Awareness does seem to play a significant role in the healing process. It could have something to do with influencing thoughts.

With that in mind, maybe the title for this post should have been: EXPANDED AWARENESS WITH THE SRC4U Software or, better yet, AWARENESS, INTENT, TRANSFORMATION

Meanwhile – all it took to get on the screen cast program with the new computer was to hit a “permission” button – go figure.

So, moving forward, you’ll see, in today’s screen cast a beautiful new UNCLUTTERED computer, along with the corona virus cocktail mentioned in the last post (Pure Potential vs the Currents of Dis-Ease), some additional Rife charges, and a new technique from Kevin.

(Could be I got a little carried away with adding all those charges, but they ARE powerful for relieving stress.)

Now am going through all the cocktails and reorganizing. This software is so well engineered that it could be they aren’t all necessary.

But back to THOUGHTS.

What’s the role of WORDS in the thought process, and how does this tie into CREATION?

A step further…can we start the creation process by PRETENDING with words and thoughts?

Like, for example, saying “Not in My World!”?

According to some, Neville Goddard being one example, YES. Words can stimulate neurons to reach out for new patterns of information in the matrix.

So, it could be that  pretending doesn’t hurt.

With that in mind…

Every morning I have a routine.

First, coffee gets started. While it brews, Sprout and I take a walk. After that, coffee in hand, it’s time for the SRC4U Software.

But this morning a woman was already at the computer.

I recognized her immediately from pictures in various books I’ve been reading on John Worrell  Keely.

Clara Bloomfield Moore … the one person who never gave up on Keely. She supported him both financially and with her writings, believing he had discovered a power that could liberate mankind.

She’s been dead since 1936, so after the initial shock I decided I must be losing my mind.

(Doesn’t really matter I guess, since according to CNN I have no mind to lose anyway.).

Anyway, Moore was looking at the SRC4U Software.

“Was reading your blog” she explained, “and saw that this device sends CODES, so had to take a closer look. Codes are a higher order language, you know. They communicate with the brain on a very precise level.”

Since I was speechless, she continued…

“This is an interesting time. There is more hate and evil out there than you can imagine. It’s a palpable, physical force. But Natural Law provides a solution for every problem. For one thing, consciousness is RISING. And there are tools, such as this device, to assist.

My mind was going back over what I’d read about Moore. She was an amazing woman who seemed way ahead of her time in terms of understanding “physics”.

Now she was saying…

“Everything in the Universe is made up of mathematical patterns of energy/information. The problem is that people get stuck in repeating patterns that don’t work. Many are either too compartmentalized or distracted to understand. A software program such as this…

…but then she began to fade away.

“Wait!” I called out…. “Will you come back?”

“If you get in another pretending mood” she said with a smile. Here’s some advice, though. The word IMAGE actually comes from the word IMAGINATION. Keep sending out those codes, especially if you can combine them with images.

Also- don’t take what they say on the news personally- they think you’re ALL simpletons.



Today’s scan, etheric, not physical


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