Shut up and Believe ?

Shut up and Believe? by Cathy D. Slaght
One of the ideas behind this site “The Art of Spiritual Hygiene – TAOsm” is to explore the idea that a daily stress-management scan with the SRC4u software is a form of hygiene that should be done on a regular basis, just like taking a shower/bath, brushing/flossing and so on.
The difference is that work with the SRC4u software can be considered SPIRITUAL Hygiene.
There is one challenge- as stress is cleared on a regular basis some begin to question certain dogma they’ve been taught over the years. Don’t know exactly why this is, other than the information that comes in from scans can be thought-provoking.

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About Cathy D. Slaght

SRC4U Software Consultant, Energy Coach, Energy Teacher, Entrepreneur, Published Author, Public Speaker, Quantum Explorer​
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