Technology now demonstrates that we’re part of a web of information, in frequency/wave pattern/code form, that contains all possibilities.

The challenge is that ALL means ALL. There are both higher and lower patterns of information. We pull in what we RESONATE with, which is related to our VOLTAGE.

Stress lower voltage and as a result can distort information pulled in.

In Color Medicine, author Charles Klotsche breaks this process down into 4 stages.

  • Stage 1: The body has sufficient voltage to deflects or neutralize lower vibratory information.
  • Stage 2: Voltage is down, so lower vibratory energy enters. The body goes into a cleansing. This takes the form of an illness involving fever, coughing, vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Stage 3. The illness does not succeed in clearing, voltage remains low, so the illness becomes chronic
  • Stage 4:  Emotions and beliefs now support the lower vibratory frequencies so degeneration sets in.

Because this is experienced on a physical level, most remain unaware that the body is the product of the AURA…which is our actual BLUEPRINT.

The aura also operates as a shield that protects the body. This means exposure to lower vibratory energies doesn’t immediately affect the body. It takes time for them to even penetrate the aura.

In fact, the aura may change decades before damage to the physical body becomes evident.

This means that we gain control of our health by working with the AURA first, which is what we’re doing with the SRC4U on a daily basis.

NOTE:  What holds the body and aura together is POLARITY- in fact, polarity appears to be the basis of all that is created. More on this another time, but we do check polarity every day.

Meanwhile, for today’s session AURA SYSTEMS is the theme.

Points of interest- we asked for 19 hours of “regenerate hypothalamus” via the Recharger, an implant command, and a Decree To Stop All War, and 24 hours of blue green via the Field Generator- blue green is said to transmit the energy of trustworthiness and helpfulness into the aura/blueprint.

Stress factor is Enzymes, resistance and confliction is Yang Qiao Mai ‘Yang Heel’

(relates to “agile and nimble movement, muscles, and yin/yang balance)

WTP are funny, considering the date-

Words to Ponder= I R S: We’ve got what it takes to take what you’ve got.

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