Many dismiss crystals as being inanimate objects- just ROCKS- but this would be an example of a belief system built on inaccurate information.

SO, something to think about – for those who are willing – anybody remember the old crystal radio? You could tune into radio stations using just a crystal and some wire.

This was possible because crystals hold their own form of electricity/frequency. With this frequency they can generate, regulate, transmit and transform the energy around them.

This is scientifically understood – so much so that crystals are used in every computer, tablet, cell phone,television, even LASERS because of their ability to focus energy.

That being the case, should crystals have a place in every home?

In my case, I have MANY- because of their beauty. But, have never worked with them energetically other than with images via the SRC4u Software- which, by the way, can be highly beneficial.

Now am taking a course, so here are some benefits of having crystals around:

They harmonize atmosphere- even of the body.
They can cleanse the environment, the aura, and provide protection.
They can be programmed (I’ve learned, the correct word is “instructed) to radiate “good vibes”.
They can attract prosperity, love, friendship and anything else you can imagine.

The ability of crystals to focus energy means that they can be used for specific tasks, such as directing healing energy to a point on the body or to clear emotional blockages.

Some even say crystals can bring you everything your heart desires if you know how to access their power.

Being that we’ve been doing stress management related to LUNGS, and are still running on this,it seemed like a good idea to make a cocktail out of the crystals worn under the robes of priests in the Old Testament.

BUT- we didn’t resonate with receiving all these crystals at once.

Instead, we wanted to start with the energy of Red Carnelian. Looking up the qualities of this gemstone, it turns out it’s all about CHOICE.

Specifically, it gives energy for action, courage, confidence, life force, motivation- which helps to find the best life path.

Running the image in the SRC4u Software brought up a theme of NERVAL, defense action of Help-Rejecting-Complaining,  and then back to a theme of NERVAL for resistance and confliction.

And one more thing- I talked to a Black Obsidian.

According to what I’ve learned, Obsidian Spheres act like a black hole for detrimental energy.

I have a beautiful Obsidian sphere in the living room. So, first, said a prayer, and then instructed it this way: “please attract, absorb, and hold, within your own structure, all detrimental energies appearing inside or within 100 yards of this house. Thank you.”

Yes I felt a little foolish doing this.

But, as science now demonstrates, what we think of as the real thing (matter) is NOT. Everything is created by consciousness…which then crystallizes into physical matter.

Could not understanding this lead to some SERIOUSLY foolish behavior and choices?

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There’s a band of energy around the earth said to be vibrating at about 10 cycles per second, known as the “Universal Frequency.”

What if someone told you that by “tuning in” to this frequency, which is nothing more than daydreaming, and forming a picture in your mind, you could create miracles?

Would you give it a try, or would your belief system prevent that?

You know- that system of thoughts that’s shaped your life…things like “life is a struggle” “you will never amount to anything”- or “get your feet wet and you’ll catch a cold”.

Quick example- when I was around 5 or 6 an aunt told me that because I had brown eyes I would never have to wear glasses. (all my cousins had blue eyes and blonde hair, I was the only brown-eyed brunette- chubby, too- and she was trying to console me.)

“Brown eyes are STRONG eyes” I clearly remember her saying.

So, in my forties, I was having trouble seeing- making mistakes on contracts, holding books and magazines up to my nose at night- so finally made an eye appointment. The Dr. said he couldn’t even understand how I had been able to drive there – my vision was that bad.

“But that can’t be!” I said, explaining “I have brown eyes!”

I wasn’t so sight-impaired that I couldn’t see him doubled over laughing.

Today my thoughts are more flexible. For example, I was willing to take the course on dowsing and now a couple of synchronicities have me taking one on crystals.

Am going to share some of what I’m learning, but suspect a fair number will NOT be interested- primarily because of their thoughts on this, and resulting belief system.

But- each day our energy work continues to focus on YIN organs- today it’s LUNGS. As you’ll see in the screencast, there’s some stress related to MOLD, but also ISOLATION.

NOTE: It may be that isolation/loneliness is the biggest cause of death. For one thing, it can lead to sustenance abuse (even food counts in this category)… and, sometimes the body is so starved for love the organs lose their will to live.

Some even say each of our organs has a “love quotient”. So yes, I measured our lungs- on a scale of 1-100, we’re at 47 today.

MEANWHILE, back to crystals – it’s noteworthy that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob wore crystals on their breastplates under their priestly garments. (see Exodus 28:30)

In fact, there was a time crystals were used in ALL spiritual traditions.

Maybe this is because, for much of the planet’s history, all classical systems of healing were based on qi, or life force. (energy)

Then, about a hundred years ago the concept was thrown out. Modern medicine couldn’t even talk about it.

But I’m going to talk. In fact, tomorrow I may talk to an Obsidian.

Today’s scan- etheric, not physical

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# 1 RULE FOR SUCCESS by Cathy D. Slaght

Last night something new was added to the group work. At 11 pm EST, a significant number of clearings and positive statements were dowsed in, via the SRC, and allowed to run overnight.

This is something that will now be done at the end of the day, Sunday-Thursday. Can’t share the entire list, but a part of it is on http://www.energyvisionariesgroup.com

If you are familiar with dowsing, you know this can be highly effective.

But- some might wonder if dowsing with software is as powerful as working with a pendulum. I look at it this way- I have legs and could WALK anywhere. It’s not always practical, though- and I couldn’t get to as many places.

So, I also work with TECHNOLOGY- in this case a CAR- to speed things up.

The same is true of dowsing with the SRC Software.

The need for this kind of balancing is greater than ever before. For one thing, according to Grace, people are now more susceptible to SURROUNDING energies. Because of this, there are some areas of the country he refuses to visit.

Also, he won’t work on anyone whose consciousness is low. (he dowses to measure this.) Why? He believes the energy work won’t help them.

Consciousness is another term for voltage- so this again illustrates how important it is to maintain HIGH voltage, which is the focus of our work with the SRC.

It involves clearing blocks -so voltage can RISE- on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

On a physical level, our focus over the last few days has been the LIVER.

Time for a liver detox?

Not necessarily. Toxins may leave the liver but settle in weaker tissues.

An alternative- Intermittent Fasting- gives the body about 16 hours a day to detox. Plenty of information online.

Even if intermittent fasting doesn’t appeal, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to do some searching online for foods that nourish the liver. There are also supplements, essential oils, and so on.

Be sure to test yourself in some way- SRC Software, dowsing, muscle testing- for your personal best approach to keeping love in the liver HIGH.

(that’s right, apparently all the organs need the energy of LOVE, otherwise, they may lose their will to live.)

BUT – we still haven’t gotten to the #1 rule for success in ALL THINGS. Here it is:


This involves the alpha brain wave level, which is necessary for manifesting life truly desired.

Maybe the following could even be dowsed in-


Today’s session, etheric, not physical

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This weekend I decided to take the online Ramon Grace seminar, which is offered once or twice a year.

Didn’t really want to spend the money, since his work has been coded into the SRC since 2011. (he mentions GMD in the seminar)

BUT, have been reading his book, The Future is Yours. Inspired, tested (SRC dowser) the benefits of also taking the webinar. It came in at 95%

There are 11 videos, and it turned out I had my money’s worth just from the first.

As Grace explains, the most powerful manifestation- with or without dowsing – comes from the alpha brain wave level. At that level, there’s an 80% chance of being on target.

Here are a couple of assists- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyBuKsmKew4 can be played in the background while doing SRC, dowsing, and so on, and 47788779879 can be dowsed in via the SRC and/or a pendulum.

Also, there is a band of energy around the earth known as Universal energy. (10 cycles per second.)

This is where a person can form a picture in their mind of what they want and create what seems to be miracles. (Neville Goddard spoke of this, too.)

Only about 10% of the population functions at this level, so it might not be a bad idea to dowse in, on a regular basis, I NOW TUNE IN TO UNIVERSAL FREQUENCY.

(What’s interesting is that most of the earth’s population is operating from beta. This bran wave state is referred to by some as the “land of the living dead”.)

There are 3 principles of Grace’s work.

  1. All things are composed of energy.
  2. Energy follows thought
  3. The intelligent mind can re-direct energy.

To work with these principles he demonstrates – powerfully- that we must recognize that our belief system- which forms the thoughts that create our reality- has been affected by suggestions both bad and good.

Call it programming or whatever.

Also, the brain thinks in pictures. So, says Grace, any time you get a picture in your mind of something you DO NOT want (and these pictures can come in a flash, totally uninvited!) just imagine that you have a big red paintbrush and make a big red X over it.

Which brings up another point for today – according to Grace, hands are exclamation points for thoughts. SO, when imagining what you want, also imagine your hands playing a role.

Because of all that’s been learned from the book and seminar,  the use of the dowser in the SRC software has been expanded. Every day a LONG list is now dowsed or scanned for the group.

Also, yesterday and today we worked with the Emotional Pro Tools, balancing stress related to the liver.

Remember, this is subtle, but yesterday we requested 18 hours from this panel of:

  • Mutated and/or Degenerative Cellular Damage (Physical)
  • San Jiao Upper Region (Imposed)
  • pH (Physical)
  • Detox Toxins, Poisons, and Venoms (Environmental)

And today, 4 hours:

  • Black Magic (Environmental)
  • Exorcism (Major) (Energetic)
  • Family (Environmental)

The rest of today’s work, etheric, not physical

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With everything we do, we change the world. Maybe it’s time to become CONSCIOUS of this, because:

The world presents different appearances according to one’s state of consciousness.

Here’s just one example of how this understanding can be put to use – from The Future is Yours by Ramon Grace.

12 years ago a freelance photographer needed to make some money, so decided to use a method he’d learned in one of Grace’s classes.

First, having learned about the power of IMAGES, he visualized himself with EMPTY POCKETS and placed a black frame around the image.

Then, again via imagination (such a precious resource when used correctly) he destroyed the image and replaced it with an image of himself with 100 dollar bills sticking out of his pockets. Around THIS image he placed a white border.

Two days later he was hired by a local college to photograph all their sporting events. After 12 years he still has this position.

The more we use our mind in this way, the more things like this happen, “with no logical explanation.”

And, as far as these things being simply coincidence, quantum science continues to demonstrate there are none.

Maybe this is because there’s a frequency for everything AND it’s possible to scramble the non-beneficial ones and ENHANCE the beneficial.

That’s our focus with the SRC Software.

Today we’re focused on frequency related to yin organs, starting with the LIVER.

The liver is responsible for the smooth movements of all body fluids.

There are 3 aspects to this- first, the flow of qi is adjusted, ensuring even circulation. Next, the liver controls the secretion of bile for digestion.

Finally, it harmonizes the emotions

(When fluids become stagnant (stuck), one result is that emotions, especially anger, become unstable. Because of this, there’s a direct relation to the functioning of the mind.)

The liver also rules the tendons. In Chinese medicine, this is a general term that includes ligaments, muscles, and nails.

Also, the liver and eyes have a special relationship- many eye problems are related to liver disharmony.

Here’s today’s screencast – etheric, not physical

Also, there’s a new post on the energy visionaries site- DOWSING FOR PLANET EARTH

Hope you will consider that this could be worth your time.

Because-again – with everything we do we make a difference.

Also- Here’s a code that might help clear stress related to getting into alpha (for more focused work)- 47788779879



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YIN CAN BE BORING by Cathy D. Slaght

But, apparently, being bored can set a person free.

It is quiet, can be peaceful, gives a person time to rest, at which point the Universe may get a few messages across.

You see what this means- sometimes, it’s important to do nothing!

In fact, maybe boredom is just a LABEL, and, like many labels, has deluded us into believing the opposite of what it really IS

(which is why, maybe, it doesn’t hurt to run that CLEARING MATTER CONSCIOUSNESS code.)

Point being, we need a balance of YIN and YANG energy.

So, for the past 7 days the Master Armour Cocktail has been running.

Now it’s time to get back to the mundane, which would be YIN organs.

Today we started with the LIVER- requesting two runs of the elemental scanner.

Also, a full dowsing session, via the SRC Software, is now a part of each day’s session.

We’re not asking questions, as in “yes” or “no”, but dowsing to clear non-beneficial or enhance beneficial energy .

The full list of what’s being enhanced or cleared is in the VSA, but may change from time to time.

NOTE: This is not “psychic” work any more than a cell phone or computer is “psychic”.

Remember, we’re in a WEB of energy..

Dowsing is a WHOLE BRAIN ACTIVITY which can help SHIFT this energy, plus put a person into a state of YIN.

And- for those who believe this type of thing is “a sin”- I’m Christian, by the way- maybe it wouldn’t hurt to check out the basis of this belief.

Anyway, have probably gotten into enough trouble over the past few days.  So, back to the liver.

It’s our toxin remover- but also masters over 500 other functions.

Here are some warning signs it will give when it’s WAY too stressed-

  • Pain near the liver
  • Leg and ankle swelling
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of appetite (seems contradictory, but not, because it’s accompanied by vomiting)
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Allergies
  • Yellow skin and eyes
  • Dark urine
  • Bruising easily
  • Chronic fatigue

More tomorrow- now am going to sit and do nothing.

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THE YIN/YANG SPLIT by Cathy D. Slaght

Sometimes – well, OFTEN- I wonder if there might be an intentional assault on our consciousness, with the purpose of lowering it.

It wouldn’t be a FRONTAL attack- that’s old-fashioned. In these days, it would involve messages coming in beneath awareness, repetitive in nature, maybe with the intent of turning us AGAINST one another.

The idea would be that if we’re separated, we’re WEAK.  That leaves the resources of the planet for those who are STRONG.

Who knows if this is true- but if so, maybe it started with the story of Adam and Eve.  Separation of male/female energy, also known as Yin/Yang, can be extremely dis-empowering.

Anyway, those whose consciousness has been manipulated in this way are typically in denial.

Here’s how you can spot them:

Say something that has an element of truth, but conflicts with their present belief system.

Their lips will get smaller.

Check this out for yourself. First, measure a person’s lips. Then bring up something you KNOW they will refuse to believe. (Make sure it’s something you can document as being true.)

Then re-measure – there will be as much as a 1/16th inch difference in the length of their lips.

(OK, don’t try this. First, am just kidding. Plus, you can never find a tape measure when you really need it. BUT ALSO, people seem to have NO sense of humor these days.)

This is understandable – they could be victims of the YIN/YANG SPLIT.

This is also known as the over-active mind, under-active body.

We probably ALL have a touch of this, but the hardest hit are those who are on the computer or watching TV for many hours of the day.

This seems to lead to obsessive-compulsive behavior, but also insomnia, addictions to coffee, cigarettes, and stimulants (energy drinks, coke, etc.), as well as excess worry, fantasy, and over thinking.

At that point- and the fact is that in this present society many of us could be somewhat split – a person is in such a state of anxiety and discontent that they’re continuously looking around for things that will “make them happy”.

THIS leads to more anxiety and dissatisfaction because there’s too much YANG going on…

…and we need YIN for true peace.

So, lately I’ve been making some changes. First, now, when walking Sprout, I stay off the phone- which includeswww.youtube.com and www.scribd.com audio books.

Also am beginning to do more dowsing- both with the SRC4u Software and a pendulum. Details on why this can put a person in a state of YIN tomorrow.

For today’s work, this is the LAST day of the Master Armour Cocktail. We requested a few other cocktails and scans, and also have a 96% benefit from receiving a new prosperity cocktail.

Etheric, not physical

P.S. – the lips really DO get smaller.


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