People aren’t always sure what’s happening with the SRC- but if I ask, “can I send you some energy?”- they nearly always say yes! Because…

…most of us want more energy.

And- Energy/Stamina is what we’ve been focused on for the past few days.

According to the TAO philosophy, one wants to do AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE to achieve this- or to achieve ANYTHING, for that matter.

Just work with Natural Law while sending clear, direct messages to the etheric field

Sounds like a job for the SRC.

But, no matter how you go about it- device, technique, practitioner- what’s really happening is that the powerful self-healing ability of the body is being re-awakened.

Still, where to start?

With the SRC, the following list could be scanned to get some direction-

  • Emotions-
  • External-
  • Constitution, heredity,
  • Trauma/injury/surgery
  • Parasites, poisons, epidemics
  • Wrong treatments
  • Lifestyle

That’s what was done for the group today –

As you can see from the results below, there’s some stress from WRONG TREATMENTS, followed by stress related to EMOTIONS.

  • Emotions- containing 852 Options
  • External- containing 2055 Options
  • Constitution, heredity, containing 4880 Options
  • Trauma/injury/surgery containing 6861 Options
  • Parasites, poisons, epidemics containing 6092 Options
  • Wrong treatments containing 470 Options
  • Lifestyle- containing 6033 Options

We’re doing The Wonder Click on “wrong treatments”- who knows what that really means- but also, some acupoints are being checked via the SRC to see what level of spiritual stress might be involved.

(The list of acupoints along with their specific roles related to spiritual stress is in the VSA)


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DONE WITH BAND-AIDS? by Cathy D. Slaght

In today’s screen cast you’ll see that we’re still receiving stress management related to not “living in TAO”. Apparently the top 10 issues keeping us from this at this time are:

  • Family issues
  • Habits
  • Relationship issues
  • 12 entry points
  • Female
  • Large intestine
  • Legs and feet
  • Lung disharmony
  • Phlegm
  • Replenish

These are running in the issue solver for 71 hours- and, per our energetic request, 5x in a row!

As a friend said – holy moly!

And something to think about- what if “not living in the TAO” really boils down to stress related to emotional trauma?

What if that’s the CORE reason so many are hooked on sugar, or draining there energy in other ways?

Truth be known, we’re not consciously aware of what’s driving us emotionally.

And yet emotional trauma- even more so when it’s from childhood – is said to effect one’s health for the rest of their life, because it creates blocks in the energy field/ blueprint..

(This may be a bigger factor than environmental toxins.)

What if the way to clear this type of stress is NOT to fight it, or put a band-aid on it via talk therapy, medications, tons of supplements, exercise, and so on-

  • But to follow the TAO approach?

For example – work subtly, on a frequency level.

All forms of stress are electromagnetic, which means they have a measurable charge.

That’s why technology such as the SRC can be so beneficial. Working below the surface it can access information that might not be available any other way, and then help to balance out” charges that have distorted the blueprint.

There are many ways to go about this that should be brought into our awareness.

For example- have you ever wondered why people pray on their KNEES?

Was reading the book by Hanna Kroeger and she mentions that right below the kneecaps are the points that balance the nervous system! Kneeling- or, as they sometimes do when traveling to the healing shrines- “approaching on one’s knees”- may be a way to balance the nervous system!

And- the friend who said “holy moly” is an acupuncturist who happens to be visiting. She says the Bladder 40 point, which is behind the knees, fights infection!

Who knew?


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Any time we have an issue with another person or situation it very well could be OUR energy creating the problem.

So-in terms of SUGAR – no need to figure out how most of our food got loaded up with it, who to blame, and so on.

Point is, most of us are addicted.  It’s time to get past this, unless we prefer to see our species wiped out by a host of infections.

(According to Sarah Myhill, in The Infection Game, this wipe-out scenario is entirely possible.)

Fortunately, we’re SURROUNDED by a frequency system of solutions.

The Chinese referred to this as the Web of Life. (we’ve called it Absolute Intelligence)

The order of this web, they said, was extraordinarily complex, a mystery. But an integral part of it was something called TAO (pronounced DOW).

TAO was “the way to go”, the way to liberation. The knowledge was secret, only for Rulers.

AND- it was a direct opposite of Western Philosophy.

The emphasis was on living with VIRTUE/BALANCE – which involved:

  • Being passive but not weak
  • Enjoying life just as it comes
  • Letting life unfold without forcing matters.
  • Living with nature
  • Having a clear mind and open heart
  • Trusting human nature
  • Staying out of one’s own way
  • Following Natural Law
  • Being playful
  • Having a sense of humor
  • Being unobtrusive
  • Being spontaneous
  • For the men- retaining a certain element of feminine energy

Some qualities which could make one’s virtue STINK-

  • Forcing conclusions
  • Opposing strength with strength
  • Being self-conscious
  • Chronic tension
  • Being too consistent
  • Bothered by what other people think or say
  • Being self-centered.

SO- could living in TAO help beat sugar addiction?

Well, FORCING things doesn’t seem to work out most of the time-

(Someone once said, “The only good thing about a diet is that it works up a wonderful appetite.”)

So, for today, we’re checking our TAO-


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There’s so much information out there about “Loving Self”- our innate power to create with thoughts – etc.

SO, in this AGE OF INFORMATION, why haven’t we pulled it all together to create “Heaven On Earth”- personally, collectively…

…seriously, in terms of those who have their basic needs met, which is MOST of us- why aren’t we moving things UP?

Hold that thought-

Many of us could be walking around with one or more low-grade infections.

Could this have lowered voltage, personally and collectively, to a point where our primary resonance is with LOWER-VIBRATORY thoughts?

You know what that would mean-

Am thinking about this because yesterday, related to our work on energy/stamina, we began to highlight stress related to INFECTION.

The Mastery is now set to run 90 days for this.

But wait- we have plenty of drugs and vaccinations to protect us, right?


Something about antibiotic resistance…

Maybe it’s time to use our powerful BRAINS, look for some additional solutions.

For starters, it turns out we have a fantastic immune system which shares many attributes with the brain! It’s intelligent, makes decisions- so here’s the issue:

Our immune systems seem to be going downhill.

Microbes that have co-existed peacefully with us (for however many years we’ve been on the planet) are now causing SERIOUS infections.

Something’s wrong.

According to an increasing number of experts, it’s our high carbohydrate diets.

Specifically, SUGAR.

How can we solve this problem? We don’t want to just TALK about it- which would only bring in more of the same.

As a point in the right direction, this morning a friend called- she’s been substitute teaching, we haven’t talked in a while.

First thing she mentioned- a concern about how much SUGAR our children are getting at school.

They’re being LOADED UP.

Are teachers/caregivers INTENTIONALLY setting children up for a lifetime of addiction and disease?

Of course not.

It could be they’re just CLUELESS about what sugar/processed carbs do to the body…maybe addicts themselves.

In other words- as far as sugar goes- it could be that a bunch of CLUELESS people are in control of our CHILDREN.

To begin to solve this problem- and it’s SERIOUS – there’s only one step each of us can take.

Eliminate sugar/processed foods from our OWN diets.

Without that, apparently no other step really matters.


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FROM MISERY TO MAGIC? by Cathy D. Slaght

This morning an out-of-town friend called to let me know she’s just about at the end of her rope.

First, her dog- and she adores this dog, which I, for one, completely understand – is seriously ill.

She’s been to several vets, spending a small fortune. But, so far, they all say there’s little that can be done. The dog is older and appears to be suffering from heart problems related to Lyme disease.

As if this isn’t enough-so much else is going wrong. Her car, computer, various appliances…continue to break down. Some days even her phone won’t work. Plus, she feels a lack of emotional support.

Yesterday we talked about her trying that Hanna Kroeger exercise – (Making God’s Love Visible post) but she didn’t get around to it.


Today ran something else by her-


A neuroscientist can best explain why – but, in layman’s terms-

  • The more you talk about something the more certain neural net pathways in the brain will continue to PULL IN MORE OF THE SAME.

The solution is simple: If you don’t want it to continue, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

Otherwise, it’s much like struggling in quicksand.

And then –

There’s a great little book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On it”

The author- Kamal Ravikant- talks about the profound transformation he experienced- and this was while he was at one of the lowest points of his life- when he began to say to himself, repeatedly, “I Love Myself.”

He says it took about a month to go from “misery to magic”

The “magic” came in the form of opportunities, relationships, and so on. Oh- and optimal health, joy…

As he explained it, “Life started loving him back.”

He did the “I Love Myself” in the form of a mantra while meditating.

BUT- I suggested she do it for 10 minutes a day while tapping her thymus, because all this stress is starting to make her physically ill.

Speaking of which- we continue to receive codes for energy/stamina. Now, moving into The Wonder Click, our theme is infection.

So- was ready to focus on managing stress related to PTSD-  but maybe we’ll take a short detour-


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We’re still receiving Qi Gong energy, a/k/a stress-management, for energy/stamina- today the theme is SHOULDERS. Also, some codes were dowsed in for stress related to PSTD -post traumatic stress disorder.

This may not be, technically, a DISORDER, but the brain’s reordering of sensory pathways to process trauma.

This can create some stress – a few examples – sleep disorders, lashing out at others, substance abuse, obesity, isolation, anxiety, depression…

Those going through it typically won’t talk about it, which is why we may not realize how many could be suffering.

SO- we’re doing some stress management.

For starters, today, along with the qi gong, we’re receiving the Reiki symbols HALU and ZONAR via the Pro Tools.

These symbols, on a deep level, work with stress related to the 2nd chakra.

This is where human beings bury traumas that are too difficult to work with on a conscious level.

HALU is said to penetrate deep into the subtle bodies to uproot negative energies. This can include psychic and psychological attack.

Once the clearing and release has taken place Divine Light fills in the cleared areas to repair and regenerate.

Specific areas HALU can assist with:

  1. Healing unconscious patterns
  2. Healing the shadow self
  3. Healing sexual and physical abuse issues
  4. Dispelling psychic and psychological attack

ZONAR, which we’re also receiving, is said to have a “spiritual anesthetic” quality, preparing a person for deep healing and releases.

Some of this release is coming from deep within the DNA and/or tissues.  (this is referred to as cellular memory, and can be the root cause of many illnesses)

Abuse issues, for example, may become buried deep within the second chakra.

ZONAR can assist with:

  1. All forms of physical pain
  2. Cellular level healing
  3. Past life issues (dimensional) brought forward into the present lifetime.
  4. Healing child abuse

Also, we requested the energy of Alexandrite, a rare stone regarded as having regenerative powers.


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REIKI ON STEROIDS? by Cathy D. Slaght

Caught up in the physical, life can be rough.

Seriously – the 5 senses only reveal .1% of what’s going on. We can’t always SEE the approach of an illness, for example, FEEL certain blocks, HEAR opportunity knocking, SMELL or TASTE danger…

A powerful Qi Gong tool., the SRC4YOU, is designed to transcend this.

And, in case you didn’t know- Qi Gong may be one of the most powerful tools of transformation available.  In ancient days it took years of an intense personal regimen of exercise, diet and meditation to Master it.

These days most don’t seem to have the patience –

  • but in ancient days, those who persevered- and there weren’t many, even back then – were able to raise their personal power (voltage/frequency) to nearly superhuman levels.

At that point they could raise, control, and direct personal and universal life force for healing, self-defense, and/or manifestation.

But what’s Qi?

It’s an electromagnetic energy that flows from, around, and through all living things.  It comes from many sources- the food we eat, water, herbs, our parents, the air we breathe, the earth we stand on.

It’s found in abundance around moving water, mountains, and trees.

As we age, the amount of Qi we’re born with can diminish, but it didn’t for those who Mastered qi gong.

Now there’s technology- the SRC4YOU- that can safely accelerate and enhance qi gong training.

Some see it as a stand alone program. Others say it’s even MORE amazing when combined with other spiritual disciplines or tools. Then it’s as if these approaches are on steroids!

Really? Reiki…EFT…Visualization…on STEROIDS?

Worth checking out-

Meanwhile, you’ll see in our screen cast that today codes for ENERGY are being sent to our etheric fields.

And, forgot, in the screen cast, to show a new addition to our work. Monday-Friday we’re going to be doing, etherically, qi gong postures to support the elements, via the Qi Gong Pro Tool.

Monday, Fire- Tuesday, Earth, Wednesday, Metal, Thursday Water and Friday Wood.

Today was the FIRE element (heart/small intestine)

We requested 10 minutes for heart posture 1, 1 hour for heart posture 2, 3 hours for small intestine 1 and only 3 minutes for small intestine 2.


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