Could it be that all those self-improvement books/classes have added up to just a bunch of nothing because – with all the heavy metals in the environment- our THINKING has become muddled?

Can these metals get into the BRAIN?

If so- is this why so many can’t focus, or make decisions and stick with them? Is it related to being absent minded, or naive? How about emotions- could heavy metals be a factor in all the emotional chaos we’re seeing?

(We DO have some back-up on this emotions correlation. A quick google search says mercury related stress is related to mood swings, nervousness, irritability and other emotional changes.)

The proper term for all this is mild cognitive impairment. (24% stress for the group at this moment in time.)

Beyond that- what about the rise in numbers of children with neurological problems-  autism, which has skyrocketed, or MS- also said to be associated with heavy metals.

( MS is sometimes classified as an autoimmune disease, in that it’s going after fatty tissues that protect the nerves. But guess what heavy metals migrate to first- fatty tissues.)

Then there’s our everyday reality creation- what are we pulling IN? Here’s a video that demonstrates what mercury can do to neurons- It didn’t exactly go viral-


Anyway, it’s good to know the FDA heavily monitors the amount of heavy metals in the environment. So what if there have been a few checks going back and forth between certain members of the FDA and groups related to dentistry, pharmaceuticals, companies that dump toxic metals in the ocean so fish may be loaded with mercury…

For now let’s just give thanks for the contrast, and find solutions.

Plenty of information online- but it looks like vitamin E can be a hero.

Don’t just buy a supplement, though. Nature has 8 forms of vitamin E- most supplements only have 1.

Instead, get it in food form. Again, plenty of information online as to which foods. Nuts seem to be a good source, and foods rich in color, especially the color PURPLE, like grapes and blueberries.

Somewhere I read that grapes in particular, because their environment can be challenging, develop polyphenols to balance this out. When we then eat them, the polyphenols help US with environmental stress too.

So, for our stress management session today-

There was a 98% benefit of having a 90 day Mastery series focused on stress related to heavy metals.

With the P4, we just wanted The Wonder Click and a Switchword scan.

Via the Pro Tools we requested the Light Panel, Super Charter, Field Generator and Elemental Scanner.

As far as switchwords- somehow these things WORK. They are said to join the right and left hemispheres of the brain when spoken or even just written.

We didn’t have just one choice, but FOUR-

  • CRISP—dispel fatigue; feel refreshed; revitalize, enhance; rejuvenate; brighten containing 0 Options
  • DARLING—be warm and accepting; bring a smile; soften the heart containing 0 Options
  • FLAME—extend; radiate warmth and light containing 0 Options
  • FLOWER—Flourish, open up your inner beauty containing 0 Options

Maybe a sentence such as- “ I am a crisp darling with a flame and a flower” or “flames and flowers make a darling crisp” or maybe it’s best just to say the words separately, and quietly, to yourself.

Otherwise it might seem you’re experiencing a mild cognitive impairment moment.

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The unconscious mind- NOT the conscious- shapes destiny.

And yes, most of us already understand this.

That’s the EASY part.

The HARD part appears to be getting control of what the subconscious mind is UP to.

All those thoughts lurking under the surface…creating reality without permission…


What if it turned out your thoughts weren’t exactly coming from YOU?

Seriously- what if the ENVIRONMENT- your physical surroundings, the people you choose to have relationships with, the information you let in, what you eat and drink, various medications/supplements, even the music you listen to- not to mention various addictions (technology, stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol etc.) …

…has made it much more difficult to exert free will concerning YOUR OWN thoughts?

That’s what Benjamin Hardy says in Willpower Doesn’t Work.

You are, he says, what you are because of your environment.

This means the only way to truly change is to make some changes in THAT area.

Some changes can be small, others may be extreme- for example, it’s been said that “we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.” But it’s not that simple- it turns out we are the average of the five people our five friends spend the most time with.

It’s called a negative secondary connection.

  • (94% stress today for the group)

So, an extreme change might be to step away from certain relationships.

A SMALL change might be to start wearing some different clothes.

Anyway, the book makes sense for those willing to face a few things head on, such as:

  • idleness (43% stress today for group)
  • wastefulness (78%)
  • bad habits (81%)
  • addictions (13%)
  • instant gratifications (68%)
  • distractions (80%)

Who willingly designs their life like this?

And- what if one result of clearing some of this stress on an individual basis actually had a positive effect on the WORLD.

(it DOES work that way, some say.)

So –

Is it possible the environment is interfering with free will? Just one example- has checking the smart phone become so automatic that distractions are now ingrained subconsciously? And so on.

Apparently we need some stress-management concerning this.

BUT- I had no idea where to start.

Then today’s group scan gave a clue. We requested the Pescatore Protocol- if you have the software and would like a copy let me know- cathyslaght@live.com –

Anyway, you’ll see in the screen cast that part of the protocol is testing for stress related to mercury toxicity, and we tested at 100%.

It’s well documented via scientific research that this can influence the mind.

Getting more information could:be significant, since this is the system that creates our beliefs.

Today’s scan, etheric, not physical

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This past 5 weeks has been, for me, devoted to clarifying the purpose of our work with the SRC4U. This involved backing off from daily posts and instead putting a basic manual together for those who wish to work with the software.

(The manual is still in the process of being approved by GMD, at which point it will be available. In the meantime we’re back to regular posts.)

A few asked why I’d want to encourage others to have their own software. “Won’t you lose clients?”, they asked.

But this kind of thinking could be the source of many problems.

For example, read World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin. It’s available in PDF form on scribd.com OR the audio book is on youtube.com

Griffin was put in prison for writing this book.

It seems there are those who didn’t want to reveal the TRUE results of studies on vitamin B17 as it relates to cancer . Come to your own conclusion on this, but the book is highly thought provoking.

(Cancer is a big money maker- no argument there, right?)

But back to thoughts-

The primary realization I’ve come to over the last 5 weeks is that regardless of WHAT a person does to improve their life- mainstream, alternative, a combination- if they don’t get a handle on UNCONSCIOUS thinking patterns they’re probably wasting time and money.

Point being, it’s all there- your heart’s desires- waiting to be tapped into from surrounding fields of informational energy.

The “tapping” is done primarily through unconscious thoughts.

Think about it this way- we’re far more vibrational than physical. Our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, shape that vibration.

The challenge – look at the ratio: conscious thoughts do only .1% of the shaping, unconscious thoughts the other 99.9%

So here we are- many of us, anyway- clarifying conscious thoughts, focusing, and so on, with little true awareness of what’s going on under the surface.

That’s right- literally beaming, 24/7 signals towards our future experiences- with the freedom to choose which signals are sent – and yet somehow – well-

– seriously- anybody purposely beaming up thoughts of War? Disease? Heartbreak? Misery in ANY form?

Didn’t think so.

Was searching for a better way to work with the SRC4U concerning this.

Meanwhile, over the past 5 weeks a new routine for the daily group work came together. Part of it – which was initially a surprise to me personally- was that this new approach involved more work with flower essences. (it kept showing up in the scans.)

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks- flower essences work on stress related to unconscious thinking patterns! Scan a list of flower essences, see which are most needed for stress management- and up comes some powerful information on non-beneficial thinking patterns.

CLEAR those patterns, both with personal awareness and the technology of the SRC, then send in energy of what IS desired.

And yes, I’ve been experimenting with this and getting some powerful results.

In today’s screencast you’ll see how this might be worked with on a regular basis.

But another thought- sometimes contrast, in other words creating what we DO NOT want, can lead to a powerful awakening.

So, let’s give thanks for the contrasts.

Etheric, not physical

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RE-SET YOUR FUTURE  by Cathy D. Slaght

I’ve been making every effort to complete a new manual for the SRC4YOU.

The deadline- self-imposed – was August 31, but it came and went.

What happened? The more I learned about what’s really gone into the software, the more determined I became to get the information across so more people would USE it.

This means there’s been some writing and re-writing. At least a few more days are necessary.

The main idea – an open, questioning mind learns and grows. That’s the opportunity the SRC4YOU software presents for those willing to look beneath the surface of “reality”.

Our mainstream educational system doesn’t encourage this kind of learning. It’s designed to churn out workers, not thinkers.

(Workers must take orders and memorize whatever dogma their bosses hand down.)

There are other controllers, of course. Mass media, religion, politics, mainstream medicine, etc. seem hell-bent on creating a society where people really don’t want to think on their own.

This short-circuits energy, individually and collectively, creating co-dependence.

If you choose to step out of this paradigm and tap into your own power- which the SRC4YOU is designed to assist with- your own reality can be RE-SET.

It’s a choice- we have chosen to be where we are right now.

Maybe it’s time for a new direction.

As soon as the manual is finished the regular posts will resume.

There’s a lot to share.

For example, now we’re working on clearing MIND VIRUSES…

…which means I should be saying “MY Mass media, religion, politics, mainstream medicine seem hell-bent on creating a society where I really don’t want to think on MY own.”

(in making it part of MY creation, I can choose to change it, according to the author of Decoding the Mind Matrix.)

We’ve been de-stressing the chakra system every day, but also, there’s a new protocol in today’s session.  AND, look closely, it appears that heavy metals may have played a part in the Mind Virus scenario.

Etheric, not physical

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Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrom on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

In other words, he believed such a feat was possible with the right tools.

So- could we work with a tool known as the SRC4YOU to manage stress related to Hurricane Dorian?

A protocol from Ray:

  • Name…here
  • Primary Situation…Can you help me in All ways to the root source cause of Dorian
  • Optimize and hit Wonder Click

Tool Tabs… Shen Tool
Option…This is me and my area completely protected from any negative effects of Dorian.


  • Name…here
  • Protocol Type…User Selection Q & A
  • Action…Deflect for Maximum Protection
  • Option…Whatever is needed to deflect Dorian
  • here
  • field type…inhospitable to Dorian’
  • texture…pulsing
  • strength…extreme
  • size…maximum
  • SUPER CHARGER (Permanent (50+) ..KEEP REPEATING)
  • charge an object…my location
  • Options…Miracles of God protection

Here’s how it would look, etheric, not physical-

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The original plan, after the last post, was to now investigate ways to clear “viruses” that have somehow entered our energy field.

(it’s an interesting concept, being that our human system has such similarity to a computer system)

Anyway- these viruses- referred to as “mind viruses” in the book “Decoding the Matrix Language” are said to operate within or affect certain chakras.

Their purpose is to distort perceptions of life.

According to the author, Travis Barros, they can be cleared with WORDS.

“Words,” he says, “are containers of energy. Each letter is a symbol. Your words create energy patterns that create specific experiences. When you come to the realization of this you can make a decision to change your words.”

NOTE – he says the English language is infiltrated with many viruses.

Anyway- starting with the root chakra-

The root chakra is the ICAN domain. The virus is DISCONNECT.

Being that we are connected to a field containing all the information we need to thrive the result of this disconnection is NO PERSONAL POWER.

A shift in words,, says Barros, will correct this.

Words to avoid- they, those, them, those, it.

Example: A woman says “no matter where I go, the guys are all jerks. I can’t seem to get away from them.”

(What a ridiculous example, who would ever say such a thing)

Regardless, the words that need to be changed are THE and THEM.

Say “no matter where I go, my guys are all jerks, and I can’t seem to get away from my guys.”

The rationale behind this-

You can only change what you believe to be yours. Using the word MY connects you to the experience.

It is only possible to change what YOU have created.

But there’s something else to think about-

Why will most people who come across information like this end up making NO changes?  (and keep attracting jerks, or whatever else it is that’s painful.)

Well- we may have to look at our environment.

Seriously – who can think about personal transformation when they’ve haven’t had their coffee, or have a bunch of unread emails, calls and texts coming in on the smart phone, and so on.  It’s all they can do to even grab something with enough carbs and sugar to get them through the day!

Get it? Are we in such constant stress – because of our environment-that we can’t even BEGIN to make changes?

Worth looking in to-

Today’s scan- etheric not physical- also, still working on the Mind VIRUS protocol-

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A friend says she reads complicated books by going backwards, starting with the LAST chapter.

Was thinking about this in terms of REALITY CREATION.

Because-if we really create through IMAGINATION, it must be somewhat of a complicated process, in that many seem to be creating what they DO NOT want.

Why not give this backwards approach a shot with THAT?

SO – according to quantum science, we’re surrounded by a field of information. Every possibility exists.

We operate as powerful computers, designed to pull in what we need.

YES- Just like a man-made computer pulls in information from the world-wide web based on what’s typed in the tool bar, WE do the same.

OUR TYPING is our IMAGINATION, which then leads to words and thoughts.

This means every time we think or say something it’s the same as searching for it in our cosmic tool bar.

(For the majority, the awareness of this is non-existent.)

Anyway, as if this isn’t enough of a challenge – 99.9% of what’s being “typed” is coming from the INNER (subconscious) mind – probably based on programming.

There’s always a solution – remember Natural Law

BUT, each of us is a different energetic pattern, so the same techniques don’t work for everybody, which is why we keep gathering knowledge.

There’s a great little book, though, “Decoding the Matrix Language” by Travis Barros…that might have information that would help ALL of us.

Following the “human computer” analogy, the author says each of our chakras is a DOMAIN and that these “chakras/domains” have been loaded up with VIRUSES that short-circuit our energy.

These viruses influence our INNER thoughts and words- but we have no awareness, so continue to mis-create.

To shift this, i.e. the INNER, we start with the OUTER. Specifically, our WORDS.

(Am working on an SRC protocol to assist with this, but also over the next few days will discuss some 3D actions that are necessary.)

Meanwhile here’s Barros’s breakdown:

  • The root chakra’s “domain” is ICAN.COM. The “virus” is DISCONNECT
  • Sacral chakra- ICREATE.COM, virus is DELETION
  • Solar plexus- IWILL.COM, virus is NON-CONFIDENCE
  • Heart chakra- ILOVE.COM, virus is LACK OF CAPACITY
  • Throat chakra- IEXPRESS.COM, virus is NOT
  • Third eye chakra- IHAVE.COM, virus is CONTINGENCY
  • Crown chakra- IAM.COM, virus is TWO POWERS

As far as our group work over the last few days, we continue to follow the new scanning protocol. What’s interesting is that these new -style sessions go much longer- most recently we’ve been focused on stress related to the lungs, circulation, and cardiac muscle.

Cocktails requested: A healing, Physical, and Raymon Grace Remove and Balance.

And just a mention – we’ve been requesting stress management related to pregnancy. Just so you know, the word pregnancy means “full of promise”.

Today’s work- etheric, not physical

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