field of energy- energy is just informational frequency, a limited version of which runs the internet and cell phones … 

… POINT BEING, there is a far more powerful and possibly infinite field of informational frequency set in place to guide EVERY aspect of our life, even in times like this. Science can measure and even photograph it.  

As physical beings, WE are designed to access this information through our level of VOLTAGE, also known as CONSCIOUSNESS – the higher the better- which stress, particularly fear, LOWERS. 

For more craziness- but please bear with me because it is true – MATTER IS AN ILLUSION.  

The atoms that create the physical world are simply spinning and vibrating vortices of energy, 99% empty space, part of a BIG WEB which we are ALL part of. 

This WEB contains ALL REALITIES. So, 

QUESTION: If we are designed to pull out what we need, WHY would we ever pull in any reality but JOY AND ABUNDANCE? 

ANSWER: various forms of STRESS create BLOCKS to the incoming flow of information.

Clearing these blocks is where the SRC4U software shines.

Lots more to cover on this as we move along.

But first, some are encouraging me to share another part of the story on SPROUT, my little dog who was killed last November 2020. 

I initially said no – there are so many who have suffered such devastating losses that the death of a pet would seem insignificant. 

Then I reconsidered, because there are also those who DO understand. This may give them hope.

So- At the time of Sprout’s death, I was told by another SRC4U practitioner who specializes in clearing “dark energy” that I had been under spiritual attack, in fact was to lose my life that day. Sprout had taken the hit.  

She also said that Sprout wanted to come back, that I would have him by January 25, 2021. She added that he was not far away.

All of this was WAY beyond my belief system. Then came an amazing series of synchronicities which led to my being blessed with a pup from a litter born just a few miles away. There had been a long waiting list, but one thing led to another and the breeder made one of the pups available to me. 

I cannot say he is SPROUT, although many believe in such a thing. I would love for that to be the case, but this little guy definitely has his own personality. 

NO question, though, that I am in love.

And- yes- sometimes real life sounds as crazy as Quantum Physics.

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Some are concerned that 2021 isn’t shaping up any better than 2020

But supposedly we ALL have access to the wisdom of the Universe concerning this matter – or ANY situation. Maybe this will force a few of us to put it to the test.

There are some conditions- 

First – to access the WISDOM OF THE UNIVERSE – one must follow the LAW OF LOVE. 

This seems to narrow things down a bit, but for anybody willing to make the effort the next step is to just ASK and be willing to RECEIVE information. 

It will come in the form of dreams , synchronicities, intuition that is right on target, healing ability, lucky breaks – and so on. The accurate term for such experiences is EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS.  

In Ancient Christianity, it was known as receiving The Holy Spirit. 

(This is NOT what is taught about the Holy Spirit today via corporate controlled religion, education, and entertainment. There are apparently those at the top of these structures who do not want the masses to understand the power they possess, so have distorted the information.)

Before Christianity, Ancient Egyptians taught the same thing, 

They referred to it as accessing the “Intelligence of the Heart”. (that LOVE thing again.) but apparently believed it was for a select few. (which may be why their wisdom could not be sustained,)

Still, they DID access a great deal of Wisdom, including an understanding of the power of working with IMAGES 

  • Specifically, they figured out that images– which serve as templates for incoming energetic information- could be used to manipulate consciousness. It seems they contain coded information. An image sent repeatedly can expand or lower consciousness. In modern times this manipulation of consciousness is greatly accelerated by digital images coming from television, movies, cell phones, computers- you get the idea. The purpose is not to elevate but rather lower consciousness. If you’re reading this, you know what low consciousness means in terms of reality creation.

Still, there is a blessing embedded in every challenge. (Natural Law)

Increasing numbers have increased awareness of how the mind works and TOOLS such as the SRC4U Software to send some BENEFICIAL information to the energy system.

Here’s some data currently being sent to the group, on an etheric level. If you have the software, you may wish to work with it also.

Use these times for the great work even the most difficult circumstances end up being the greatest blessings 9536465    

And – 

KNIRAN KNOWING I’M RECOGNIZED AS NEEDED 3-7          E              For all people who know they have capabilities needed. By establishing this vibration in themselves it reawakens the use of the abilities plus lets others know around the world how to acknowledge the value that each of us have to the whole.   

We are wired to create Heaven on Earth. How about we get on with it?

There’s a new post on Energy Visionaries website


Also, a screen cast below. Am giving myself a SOVEREIGNTY session. (am not sure if the whole group wants sovereignty so am just doing it for myself. If we want powerful information flowing in from the Cosmos sovereignty is necessary, though, so I’m ASKING.)

The protocol is in the VSA if anybody else is interested but get permission if you’re doing it on anyone other than yourself.

Next, we’ll examine why even one person can be a powerful force in the Universe.

Tune in to the ZOOM calls Monday-Friday, whenever possible, to see the group work.           

 LINK to Cathy’s Private Video:

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Early Christians worked with something referred to as The Holy Spirit. 

Jesus had promised that, when He left, it would take His place, providing communication with God.

Communication with God is said to be the movement of spirit- MIND- within the HEART, also referred to (by some) as TRUE INTUITION.

In terms of “quantum”, which is our focus here, Jesus represented the Heart, and The Holy Spirit represented the Mind. 

There is great power when these two energies can combine.

Early Christians are recorded historically as creating miracles because of understanding this gift.  

Maybe this is why there was such hatred directed at them by the masses…it really interfered with conventional programming. Seriously, how could people be ruled by a select few when they had access to the wisdom of the Universe? 

No problem, though. Once “religion” was started, and a few lions brought out, the miracles pretty much stopped.  

To be on the safe side, the masses were also taught that any “regular person” who said they received information directly from God was TOTALLY NUTS. (Western psychology and psychiatry label it as a possible brain disorder.) 

Most Christian churches today don’t explain the Holy Spirit either, which helps.

However, did you know that in Ancient Africa, when a native showed sign of what conventional wisdom defines as schizophrenia, they were sent away to process the incoming information and, when returning, would become the tribe’s Shaman? 

Because- they were believed to be experiencing an EXTENSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. 

Is THIS- EXTENSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS- what Jesus was teaching? How to access information from the unseen web of energy that surrounds ALL?.  Mass Consciousness at the time was too low for many to understand, but His teachings were still so dangerous to authorities of the day that it had to be stopped and then discredited.

Basically, what he taught was that God is Love, surrounds ALL, and is available to provide mankind with all the information needed to thrive. 

Do your own research if interested – I continue to do mine.

If what I’ve learned is true, accessing The Holy Spirit is a privilege beyond human imagination.   

Seriously- life would be permanently altered 

It seems we just need to ASK.  (how much of a part do WORDS play in this?)- and follow THE LAW OF LOVE  


Attributing all this to Christianity is too much for some. 

Take comfort in knowing Ancient Egyptians taught the same thing.  

Now may be time to take a closer look at THAT.

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…will not come from this site. 

All I know is that The Holy Spirit is known in Christianity as the Comforter. With what’s going on in the country, many could use some comfort . Maybe that’s why I’ve been led to take on this topic at this time.

It will involve 2 or 3 posts, because first some background needs to be shared. 

Here goes- 

A personal experience in 2020 significantly changed my life. 

It seems I attracted a client who is a skilled black magic practitioner. She came by on a regular basis.

In her scans negative energy always appeared, but she suffered from pain and depression, so I related it to that.

Plus, we live in a spiritual universe. There is good and bad, and we all pick up some of the bad from time to time. That’s why, when this type of thing began to appear more often for ME- I just cleared and went on with my work.

Then came a series of synchronicities- A man started coming by to sit under a piece of light equipment I work with. Unknown to me he is a Shaman. After a few sessions he informed me that someone was astral projecting into my home as well as sending “dark energy”. 

He even described the person, and it sounded much like the woman mentioned above.

Sounded crazy- I wasn’t sure I believed him.

But then, a few days later, he appeared with some Holy Water and sprinkled it in throughout the house. The next day, a Saturday, my house was littered with hundreds of DEAD BUGS. 

Ugh, I thought- termites. (I didn’t take a close look, just swept them up.) But it was the weekend, so nobody to call. Sunday, again, hundreds of dead bugs. Monday the pest control came by and I learned they were little BEES. It was a mystery, too, because there was no hive. 

Going online, I learned bees are symbolic of unwanted visitors. At that point I prayed that IF this bee-thing was a sign that what the Shaman had said was true there would be no more bees. 

The next day they were gone. (still the case)  

I immediately cut off all ties with this woman. It was shortly thereafter that my dog Sprout was attacked and killed by a German Shepherd during one of our walks. 

The Shaman said she had been so enraged over the discovery and loss of contact that she had sent a spell to end my life and that Sprout had taken the hit for me.  

This forced several painful realizations. The essence- There really ARE those who work with non-physical entities via black magic to harm others. They seem perfectly normal, even KIND- and yes, although it sounds “crazy” or “paranoid” it is more common than we have been led to believe. 

“Spells” are regularly cast on individuals, organizations, political figures…even nations. 

So, now some new codes to clear this type of “stress” are scanned in at the beginning of every SRC4U session. 

In the Zoom calls you’ll see how we go about this, and the codes will be in the VSA by 1/15/21. 

But the point – what shows up OFTEN in these clearings is the code for “Partner with The Holy Spirit.” 

Next, I’ll share what I’ve learned about THAT.

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In December, a new procedure was added to the group work- that of identifying, every Monday, a FOCUS for the week. 

A 37- page list of codes is scanned- so chances are, whatever the issue, it’s in there.  

(all etheric, not physical) 

Our first focus was stress related to mitochondria. Next came “adversity into good fortune” which we requested be run every day for 55 days via the Mastery.  (9963740, It will run until February 17) Then “neutralize energy caused by allergies”. (69769482) 

You can see all this on the Zoom calls – 10 AM Monday-Friday EST, just click on the banner on the site – plus the calls are recorded and saved on Youtube

Anyway, our current direction- the physical- makes sense when one realizes the first law in ANY positive manifestation- creating good fortune from adversity or whatever- is ATTITUDE. When the BODY is under internal or external stress, it’s not easy to maintain a positive attitude…

…so, forget ever getting to the Thinker or Knower level.  

Our daily group work is geared towards managing stress of all this.  

(While we’re on the subject of the group- communication is through these posts and the Zoom calls.  This is a stress management site and most are now overloaded with emails, which can be extremely stressful.)

Anyway- you will find that receiving energetic balancing on a daily basis can make, over time, a massive difference in your reality creation.  

This is because DNA is a LIBRARY OF CONSCIOUSNESS which can be completely turned on by frequency (codes) in various forms.

Even though in terms of stress, there’s a great deal to address, the SRC4U software has a data base that can handle it- just hit a few buttons.  BUT combine the power of the software with AWARENESS, so conscious INTENT can be formed…and you will be amazed.

That’s why keeping up with the posts and occasionally popping into a zoom call can be significant.

For example, did you know that the amino acid threonine determines the blueprint for how the brain transforms light into information?

Foods high in threonine include cottage cheese, fish, meats, sesame seeds and lentils.

BUT ALSO – the group receives the energy of this amino acid on a regular basis along with the following short command:  

Clear all Interference frequency between light and the way the brain translates information   3382827  

According to quantum science, some have a skewed sense of reality because of this amino acid deficiency. This creates FEAR, which is NOT going to work because WE ARE HERE TO DO MAGIC

This includes changing the ADVERSITY of 2020 into GOOD FORTUNE for 2021

Stay tuned – there is so much to cover, starting with, as per group request, managing stress related to allergies, which can definitely bring attitude DOWN.

In reference to the energy group, membership is $27 a month. However, for those whose income has been negatively impacted because of the virus- let me know if you’d like to be included in the group work, there will be no charge.

One final thing- there’s a new post in the Energy Visionaries Group, “The Ultimate Body Snatchers”.

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A friend has been having trouble with her husband.  

Finally, after going into a monumental depression- some of you know the drill – she regained her energy and gave him the following notification: 

“You and I are going to have a Come to Jesus meeting and I’m Jesus.” 

Have been laughing about how she put this for days now, but also thinking maybe we should have a “Come to Jesus” post- in honor of Christmas. 

BUT- I’m not Jesus LOL. 

Anyway, for starters, whenever Jesus was born (chances are it was not December 25) there were proclamations that accompanied the birth. 

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men… and references to creating HEAVEN ON EARTH 

Think about it- at that time mankind had no way of understanding what science now validates…we, as humans, have a brain whose power surpasses that of any man-made computer.  

It is designed to pull in information from a vast data base of frequency set in place by, as I have come to believe, a Creator who loves us so unconditionally that we are provided with everything we need via this web. 

Somehow the pathway to retrieving the information – for many- is blocked. 

(This is a mystery – but the Garden of Eden story could have been about the creation of this block. If you really want to stretch your imagination, there’s a fractal fairy tale about this on, free- Mind Blind

Anyway, in this age of awareness, consciousness is increasing to the point that we have the capability of clearing this pathway. 

Correct use of imagination is involved, but we’re not referring to daydreaming.  

For starters, there are 3 components to our sophisticated computer system. 

A doer (the body), a thinker, and a knower. 

Most of us never get past the body because we’re not ready to depend on anything but our 5 senses. (only about 4% of what’s REALLY going on).  

BUT- without incorporating the thinker and knower, the full power of imagination- which can open- up the pathway- is not available. 

And, by the way, much of what Jesus taught explained all this but a) people didn’t understand and b) the church removed much of it from the Bible. 

With all this in mind, Friday- Sunday the following codes are being dowsed in-  (we’ve got to start SOMEWHERE!)

Dispel the glamor of sense illusions (3497717)   

Pull away from mass illusion   78294303  

De-hypnotize    64233536    

And since it turns out YOGA is a great assist, we’re doing 3 days of the YOGA cocktail in the P4. 

All etheric, not physical 

Also, there’s a new post on Energy Visionaries Group “SOULLESS IN SEATTLE?

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On Friday’s SRC4u SoftwareZoom call we saw that the group was requesting the “field generator” to help manage various forms of STRESS

(This is a feature found in the Professional Tool- Box. It can be used to set a positive field of etheric energy around ANYTHING- with permission, of course.) 

In our case we requested, via a scan of everything loaded in the field generator at this time, a field of “Prosperous Thoughts”. It took 15 hours to get it in place.  

This was interesting because our OVERALL theme last week, from Monday’s scan, was something known as Sensory Neurons. 

The SRC4u Mastery Software ran on this theme all week – etheric, not physical. 

Plenty of information on sensory neurons is available online for those interested. The point here- sensory neurons wire the brain to create the PATHWAY TO THE UNITED FIELD. 

WAIT- did I say WIRE? I should have said RE-WIRE. 

Turns out roughly 86 million neurons are constantly connecting, separating, and so on, CHANGING OUR PATHWAY TO THE UNIFIED FIELD CONSTANTLY.

The SRC4U engines work to balance this out on an energetic level 

BUT what also must be taken into consideration is one’s level of environmental stress. 

This would involve, among other things, stress from poor nutrition, exposure to radiation, pesticides, heavy metals, frequency coming from the TV, computer, cell phones, drugs, both legal and illegal, chemicals in the air, food, and water… 

You get the idea.  

Here we are, with a powerful computer, (the brain) supposedly capable of processing data from the Unified Field related to everything we need to control our own destiny. 

We want to make sure we’re accessing what we need.

In the book “Life Changing Foods” the author states that our bodies are well equipped to handle just about ANYTHING, provided we a) keep adrenaline under control and b) manage what the author refers to as “sustained emotional pressure”. 

So, that’s been added to our daily work.

Today the SRC4u group took 24 HOURS to balance adrenals and 15 hours in the emotional panel to manage “sustained emotional pressure” 

Maybe it’s the times we’re in.

HOWEVER- All we need is awareness related to this so we can make necessary changes. 

Yes, we could eat more life-changing foods. The book is highly recommended reading, also the list of foods is in the VSA.

But what we may need to FOCUS on is that what neurons need MOST for efficient rewiring is IMAGINATION. 

Seriously- this information comes from neuroscience.

Maybe this is what Proverbs 29 is trying to say with “without a vision the people perish”. 

Still, we have to face facts. We’ve learned about the power of imagination through best-selling books, workshops, and so on.  

Many have applied what they learned, with confidence and persistence, but FAILED. 

It’s time to figure out WHY.

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Quantum science validates what the Ancients tried to explain… 

…we are surrounded by, and designed to access, information (frequency) set in place to provide everything we need.  

THAT’S RIGHT. Just like a man-made computer is designed to pull in information from the world-wide web, WE are designed to pull in information from the A FAR GREATER WEB. 

Everything we need to take charge of our own reality, instead of letting others do it for us, is there. 

Why would there be lack in ANY form? 

WELL- in some cases energetic resonance (voltage) is too low to access the information.  

About 2% of the earth’s population is what is known as “dimly evolved”. For whatever reason, they have come to the planet in this state and will remain in it. 

Then we have the “herd”- 75%. They can elevate their voltage but are afraid to do so. Old patterns make them feel safe. They are in a state of Spiritual Poverty, which means, among other things, apathy, loss of ambition, dependency on others, even certain pathological behaviors. 

They can choose to move up to the next level, “the individuated state”, about 20% of the population, or even to “the spiritual state”, which is roughly 2-3%. However, few in the herd make that choice.  

SO- provided one is in the individuated or spiritual state, what can keep THEM from accessing what they need to create their own Heaven on Earth? 

Well, just a few things that could lower their voltage:  

Lower vibratory thoughts, sustained emotional tension, consistent high levels of adrenaline, intolerance, (the mind is not designed to take sides but to be objective), ancestral fears, alcohol/substance abuse, COMPLAINING, poor diet… 

…and, according to author Anthony Williams in his excellent book Life Changing Foods, we live in a world filled with radiation, toxic heavy metals, a present- day explosion of virus, and DDT. 

These “invisible four”, as William refers to them, have ravaged our bodies, made us question our own sanity, pushed us to the breaking point as far as our society…and are responsible for the epidemic of illness we see today. 

They even pass- through ancestral bloodlines, lowering voltage for generations to come.

THE GOOD NEWS – you know that because of Natural Law there MUST be a solution.  

It turns out the creator of that GREATER WEB also provided mankind with certain foods designed to help us adapt to all this stress.

Maybe we should eat some of them.

We’ll be covering this in more detail, but also it wouldn’t hurt to buy a copy of LIFE CHANGING FOODS.

Also, we have been provided with powerful tools such as the SRC4U software. That being the case, new codes and protocols have been added to our daily work. Zoom calls are back on, too. 

Finally, a recent scan indicated high stress from what is known as Sensory Neurons. More on this also as we move along. Meanwhile we’re taking 7 days in the Mastery for this stress. 

The time has come to tap into this kind of information. 


New post in the Energy Visionaries Group, “How God Works in the Fifth Dimension“.

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A New Lens for 2021


Thanks to those who expressed condolences on the loss of Sprout. 

The Chinese would say this crisis represents an opportunity…but then I’ve also read that those who believe everything they’re told deserve whatever they get, so there’s that. 

Nothing else to say right now. 

Am still working on the exact set up for the manual but the first chapter is here.

It may be more important than ever to incorporate this software into your lifestyle. Natural Law says for every negative there’s a positive. SO- in dealing with the complexity of this world, which would be a negative, the positive is that we have been provided with tools to assist. 

The SRC4U software is such a tool. 

It can tap into the fields that determine our reality.  (At this point, on a conscious level, everything we know about the nature of our reality is estimated to be only about 4%.)   

The SRC4u software manual is FREE- and will take you through the software step by step. 

There is a free trial of the SRC4u software available, also.  Contact me for more information at CathySlaght@live.comAnd, think about it- what if it turned out that, within YOU, lies a Force that choreographs the entire Universe? Wouldn’t that be worth some tweaking? 

Anyway, back to not believing everything you are told- a friend who does astrology said I was in an evolutionary PLUTO cycle.  

There is a book on here’s the essence- apparently PLUTO moves through a chart and effects evolution by either an emotional shock, creating an awareness of stagnation, bringing about a relationship that pulls in what we need (would have been much preferred), or creating a situation where we become aware of a new capability (ditto)  

Anyway, in reading the book found some codes on that have been incorporated into our work. You can see this in today’s screencast. 

Also, more than ever I understand that we must have physical stamina to get through a crisis, so have amped up our work with the sustenance balancer. 

Maybe we can start 2021 with a new lens. 

Below is the screen cast. Also, there’s a new post on Energy Visionaries GroupCONJURING WITH IMAGINATION

Etheric, not physical

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This is a great concept – but am not sure there is any way to accomplish it on this 3D planet.  In my case, I am going through intense grief. My little dog Sprout, only 3 years old, was attacked and killed on Sunday by a German Shepherd who had gotten out of his yard. 

​Sprout and I had quite a connection. He was loved beyond any scale that could measure LOVE.  I am now in RETREAT mode, which means the daily energy work will continue, but Zoom calls will be suspended indefinitely. 

As far as blog posts, had just finished the new SRC4U manual on Saturday. So, instead of posting, which I just cannot do at this time, have decided to share the beginning of each chapter, with the full chapter in the Virtual Spa Academy for those who want to read on and/or print it out. 

Accessing the VSA:

According to quantum physics, we are only trapped by our own thinking. What frees us is the HEART, but mine is not in good operating condition right now. 

Still – can hope that the manual will be of benefit for some, so here goes- 

(you may notice the date in the title is 2021, because 2020 does not seem salvageable.) 

CLEAR, CONNECTED, and EMPOWERED… SRC4U Software for 2021 and Beyond


The collapse of my own health, now over 20 years ago, turned out to be a major blessing. 

It was at that time a friend told me about a “machine”- biofeedback- that, according to him, “told a person everything wrong and then fixed it”. 

Even though this was NOT an accurate description, after just 2 sessions there was enough of a shift that I purchased a device and began to give myself regular sessions.  

The idea was to manage stress in the body’s energy system so that the body could self-heal. 

Energy system?  Self-Heal?  STRESS? 

Yes. Turns out the physical body is only about one billionth of our so-called “reality”. We are surrounded by fields of informational frequency- the generic term is “energy”- set in place to provide everything necessary for self-healing in every area of life.  

Stress creates blockages that limit the flow of this information. 

Crazy, right? But with time, my health was restored. I became filled with passion to share this “new idea” with as many as possible. 

Then a series of synchronicities led to a demonstration of the device to Triple Grand Master David Harris.  

His initial response, along with purchasing TWO for his own Qi Gong practice, was “I didn’t realize a machine could do what I do”. 

A few years later he called and said, “I believe everyone should have such a device. But this one is too expensive and takes too long to learn. I’m going to invent one where you just need to push a button. It’s going to cost a lot less, too.” 

“Right”, I thought to myself. And then he did it. 


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REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE  by Cathy D. Slaght

As was repeatedly spoken of by the Ancients: 
You are a Golden Child of a magical and alive Universe in which everything that happens benefits you. 

According to the SRC4U group scan, we only resonate 29% with this statement. 

And frankly, how can it be true? But, on the other hand, what if it IS? 

According to the Chinese, it would exist as a PATTERN of energy in the unseen field that surrounds ALL. Science DOES now validate that we exist in a WEB OF PATTERNS. 

The Chinese somehow understood this over 3,000 years ago and worked with something known as the I-Ching to 1) identify these patterns and 2) make changes if necessary. 

Doesn’t sound like a bad idea. That’s why the I-Ching is now incorporated into our sessions on a regular- not daily- basis. 

MOVING FORWARD WITH THIS CONCEPT – one day last week I asked “what is the truth about the statement “you are a Golden Child of a magical and alive Universe in which everything that happens benefits you”- because, again, how could this be true? Look around! 

The answer was Kua 44, moving lines 2 & 6 – Return of the Dark Force followed by Kua 31 Attraction 

The essence of the message: a person, place, or thing has appeared that has broken the connection to this pattern.  It will, initially, appear harmless, but if it gains even a toehold it will quickly grow to alarming proportions.  

I personally suspect that the DARK FORCE, at this time, has something to do with HATE, which appears to be spewed non-stop by the mainstream media. 

So, I typed in the dowser- and please forgive me if this is offensive- “the dark force is the mainstream media who is working to inspire HATE”, clicked “ a negative thing” and got a 92%- you’ll see this in today’s screencast. 

The message continues- we have the strength and resources to oppose this and must do so to prevent it from contaminating others. Do not be overly aggressive, just avoid contact with the Dark Force. (stop listening to it?) Instead create and consolidate relationships. Conduct yourself in ways that are receptive, modest, and devoid of ulterior motives and there will be good fortune. 

HATE invites ALL the astral entities on both an individual and collective level. A scan of the group showed that addiction, negative entities (physical body) and psychic attack needed to be cleared. 

There is much more to cover on this. But, in summary for today- The I-Ching can help in any endeavor. There are many who work with it as a daily guide. The way it works seems, at times, to be beyond the understanding of the rational mind, because it’s all about resonance with PATTERNS and the SYNCHRONICITY it takes to bring in DESIRED PATTERNS. 

(The Chinese referred to this resonance/synchronicity as YING and we have a code-    5398151) 

There’s also MEDICAL I-CHING, which we will look in to. 

Maybe we could even go to the I-Ching for more accurate information on what’s really going on in the world.  Are we seeing actual journalists on the MMM or just skilled actors reading a script placed on a teleprompter? 

(OK, will give myself an extra session today.) 

New post on Energy Visionaries GroupDOES THE DOOR TO YOUR MIND HAVE A RUSTY HINGE?
And a screencast, etheric not physical – to demonstrate how the I-Ching can be incorporated into an SRC4U session. 

In making this screencast I forgot all about showing you that 92% in reference to the MMS but if you look you will see it- right before “stress related to small intestine” is tested. 

Continue reading Cathy’s Blog click here

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!!! THANK YOU !!!

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Quantum physics says what we consider as our reality is comparable to a MOVIE that we personally DIRECT and STAR IN. 

We choose our settings, co-stars, etc.…maybe with a little help from the collective… 

And yes, this sounds crazy, but growing numbers of scientists are stating that we are sophisticated computer systems running a variety of SOFTWARE PROGRAMS. 

Countless “movie plots” come our way and we CHOOSE the ones we want to live out. (This ABILITY TO CHOOSE, according to visionaries like Neville, is comparable to the SOUL.) 
The challenge is that mankind, for the most part, has no awareness of how this all works. 

The Ancient Chinese, somehow, DID. 

SO- the original plan for this post involved sharing information on principles of Chinese Medicine. You know, how the Chinese were the first to recognize the quantum field of energy that surrounds ALL, meridians, and so forth. 

BUT- since we are now in a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CHAOS MOVIE am going to first incorporate something new into our sessions, based on something else the Chinese figured out over 3,000 years ago. 

The most revered text of Chinese wisdom…the I CHING. 

Before we get started, this is NOT fortune telling. Instead, it represents a dynamic process related to CHANGE. The I Ching is a complex system of symbols and numbers. Science has recently discovered it correlates with our genetic code, and some believe it is the basis for computer binary code. 

The Chinese somehow understood all this, along with the fact that we are all part of a field – WEB – of energy/information.  


The I CHING was a way to get help with CHOOSING how to navigate it. 

I heard about the I CHING back in the 90s. Don’t know why, but something CLICKED, I purchased a book, figured out how to do it, and have been working with it ever since. 

(Trivia for the day- I CHING barely escaped the book burning in 220 B.C.,) 

And think about it- if you knew which of your actions would bring you good fortune vs misfortune, good luck vs bad- wouldn’t that be helpful in the CHOOSING process? 

That’s why the I Ching, will now be added to our sessions on a regular basis. 

It starts with a question- not just a yes or no- but something along the lines of “what do I need to know about” … or “what is the truth about”. 


“What, in light of the MSM announcing Joe Biden as President, do the American people most need to know at this time?” 

You’ll see the answer in the screencast below and/or look it up online- we got KUA 52, moving line 4, which then changed it to KUA 56. 

In all fairness, this is strange stuff- Westernized brain neurons may not process it at first, so the core message is  


Another thing- over the weekend someone sent an interesting video that turned out to be the basis for a new protocol, which is now in the Virtual Spa Academy.

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The focus of Chinese Medicine- as well as our work with the SRC4U Software on a virtual level- is on balancing the body’s “energy”.  

To many this Eastern approach seems, at best, a mediocre approach to health and well- being. We have the TRUE healing power in the Western world, right? Surgery, pharmaceuticals, etc.   

BUT- how many are aware that what later became the Bible once contained information that supported Eastern philosophy?  

THAT’S RIGHT –scholars state that reference to a mysterious, unseen WEB of energy, set in place for the benefit of MANKIND, was there!  But,  in around 325 A.D. Emperor Constantine had it removed.  

There was no actual “Bible” at that time, just a collection of papyrus reed texts, scrolls, sheep skin documents and tablets. This was transformed into what we now know as the Bible according to the preferences of the leaders of the day.  

Could a few non-beneficial “assumptions” be locked in collective consciousness because of this alteration?   

IN FACT- what ELSE may we have been taught that isn’t exactly “true”? Who profits from “programming in” such misinformation? 

For example- am still reading that banned book by Dr. Thomas Cowen, The Contagion Myth. What if his premise -that bacteria and viruses are not villains but beneficial, appearing when cellular toxicity needs to be purged – is on target?  

He specifically relates this concept to the Coronavirus- here’s a passage from his book:  
“Today, the premise that coronavirus is contagious and can cause disease has provided the justification for putting entire nations on lockdown, destroying the global economy, and throwing hundreds of thousands out of work.  But is it contagious? Can one person give coronavirus to others and make them sick? Or is something else, some outside influence, causing illness in the vulnerable?”  

That outside influence, says Cowan, is cellular accumulation of ELECTRICITY. The culprit, in reference to what we’ve labeled Coronavirus, is 5G. 

This is too much for most of us to believe. 

Seriously, it contradicts deep levels of subconscious programming. Am not sure where I myself stand, but as a result of his research have added the following to our daily energy work  (what can it hurt)  

  • optimal cellular voltage     63814210         
  • balance energy production in the mitochondria   85762398       
  • boost oxygen level of blood  3830785        
  • balance electrical circuits of the human body via recharger 
  • clear accumulation of electricity via acupuncture panel 

One more thing – Chinese Medicine’s stance on ANY symptom- personal or collective- dis-ease, Global Warming, whatever – is that it’s a messenger trying to get our attention.  

The next few posts will take a closer look at this concept , BECAUSE, again according to Chinese philosophy,  awareness of a symptom’s message is the pathway to a potential cure! 

Also- there’s a new post on Energy Visionaries Group – THE FEAR OF IDEAS

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When it comes to managing life – working with crystals, shapes, “stress-management software” such as the SRC4U software and so on would be examples of NEW IDEAS. 

At times there seems to be a MENTAL LOCK DOWN on even CONSIDERING such crazy concepts.

But now the chaos we see around us – health, wealth, relationship, etc.- is causing some to reconsider. 

PLUS, consciousness is rising. (Consciousness is voltage, the higher the better, and can be measured, so this rise is validated.) 

One sign of higher consciousness is a desire for knowledge, which sometimes includes asking questions that have been labeled TABOO.

You know- “Does anybody notice he Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes?” types of questions.

Certain entities- and Instagram come to mind right now- block such observations, and certain books become hard to get.

One example- The Contagion Myth, by Dr. Thomas Cowen, no longer available on Amazon. (let’s hear it for Nazi book burnings, which turned out to be so beneficial for the Germans!)

If you choose to read this book, (it’s still available on you’ll immediately see why it has been pulled.

Cowan asks a SERIOUSLY taboo question: “Is it possible that scientists will one day discover that bacteria and viruses play a beneficial role- that of clearing toxins? That they are NOT contagious or the cause of dis-eases, even the corona virus?” 

THEN- he states that they already HAVE discovered this, but that “old ideas”, especially those that promise profits from drugs and vaccines, die hard.  

To add insult to injury, he says Louis Pasteur was a complete fraud. 

Most will not be able to handle this information in. It challenges deeply programmed beliefs. BUT what if what’s programmed in is FALSE? Don’t we have the right to see what Cowan has to say?

Still- it might not hurt to dowse the following code into your energy field via the SRC4U software and/or a pendulum prior to reading: 

(another “new idea”, also validated scientifically – everything is a number/frequency, which is why this can have tremendous beneficial impact if done consistently) A world of freedom, prosperity, and good health 75331626  Maybe it’s time to see the bigger picture as it relates to the evolution of consciousness and, maybe, the SRC4U software is a tool that can assist in this process. 

Also, Friday the group received some interesting information from the S-he-motion: (check in on Zoom when you can, Monday-Friday 10 a.m. EST)

I am courageous around people who do not like me.

Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished. If you’re alive, it isn’t.

If you do not see enough trust in the world, put more in.

Continue reading Cathy’s Blog click here

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Psychologists- in Ancient days they might have been called Priests or Shamans- still know how to wield information that exploits others. 

One way would be to flash a few SHAPES around. 

(The next time you’re watching TV, particularly MSN, see what shapes you see repeatedly running in the background.) 

That’s right – it is quite possible that there are some high-ups in our world who know all about working with Shapes, and not necessarily for OUR advantage. 

BUT- NATURAL LAW states that for every negative there HAS TO BE a positive…which means SHAPES can also be used for EMPOWERMENT. 

In reading up on all this, one of the books, an old one, said something to the effect of “wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to send shapes virtually?”. 

Well- we can send images/shapes to the etheric field via the SRC4U software

A list of shapes to scan is in the VSA for anyone who cares about this approach to stress management. In scanning for the group, we wanted the FLOWER OF LIFE today. 

The Flower of Life is a symbol of mysterious origins, formed by 19 interlocking circles. It’s described as holding the blueprint for the entire universe. 

It can be seen hidden in nature, once you know to look- which we somehow have gotten away from. (In fact, the most powerful approach to stress management might be just getting out in nature! Go figure!) 

Anyway- POSITIVE keywords related to the Flower of Life are balance, harmony, renewal, manifestation, creation, creativity, and The Universe. These have been dowsed into our session today. 

Positive keywords for other Shapes- from CRYSTAL GRIDS POWER by Ethan Lazzerini- 

CIRCLE– protection, wholeness, renewal, continuous flow, cosmic support, commitment, focus, unity 

VESICA PISCIS– rebirth, renewal, creation, creativity, goddess, transformation, new opportunities 

SPIRAL – growth, cosmic support, spiritual development, guidance, focus, wisdom 

TRIANGLE – creativity, manifestation, harmony, balance, Divine Connection, Intuition, raises energy 

SQUARE & DIAMOND – stability, strong foundations, material manifestation, strength, grounding 

CROSS – protection, physical and spiritual union, new opportunities 

PENTAGRAM & PENTAGON – rebirth, renewal, protection, change, freedom, new beginnings 

STAR OF DAVID & HEXAGON – cosmic alignment, life purpose, mastery, light body activation 

SEPTAGRAM & SEPTAGON – victory, success, study, esoteric knowledge, major chakras 

OCTAGRAM & OCTAGON – prosperity, abundance, expansion, progress, determination 

ENNEAGRAM & ENNEAGON – completion, achievement, unity, peace, compassion, humanity 

DODECAGRAM & DODECAGON – astrological alignment, perfection, destiny, 12 chakra system 

SEED OF LIFE – creation, creativity, development, growth, new beginnings 

METATRON’S CUBE– purification, protection, esoteric knowledge, Akashic Records 

Why not read up on this, maybe even make a crystal grid in one of these configurations or, for those who have the software, run it in the background of a session? 

Who knows- this might pull a person out of the “get food, ring bell” state …

And, there’s a new post on Energy Visionary Group – RELEASING OUTWORN ENERGY PATTERNS

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Technology now demonstrates what the Ancients said all along: We are surrounded by a field of informational frequency that contains everything mankind needs to thrive.  

SPECIFICALLY – only 1 billionth of the world is matter, everything else is the information in this field.  

It is the information in this field that CREATES MATTER and ENERGY IS THE INTERMEDIATE. 

If this is the case- and it’s now well documented that IT IS – why does the majority continue to focus on Matter instead of doing more work with Energy? 

Just one example, why aren’t more open to working with crystals? 

That’s what we’re doing in the energy group at this time.  A grid was put together, but today (Friday 10/9) we specifically wanted the energy of green jade.  

Look up the healing properties of this crystal. You will see it is purifying, brings about peace and joy, removes toxins, enhances wisdom, healthy relationships, and luck!   

All these codes are running for today’s session, along with the image of green jade. (Remember our work is done on ZOOM Monday-Friday, 10 am EST, in case you’d like to see exactly what’s coming up in the sessions.) 

Regardless of all the scientific data on the energy of crystals, though, many have somehow been programmed to believe working with them is, at best, foolish, and, at worst, evil.  

Is it time to wake up as to what has been provided for mankind – all the assistance towards creating the life we desire? It DOES seem that was the ORIGINAL INTENTION- 

But even the group- already open to such a thing as daily energetic stress management- only resonates 8% with the following code which carries the message “wake up” 78321525  

We DO resonate at 89% benefit of receiving a color image of the code via the dispenser (1 hour). Part of the information that came up during the process was a need for inner stillness (3402676) spiritual connection (51813719), and access to spiritual/magical power within, (for which there is no code YET) 

To see this come up was exciting to me personally because now we’re going to talk about the power of SHAPES which turns out to be VERY connected to spiritual power. 

Here’s why: we are surrounded by what might be an infinite Source of information (science has not yet found an end to it.). What if various SHAPES serve as templates to pull in what we most need? 

And, by the way, this is not mystical phenomena. Science can demonstrate that shapes are used to collect and transmit electromagnetic energies from surrounding energy fields. 

It is much like making a phone call. You are pulling in energetic information via a pathway the shape sets up.

Who knew? 

Well, maybe Religion, Media, the Corporate Structure and so on…

Could be time for more of us to have our OWN awareness.

Stay tuned, but, even better, do some reading of your own. Check out SHAPE POWER by Dan A. Davidson or see what else is out there on the subject. 

The challenge- this takes time, maybe even some $. Many just don’t care enough to spend much of either on learning about the true potential of the human spirit. 

This may need to be resolved, because the core to all manifestation is CARE.  

Maybe dowse in this code- 3203102 – which stands for desire for knowledge?  (36% group resonance at this point in time)

One last thing- there’s a new post on Energy Visionaries Group, “THE INTENTIONAL MANIPULATION OF THE HUMAN MIND?

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Each day, along with our other work, the SRC has been sending the energy of a crystal grid via the field generator.   

We’ve requested quite a few hours each day- today it was 5- so, instead of going over what’s in the grid 1 crystal at a time, as originally planned, maybe it’s better to cover all the others right now. There is a lot of information to share regarding what is TRUE… 

…which is that crystals are like computers, carrying information that can assist mankind. 

And, since according to the Babylon Bee, (a satirical site) the nation has repented and asked for God’s mercy after watching the last Presidential debate, maybe a few more people will be receptive to working with crystal energy. 

So, the second crystal in our virtual grid is Pyrope, a form of garnet.  

Pyrope was once considered protection from vampires. LOL. But, seriously, there COULD BE such a thing as energetic vampires. Just to be the safe side, we have a code. 

(a list of codes for energies related to all the stones mentioned today is in the VSA

A few other highlights (and there’s plenty of information online, just type in “healing properties of…”and name a crystal) – but pyrope, along with being known as the Stone of Protection and an anxiety reliever, is also known for emitting the energy of power, courage,  unification of creative forces, and opening the heart to love. 

On a physical level it is said to boost circulation and immunity, as well as balance blood disorders and digestion.  

(all on an etheric level, as you know) 

Next is Epidote, said to increase personal power, release negativity, and raise vibration. 

Then we have Inesite, said to increase loyalty and kindness to others…and Chrysoberyl, for self-discipline, self-control, concentration and learning ability 

And maybe best of all that Chrysoberyl has to offer is that it makes one realize they already have everything they need to succeed. 

Finally, there is Rutile, which is all about opening awareness. 

Out of all these wonderful energies, it could be that most important is awareness. The only way to truly have it is to learn as much as possible on your own. If you do, you may come to see that mainstream sources of information often intentionally distort the truth. 

Quick example- a friend of mine was interviewed last week by a local news station. The question was on her thoughts as to how Trump has handled Covid19.  

She expressed her opinion, which was, for the most part, favorable to Trump.  

When the program aired, first they showed a man weeping because he had lost a family member to Covid, and then her saying just one thing “I disagree”. Taken out of context, it made her look like a cold-hearted jerk. 

Could it be the mainstream has misled us in many ways, including by information presented on alternative approaches to health and well-being?

The only way to know for sure is look some things up for ourselves.

That being the case, next, we’ll look at the reason various SHAPES are fundamental to the power of a crystal grid. 

Remember the Zoom calls- Monday-Friday, 10 am EST, for those who want to follow along as the group work is done. 

And there’s a new post on Energy Visionary Group THE CREATIVE VS THE DESTRUCTIVE.

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So here we are, making a crystal grid with the SRC4U. 

Authorities/experts would say this is a CRAZY approach to creating a life of joy and abundance.   

BUT- how has following mainstream advice worked out, up to this point, in terms of health, wealth, relationships, etc.  for you personally? 

Maybe it’s time to try a few things “off the beaten path.” You know, take charge of your own mind.   

So, on to the grid. 

Sacred Geometry, which some believe is the “secret language of the Universe” is part of the process in preparing a grid. More on that as we go along. 

The point for now is that we requested, energetically, a grid in the shape of a HEXAGON. This pattern represents the coming together of opposing forces. 

But there’s more. The Hexagon is considered one of the principle governing patterns of mankind, even found in the structure of DNA.   

If you choose to follow along in the 3 D world with this project, your crystals would be laid out in the shape of a Hexagon. 

In terms of SRC4U work, the code 62330145 , which stands for Hexagon, would be typed into the software.  

Next, crystals, or, in our case, images of crystals, are gathered. This is NOT random. They are chosen carefully, based on an understanding the energies involved. 

This is where scanning with software is invaluable. Our choices for this first grid are Apatite, Pyrope, Epidote, Inesite, Chrysoberyl and Rutile   We’ll go over them one by one, starting with Apatite. 

Apatite is the SEEKER stone, about achieving what is desired. It balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, as well as the chakras, which is essential for this kind of manifestation.

A list of the information packed into the Apatite is in the VSA, plus we have a new Apatite cocktail.  

Just a few examples here – the energy of Apatite is said to enhance: 

  • Intuition 206531263                             
  • Clarity of concentration 62072487                                       
  • Unconditional love 449917822                                        
  • Ideas 389759035    
  • Oh- and is said to suppress hunger 4778600    

(NOW we’re talking!)  

Even just sending the image of this one crystal via the SRC4U could be great stress management!

Next, on to the Pyrope.

Also, there’s a new post on Energy Visionaries Group, “A CRYSTAL GRID FOR LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY

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WE GET THE WORLD WE WANT by Cathy D. Slaght 

But how can that be? 

Seriously, look around!  Such chaos! 

Maybe we, the so-called masses, don’t understand how the Universe really works. 

Everything is energy. This energy is shaped into reality via THOUGHTS. 

The mainstream – education, religion, medicine, and so on – barely touches on this. But the information is available for those who care to learn more. 

Could be worth the effort, too.  In digging for truth, one may discover that much of the information drummed into us by major institutions is USELESS, in many cases the OPPOSITE OF WHAT IS TRUE.  

Still, It DOES seem that a select few understand all this, i.e. that THOUGHTS create.  

Some say these few are “standing on our shoulders”, so to speak, gathering OUR energy through the manipulation of OUR thoughts.  We are powerful generators of energy and they DO control major institutions. In other words, they have great access to our MINDS. 

Anyway, the point of all this – there may be no getting out of this THOUGHT-CREATED mess through conventional means. 

Obviously SRC4Ustress-management is NOT conventional.   

But then the other day I had a hunch that we should experiment with CRYSTAL GRIDS.

(Once you start working with quantum energy, you realize not to ignore hunches.) 

It turns out science can now measure the energy of crystals and validate what the Ancients taught…they are powerful generators of energy, “little computers” of sorts. 

AND- when certain CRYSTAL ENERGIES are COMBINED with elements of SACRED GEOMETRY, the results can be amazing. 

SO, are your shoulders getting tired yet? Are you ready to take over your own thoughts so you can create the reality you desire? 

This will be a challenge because it will involve replacing some non-beneficial thoughts with BENEFICIAL. 

The same ones have probably been milling around, beneath conscious awareness, all your life.   They will FIGHT to stay.

Plus, most of us believe it’s EVERYBODY ELSE’S thoughts creating all the problems. 

This attitude, in case you haven’t noticed, is not working. 

SO- taking all this into consideration, let’s do some stress-management via crystal grids.  

A scan indicates we resonate with incorporating the shape of a HEXAGON into whatever we do. 

The Hexagon is known as the building block of the Universe. One example- the honeybee hive.  

See, over the next few days, if you have time to read up on this. 

Next we’ll identify which crystals to work with and run them in various SRC4U Pro Tools 

Meanwhile there’s a new post on Energy Visionaries Group

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What if illness were comparable to a domino effect, and sugar tipped a bunch of dominoes? 
Not to say we couldn’t enjoy a treat from time to time- in fact, with ZERO sugar abnormal cells, according to some experts, go after fat and protein. This could be why cancer patients who follow the suggested protocol of absolutely NO sugar get so dangerously thin. 
(As in all things, check this out for yourself. This information is now being shared in certain cancer clinics. They recommend adding a little sugar to the diet several times a week in the form of sweet fruits, honey, molasses, and maple syrup.) 
Anyway, the point: when a diet is primarily that of processed foods and beverages you can bet its loaded with sugar. 
Is this interfering with the path of electricity (neurotransmitters) in the brain? 
If so, how is our physical and mental health impacted? 
We do know, for just one example, that even a slight change in dopamine can cause hostility and anger.  
Possible example – two women are getting headlines for accosting a 7-year-old boy because he was wearing a MAGA hat- grabbing the hat, punching his mother in the face, and so on. 
A video of all this was taken and went viral. These young women have now been indicted on multiple charges, including hate crime.
Am not saying anything is wrong with their brains. But whatever caused their behavior that day has now altered their lives big time, probably not in a positive direction. Does this indicate a healthy flow of electricity? 
Truth is, we’re seeing plenty of irrational behavior, and not just confined to politics. Check out a few of those true crime videos! (or maybe not) 
The good news: we can choose to be proactive as far as our OWN health goes when it relates to neurotransmitter balance. 
For starters- in the VSA there is now a neurotransmitter assessment for anyone who wants to see where they stand with their OWN electrical pathways. 
It comes from The Edge Effect by Eric Braverman, M.D.  
Simply put T or F next to each statement and you’ll gather information by counting up the T’s when finished as to dominant/deficient neurotransmitters. 
According to Dr. Braverman- and his book is highly recommended reading- balance the most deficient neurotransmitters first. He provides plenty of information on how to go about this, plus you can do some searching online. 
So, if you do the assessment, any category with 5T statements is considered a minor deficiency/early warning. 
6-15 T statements represents a moderate deficiency. 
15+ means there could be a major deficit related to diseases such as Parkinson’s, severe mood disorders, high blood pressure, memory loss, seizure disorders, depression, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, migraines, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, manic depression, and/or anxiety. 
In other words, with 15+ it’s probably time to get your doctor involved. 
If you choose not to fool with doing the assessment, but still have some interest, just start eating more real food, see what happens. 
Because- no telling what we can focus on and then create when our brains aren’t all mucked up. 
With that in mind, next on the list of subject matter is to examine the energy of crystals. There is now technology that confirms that crystals are little computers, so why not investigate how we could work with them via the SRC4U
Also, an interesting point of view on getting insulin under control. Am going to give it a try, will let you know what happens. 

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The SRC4u Software manual is DONE- just being checked over and edited.  
Also, the SRC4u Software group work is now open via ZOOM, 10 AM EST Monday-Friday (click here for more info). 
Anyone curious about what’s coming up in the SRC4u Software sessions can see for themselves and also ask questions about various protocols.  
Meanwhile, on to our current focus: Why are so many things happening in this world that just DON’T MAKE SENSE? 
One recent example- there’s a new book out “In Defense of Looting”, where the author gives all the reasons theft of other peoples’ property is just a new form of activism. She even compares small business owners to slaveholders. 
But then she reminds readers that HER book is copyrighted- don’t steal THAT. 
Some say the core reason for such disjointed thinking could be insulin resistance.  
Who knows- there’s also heavy metal toxicity, the glyphosate not only in our food but even the air-  
(Transform all glyphosate to 528 hertz   9510141)    
-and who knows what else.    
But the overall point – maybe “question” is a better term- with all the RAGE and CONFUSION being expressed by so many – and in ALL walks of life- is something wrong with our BRAINS? 
Maybe it is time to gather some facts on how the brain operates. 
The four domains of brain health are memory, attention, personality, and health. 
How the brain keeps these domains in balance is based on ELECTRICITY, which the body requires to stay alive.  But this electricity is useless without a path to follow. These paths are known as neurotransmitters- primarily dopamine, acetylcholine, gaba and serotonin.  
They must be processed in a specific order and at a certain speed.  
In fact, SPEED of the processing is KEY- the human thinks in 300 milliseconds. BUT if this electrical transfer of information slows down to 400 milliseconds- this is just a slight deviation- one can no longer process logical thoughts. 
Could a massive number of people be losing milliseconds based on a diet of primarily processed, sugary foods and beverages? 
We DO know that everything we put in our mouth first effects the brain. 
So YES, maybe eating REAL FOOD could lead to more of a positive transformation than one could ever imagine. 
For dopamine- foods are dairy products, meats, nuts, fish, eggs, beans, and oats. 
(a few signs of dopamine deficiency – low energy, obesity, anger, hostility, inability to focus, feeling de-motivated, guilty, hopeless, anxious.) 
Acetylcholine- avocado, green leafy vegetables, apples, beets, chocolate, oatmeal, nuts, and seeds 
(acetylcholine is the primary determiner of the SPEED of neurotransmitter processing. Signs of deficiency are poor short- term memory/recall, problems concentrating, slow or confused reasoning) 
Gaba- cruciferous vegetables, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and white beans. 
(gaba deficiency is rare but symptoms include a slowing down of thought and action, hyperactivity, lethargy, seizures and EEG abnormalities.) 
Serotonin- eggs, cooked white beans, oat bran, cooked crab, cooked chicken breast, lamb shoulder, squash, and pumpkin seeds. 
(symptoms of deficiency include sleep problems of all kinds, negative thoughts, generalized anxiety, agitation, lack of focus) 
The new insulin resistance protocol is addressing all this. If accompanied by even a slight change in diet- you get the idea.
As far as SHEN GONG- this term appears often as a theme in SRC4u Software work. It means the subject can work with their MIND to solve whatever issues are being addressed… 
… provided the electricity is flowing. 

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We are engineered to the highest quality specifications to emit LIGHT.

Unfortunately, this Light can be hazardous if used inappropriately. This means we are responsible for using judgment and common sense while operating it.

SO- am not comfortable bringing this up, but doing it anyway…

Certain political and media figureheads insist that Covid 19 is Donald Trump’s fault. Never mind that it is world-wide.

If that’s how data is analyzed, then during Obama’s administration the opioid death rate more than doubled. Each year of his administration it ROSE FURTHER. Look up the numbers for yourself- but they rival COVID.

Did any of these figureheads blame Obama?

THAT would be CRAZY, right?

Why would anyone blame Trump for Covid?

Could it be that we, the masses, powerful generators of energy, capable of just about ANYTHING- have lost the ability to THINK CRITICALLY?

Research does indicate that intelligence has decreased dramatically. A growing number of experts believe this is related to INSULIN-RESISTANCE.

We DO know that even elevations of blood sugar impair cognition. Half of all Americans have diabetes or high blood sugar.   85% are said to be insulin resistant.

But what exactly is insulin resistance? A simple definition- when there is too much insulin in the body, caused by diet or whatever, the cells close receptor sites, as too much insulin is harmful.

This creates a state of INTERNAL STARVATION causing the pancreas to make MORE insulin…a desire for MORE foods that skew insulin. ..and could be why so many are sick, both mentally and physically.

THE GOOD NEWS- with the right materials, which includes what we eat and drink but also thoughts and frequency, we are SELF-REPAIRING.

As for the FOOD AND DRINK part, we’ll touch on that, and there’s plenty more information out there.

When it comes to THOUGHTS- can we start focusing on the world we would like to see?

And frequency- we now have a new SRC4U protocol for stress related to INSULIN RESISTANCE.

This protocol will be in the new manual- which will be completed by September 1. (minus editing.)   Also, on Tuesday, September 1 we will begin regular Zoom meetings, details to follow.

Moving forward- in WHY WE GET SICK by Benjamin Bikman, are 4 primary suggestions for keeping insulin in balance:
Control carbohydrates, prioritize protein, fill with fat, and watch the clock.

We’ll break this down as we go along, but as far as watching the clock, it’s obvious he’s referring to intermittent fasting.

Another suggestion to share today in case anyone wants to get started right away on balancing their insulin: drink a glass of water with 2T raw apple cider vinegar every morning and evening.
Even just this one new habit could be significant.

For example, it turns out, when it comes to hormones, INSULIN IS THE PUPPET MASTER.
Aldosterone, a hormone related to blood pressure, is said to be highly influenced by insulin.
We’re taking 20 hours today to balance stress related to aldosterone!

Also, maybe because my insulin was high- forgot to mention in the last post that there’s a new post on Energy Visionaries Group


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In a world where it sometimes appears as if WUSSIES are in control, maybe it’s time for each of us to ask some basic questions. These first two are INNATE. (Check out how many times they are googled!)


The world view, compliments, primarily, of mainstream education, but also with assistance from the entertainment industry, says we are nothing more than the result of a random evolutionary process. We create our life by our experiences, so LIVE IT UP and, BY ALL MEANS, CONSUME.

BUT- Quantum Science has discovered that the human system is engineered to the highest quality of specifications to emit LIGHT.


A number of these researchers have come to the conclusion that some kind of INTELLIGENCE was involved in all this. Plus, quantum science says there appear to be no accidents, so there’s THAT.

(This could mean EACH OF US is here for a specific purpose.)

The issue might be that something has interfered with our LIGHT.

Could it be as simple as ELEVATED INSULIN?

Benjamin Bitkin is a good source of information on this. His book just came out- WHY WE GET SICK ( He also has a series of videos on

According to Bitkin, 85% of Americans may have insulin resistance.

Medical data seems to validate this. In the last 30 years the number of people with diagnosed diabetes has quadrupled.

More stats, said to be related to insulin resistance- every year, roughly 10 million people die from cancer and 20 million from heart disease around the world.  Then there’s kidney disease, strokes, blindness, nerve damage, amputation, and chronic infections, all said to be related to elevated insulin.

A legitimate question would be “has this impacted our THINKING process also?

After all, 50 million globally have Alzheimer’s disease, sometimes referred to as Diabetes 3.

Not to focus on this…

One reason- too much focusing on what you DO NOT WANT just entangles you with it, often creating MORE.

Instead, just start eating real food!   (84665404)

(The group, today, is only at a 12% resonance with this concept. Our etheric theme is Blood Stagnation,)

But another reason not to focus on this present state of the world – there seems to be a massive AWAKENING in progress.

Maybe Intelligence equipped us with a RESET button, now activated by the chaos we’re seeing.

Which leads to 2 final questions for today-


Maybe it’s time to TRUST THE UNFOLDING while we eat some REAL FOOD.


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WUSS-  (wo͝os)  n. Slang A person regarded as weak, ineffectual, or overly fearful.. Also known as: mean spirited, chicken, yellow, cowardly, fearful, gutless, lily-livered, scared, timid, weak kneed, wimpy,

YOU probably aren’t a WUSS. Still, just to be on the safe side, here are some symptoms:

  • WUSSIES will line up for a COVID-19 vaccination as soon as one is available. They will do NO research because the top 1% tells them vaccinations are GOOD.

Of course, this top 1% – leading authorities in the entertainment and communications industries, education, health care, and whatever else can make massive $$$, prospers while just about everybody else is controlled by DEBT, plus riddled with FEAR.

Speaking of which, it seems mental health is on the decline:

  • (2020: 18.57% of adults in America are experiencing a mental health illness, equivalent to 45 million Americans. 4.38% are experiencing a severe mental illness.)

Back to the vaccination- if Natural Law were followed, the response would be “I’m happy to take this vaccination if you can document that it hasn’t harmed people and that it actually prevents the virus.”

THAT would take care of THAT…

Just a few more WUSS examples-

  • The 1% informs the masses that hydroxychloroquine is BAD, so they investigate no further. Seriously, it was on the NEWS. A WUSS will never know that there is a 79% lower mortality rate in countries that use HCQ, or that leaders in many countries are taking it while telling their people NOT to.

(also, wussies ask NO questions about scientific documentation regarding MASKS)

A few more questions-

How did it become a priority to pay athletes such massive salaries? And, how can they preach about injustices in America while wearing shoes and shirts made by slave labor in China?

Why has the number of dysfunctional cities in America increased so dramatically?

Why can we go to the casino but not church?

And so on.

If we don’t understand the WHY of all this, nothing else will matter.

SO- could any of this chaos be related to what we’ve been eating and drinking?

Specifically, are our brains impaired in some way because of poor nutrition?

Elevation of blood sugar DOES impair cognition, so that’s our next focus, on an etheric level..

BUT- let’s end this post on a positive note.. What’s the opposite of WUSS?

POWERHOUSE  (1471171)

We can choose THAT.

For my part, have decided to get over being a WUSS about regular ZOOM calls. For some reason this intimidates me, but it’s really important for those interested to see what we’re doing every day. Look for them to begin in September. Plus- seriously- the manual is close to being finished…

As far as our group work, at this moment in time we’re managing stress related to KNEES (moving forward?) Words to Ponder are: “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. ”

There’s a new post on Energy Visionaries Group, too- with more codes.


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There’s so much negativity coming from the news.

Plain and simple, my opinion – this is because those who control the media know THOUGHTS CREATE REALITY, especially COLLECTIVE thoughts.

With that in mind, what reality are we being guided towards? Could it be one where we turn our creative power over to THEM?

If this comes to be, there is only one reason:

WHAT equipment?


Along with information on this innate power shared here, there’s another site,  Energy Visionaries Group, where more action steps towards activating this powerful equipment are shared.

A few unpleasant subjects come up from time to time. This is because AWARENESS of present conditions is an integral part of CREATIVE CHANGE.

Such awareness is too much for some to handle. A nice meal, a few drinks or other substance, a little entertainment, you know, FUN, is what they turn to instead.

If you don’t fall in this category, please consider joining a group of Energy Visionaries who are working together with prayer, visualization, dowsing, EFT, the SRC4U, – there are many approaches- to create a world of joy and abundance for all.

We are equipped to do this.

Meanwhile, there are multiple layers to managing stress.

For example, how about bringing some Color Energies into your body with color-charged WATER?

Via the SRC4U, along with the rest of our stress management session,  the group has been receiving a daily charge of color for all beverages consumed.

The entire list that’s scanned is in the VSA, but for today we’re asking for MAGENTA.

Magenta is a cosmic color that relates to cosmic healing abilities. In color therapy it’s used for treating problems related to the brain, infections, and problems of the kidneys and arteries. We’re asking for 10 hours via the supercharger. Etheric, not physical, as you know.

(Color, Magenta Dinshah, 51.00-51.00)

Another way to go about this is to get some colored glass bottles, fill with filtered water and leave in the sun for a day. There’s plenty of information online as to what the various colors represent.

For some time now, every time a post comes up here, one also goes up on Energy Visionaries Group. Today’s is THE PHYSICS OF YOUR SPIRITUALITY

And some interesting news-

Virginia requires immunization for online learning


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Growing numbers are coming to this conclusion.

This would mean working with the AURA, or what is also referred to as the ETHERIC BLUEPRINT would be more significant than physical, a/k/a BODY work.

This is where the SRC4U software comes into play. With consistent scans, blockages on the etheric level can be identified and then cleared.

(A basic scan/ protocol for this is now posted in the Virtual Spa Academy (Scan for Detecting Negative Energy on an Auric Level). The idea is to get information on the part of the aura most stressed as it relates to the body…around the head, chest, abdomen or back.)

A recent scan for the group indicated weakness in the aura surrounding the chest:

  • Head containing 3463 Options
  • Chest containing 0 Options
  • Abdomen containing 3296 Options
  • Back containing 4274 Options

A further breakdown – and, again, the entire scan/protocol is in the VSA – Indicated stress related to the PANCREAS. The culprit? According to the initial scan, SUGAR.

BUT WAIT- sugar is just one of the VISIBLE culprits. It turns out that NEGATIVE THOUGHT FORMS are the ROOT OF ALL STRESS.

In this Age of Information, we can look up what thoughts related to the PANCREAS have been identified as. SO-

In Sheila Hollingshead’s excellent book, “ENERGY THERAPY, Healing Your Life and Body”, the key thought forms related to the pancreas are said to be NOT WORTHY, NOT WORTHWHILE, WORTHLESS.

In the EMOTIONS SCANNER, here’s how this breaks down. We asked for 4 hours to manage the stress:

Related to NOT WORTHY
Degeneration (Environmental)
Chakra 1st Chakra Root Base Root Chakra (Emotional)
General Stress (Wuji, Unknown)
Bones (Imposed)
Pancreas (Physical)
Related to WORTHLESS
Confliction (Spiritual)
Possession (Mega) (Emotional)

If you’re starting to realize that negative thought forms, because they lower voltage, are the root source cause for ANY and ALL problems in life, physical or otherwise, you’re on the right track.

THIS IS WHY it’s so important to become aware of what we’re REALLY thinking. The SRC4U software can make this information visible.

Something else to think about- there is a group that has always understood that thoughts create.   It could be they’ve been manipulating our thoughts for EONS, even more successfully with the advent of technology such as TEL-A-VISION.

More food (but not sugar) for thought –– FLEX YOUR SPIRITUAL MUSCLES


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Science now can demonstrate that every color vibration has an impact on ALL physical systems and organs of the body.

Here are a just 3 examples of what experts such as Charles Kotsche, in his book Color Medicine, say color can do: (and without side effects!)

Reduce dependence on modern medicine

Raise metabolism to control weight

Revere damage caused by cigarettes or asbestos

The SRC4U has a Light Tool that works with color therapy. So, while learning more is great (learning about ANYTHING increases neurons) we can also just let the SRC4U handle it.

For example, I have a friend who, out of the blue, has developed severe pain in the back of one knee. Yes, she’ll see a doctor. But also, I pulled up the Light Therapy panel, typed in her name, area (knee) and issue (pain) and hit auto.

For 21 hours she’ll receive 558 nm yellow, 646 nm red, and 1328 nm infrared.

But what does this MEAN?

Well, we have two systems of the body that must be kept in balance- the anabolic and the catabolic.

Anabolic is about restoring and strengthening. Catabolic is about eliminating toxins and waste materials.

A quick online search indicates red/infra-red/yellow assists in building red blood and balancing the liver, which would seem make it anabolic.

However, yellow by itself stimulates the lymphatic system, which means it could also have some catabolic value in that the lymphatic system can be compared to “little garbage cans” throughout the body.

Anyway, all this made me think of my dog Sprout- my BABY- who just had his second yearly checkup.

Everything is good except, both last year and again this year, he has something called elevated ALT. (the numbers are lower this year, but still need to be monitored.)

Elevated ALT is an early indication of liver problems.

Upon getting this report he was put right into Light Therapy – Sprout, Liver, Elevated ALT, AUTO. He requested, etherically of course, all red, and went for 22 hours. Today he went back in and is asking for several different red frequencies- but now 662 nm of orange, also a stimulating color, has been added.. He’s going this time for 19 hours.

As you might guess, the group often gets Light/Color therapy. Today we’re asking for 12 hours of 2 different frequencies of infra-red, 771 and 841, 2 of green, 513 and 501, and 385 nm blue UV

We already know about red (anabolic) but blue is said to activate the catabolic (for example, the spleen, where older blood cells are eliminated) and green is said to be a combination of anabolic and catabolic.

Green can also be used for the pituitary, which is the master gland.

Dinesh had a special understanding of color medicine- in my case, I’ll do the best I can, and work with the SRC4U Light Tool.

There’s more to cover, like colors in the AURA, which are next on our list.

And why bother with all this? Well, the one creating your reality happens to be YOU- so maybe a little color therapy along the way wouldn’t hurt.

Meanwhile, there’s a new post on

This one may get me in some hot water- but am just sharing some thoughts, so DON’T COME FOR ME


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The human body is a network of higher and lower energy patterns, some measurable by software such as the SRC4U.

These patterns are constantly shifting.  It’s when they are BLOCKED that problems manifest. The key to healing is to re-route or clear blocked energy.

Colo therapy is cutting edge when it comes to this. There are many ways to work with it, including the SRC4U.

One of the most powerful forms of color therapy may have been the Spectro-Chrome, invented in the early 1900s by a physician from India who had specialized in medical electricity and chromopathy. He was best known as “Dinshah”.

In 1897 Dinshah demonstrated his specialty – shining light through color- by saving the life of a woman who had been given up on by her orthodox physicians and was supposedly hours away from death. He applied colored light directly to her nude body, using a blue colored glass bottle and light from a kerosene lantern for illumination.

Later he invented a more sophisticated way to do this- the Spectro-Chrome. The colors in this device were green, yellow, red, violet, blue, indigo, turquoise, lemon, orange, scarlet and purple. According to a chart:

(and the information makes sense. Color is simply frequency. In every organ there is a frequency level that it best functions at. Any departure can result in pathology)

Anyway- according to the chart that came with the device –

  • Green was said to be a pituitary stimulant, germicide, and muscle builder
  • Yellow – helps with digestion and nerves
  • Red – a liver energizer and blood builder
  • Violet – a cardiac depressant
  • Blue – a vitality builder
  • Indigo – a hemostatic (prevents and stops bleeding)
  • Turquoise – a tonic
  • Lemon – a bone builder
  • Orange- an emetic (causes vomiting)
  • Scarlet- a genital excitant
  • Purple- an anti- malarial

Do your own research, but records indicate that Specto-Chrome was highly effective. But, unfortunately, in 1951, the FBI destroyed all the machines, and put Dinshah in prison for 3 years. To this day there’s a Federal Injunction against the Specto-Chrome.

Maybe Dinshah got in such trouble because he was too much of a visionary, demonstrating that medical approaches that address only the physical might not be the best approach to health and well – being.

(And, speaking of visionaries- there are several new posts on Energy Visionaries Group)

More on color therapy in the next post. Meanwhile for the group work today our theme is hips, stress factor is herniations, and resistance/confliction is knees.

When that was entered into our color/light therapy tool the colors selected were:

  • 776nm Infra-red
  • 1107nm Infra-red
  • 952nm Infra-red
  • 1069nm Infra-red
  • 661nm Orange
  • 963nm Infra-red
  • 970nm Infra-red
  • 550nm-600nm Yellow

We’re asking for 15 hours. All etheric, not physical


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Ever hear of Ground Penetrating Radar? It uses electromagnetic waves to probe beneath the ground’s surface and then displays the results on a computer screen.

What we’re doing with the SRC4U Software isn’t all that different, except that we’re probing what’s beneath OUR surface.

That being the case, over the past week the SRC4U/computer screen has indicated, for the group, emotional/mental/spiritual stress related to  “poor attitude, no energy to get back up, and projecting self-hatred onto others”- along with physical stress related to infection and vitamin deficiency.

Events – national and international- could be creating some disruption in our energy fields.

But- when SRC4U stress management is done consistently – which ours is — such disruption can be cleared. This leads to increased voltage/consciousness, which correlates with self-healing.

(PLUS- with higher voltage/consciousness comes the realization that there are solutions to all problems)

This kind of work is accelerated by a few lifestyle changes which, ironically, people seem to be drawn to as consciousness rises. Eating real food, more reading, and …

… changes in perception as to how the healing process may really work.

With this in mind, consider giving IMAGE CYCLING a try. It’s been mentioned in the last couple of posts. But to recap- because, especially in these times,  it could be IMPORTANT, here are the steps.

(This will take time to set up- at least it does for most people)

  1. Make a list of 20 things you would like to have- possessions, events, or situations desired.
  2. Assign each image a word
  3. Memorize the list/words..
  4. When feeling overwhelmed by ANY emotion, spin the images in your mind. With practice it will take only a few seconds to cycle the entire list.

The point of such madness?

Well- imaging cycling has been seen to align the person doing it with a physical healing. Plus, they seem to manifest the images.

(Could it be that we’re part of a powerful/intelligent web of energy, set in place for us to THRIVE,  if we could just get certain emotions out of the way?)

This site will provide more information from time to time, but the best way to move forward is to simply do a search for- Bengston Image Cycling.  There’s a wealth of information available.

Meanwhile, let’s add another dimension by COLORING the images- which Bengston recommends.

Color Therapy is CUTTING EDGE, and there’s a lot of information to cover as to why this is so beneficial.

Also – hopefully any “energy visionaries” out there are doing some SRC4U stress managementon Planet Earth as outlined on

More codes will be added soon. Right now we’re still focused on the As.

And, in reference to codes,a few that came up in today’s scan- points of stress, etheric, not physical, are posted for future use for those interested.

Another day to celebrate being OVER the ground-

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Something to consider about the present- day chaos: According to quantum science, our external reality is just a projection of whatever FILM is being played from within us.

That means, collectively, (probably personally also) it could be time for some re-editing.

This can only be done through the HEART. That’s where we store all “films”. These films can’t ever be erased, by the way – they must be REPLACED.

Instructions for one way to go about this are in the last post- WE LIVE IN A BAND OF FREQUENCY

The first step is to make a list of 20 things you would like to see as a part of your reality, then form an IMAGE for each. After that we’re going to do some IMAGE CYCLING as outlined in THE ENERGY CURE by Dr. William Bengston. (full instructions will be covered here, but the book is also a good read and on

A few people let me know they were excited about this- but are having trouble getting the list together. This could be because their DIRECTOR, known as the EGO, doesn’t think it can learn a new script.

BUT- – just keep making that list and creating the images. The next step is to give each image a WORD.

For example- I would like a new roof. The image is set in my mind, and the word is DRY.

(just 19 more to go now)

Another thought- some COLOR could be added to these images.

Color vibrations work as electrical transformers.

SO – my roof image will be BRIGHT GREEN, which means:

  • Individualism, regenerative energy, independence, freedom, success, prosperity, healing, versatility, adaptation, and thoughtfulness.

We’ll go into more detail on all this-

Meanwhile, notes from the last few sessions-

We’re focused on meridians and points, with a focus on the ankles, toes, and liver.

There’s stress related to “automatic unconscious speaking”- we came in at 94% stress level on that. Right after it came up someone called and the first words out of their mouth were “I’m such an idiot”- which is a prime example of automatic unconscious speaking that we want to eliminate.

Moving on-

We requested Gods healing number 9403139 and EXTREME DIVINE FAVOR.

“Extreme Divine favor” sounds pretty good, so scanned to see if we could pull the MASTERY in on this. (with the Mastery we can let a program run for up to 90 days.)

There was high resonance to run it for 59 days. This means every day we’ll be running the “extreme Divine favor” theme in the background along with our other work.

Finally, there’s a new post on – Together We Can Make A Difference.

Am sharing some codes that could be used via the SRC4U to help heal Planet Earth. The list is LONG, so will go from A-Z, starting with A.

And one final thought-the MIND might think concepts like IMAGE CYCLING and sending CODES to Planet Earth are CRAZY.

But, looking around- maybe it’s time to start following the HEART.


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The screen cast just isn’t linking up to the blog. I’ve tried every which-way, as has my technical assistant. This is strange because a) cathydslaght.comhas used this service for years and b) the service has not responded to any support requests.

The ZOOM isn’t working, either.

In the quantum world they say there are no accidents.

So, maybe the scans have gotten so detailed that our work could be misinterpreted as “medical”. That would be inappropriate. We’re just clearing stress from the energy fields that surround us.

Don’t underestimate the power of this work, though.

Science demonstrates that we’re part of a possibly infinite informational field with data on everything necessary to thrive. Stress is what blocks access.

My opinion, because of years of “stress management work”, is that we’re meant to have this access, and that NOTHING has the impact of energy when it comes to restoring it .

However, the work is subtle, so takes consistency.

That’s why every morning, 7 days a week, the group gets a full clearing session.

From this point only the theme and a few highlights will be posted. If you want details, call or email.  (Or- you may hear from me, as, because of the “pandemic”, now group members are also scanned individually each day to see if anyone is in need of “extra” stress management.)

Meanwhile, we’re in what appears, via the 5 senses, to be a time of chaos.

The Ancients predicted all this, but had a different outlook, referring to these times as THE GREAT AWAKENING.

This “awakening” involves a major shift in awareness, one that many may not be willing to experience.  If you’re one of the few who ARE- here are some signs you’re on the path, along with our overall group resonance:

  • Living in a state of gratitude   64%
  • Attracting positive synchronicities   91% (!!!)
  • Being fearless   63%
  • Becoming ego-less   59%
  • The ability to do or have what is needed   31%
  • Opening up to imagination   33%
  • Well informed and researched   72%
  • Unconditional love   67%
  • And what coordinates all this?


From reading Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, it seems we may have been given some misinformation about the heart on a physical level.

But, let’s not get into that right now.  (plenty of research available, anyway, for those of you in involved in the awakening.)

We’re going to focus on how the HEART works with the Cosmos to create our life as we know it.

If you want to experiment with the information that will be shared, over the next couple of days make a list of 20 things you would like to see as a part of your life.

These items must be for only you-

Write them down, form an image of each item,  and then memorize the entire list.

Our focus for today, etheric not physical, is stress related to the small intestine.

And, in place of the screen cast-


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