Every morning- for years- I’ve started the day by first balancing my energy via the SRC4U Software, a computer software program that sends the energy of Qi Gong through the subtle bodies. The idea is not only to manage stress related to these bodies but also gather information on what may be “going on” below the surface.

With time came the formation of a “Daily Energy Group”, so as many as possible could have such a start to their day – even though, if wishes came true, mine would be for every household to have their own SRC4U Software system.

Why? Because we operate in a very similar fashion to computers/software. Work with the SRC4U Software or comparable technology may be the closest thing out there to “like treats like”.

Still, no tool can give you something you don’t already have. It can simply help you access it more efficiently.

Point being- we are ALL part of a possibly infinite system of informational frequency. We can’t see this web of energy, but it’s measurable. Once science figured this out, we were blessed with many frequency gadgets, including radio, television, computers, cell phones…but the most powerful frequency gadget of all remains THE HUMAN BRAIN.

It seems we are designed to pull in everything we need from that “informational field” so we can create the life we desire.

Figuring out how to go about this can be a challenge, because there appear to be some blocks. In this work we refer to such blocks as various forms of STRESS. There’s a lot about this we don’t yet fully understand.

BUT- here’s what we DO know – it’s our THOUGHTS that control the entire process.

This is why images and sounds coming at us from so many directions- not just popular music but TV, computers, political figures, celebrities, teachers, religion, books, movies…not to mention our own family and associates…and so much more … may be detrimental – THEY MANIPULATE THE THOUGHTS OF RECIPIENTS, primarily on a subconscious level.

Has some of this manipulation been intentional? It may be time to investigate some truths on this.

For starters, it turns out that there is no such thing as an original thought. ALL thoughts come to our powerful CPU (brain) from surrounding frequency (information), which can include what’s put “out there” by – just one example- the communications industry. 

It’s our personal vibration/voltage that determines what we pull in.

THIS is controlled by not only personal level of mental and physical health but, perhaps even more significant, lack of control over CONSCIOUS thoughts. Also consider influence on thoughts from the environment- a huge factor, it turns out- and to a lesser extent personal genetics.

The SRC4U Software works with this kind of stress, often with codes. (everything in the Universe turns out to be a number.) Here are some codes that could be run though the program or even just repeated.

(are you aware that the throat is designed to be a powerful manifesting device? More on that another time)


​Some codes dowsed in the group’s program today
All from

  • Achieve miracles in your life and in the world   71677464
  • All thoughts lead to actions of joy 68249376
  • Beneficial thought is now received from the media   72669851
  • Build a world based on compassion and love   68685119
  • Clear actions leading to misery, sorrow, guilt, anger, greed, and selfishness   62551109
  • Discover new depths in the use of the mind   9775295
  • End the devastation of unconscious manifestation in a perfect and correct way   9398900
  • Harness the power to create miracles   89147910
  • Inspired to beneficial action from reading material   63678458
  • Open all channels to receive higher forms of thought 62665474
  • Realization of the power to attract everything desired   3770127
  • Remove and transmute group hypnosis to 528 hertz 3086077
  • Uncover the key to the realization of all dreams   9098243

About Cathy D. Slaght

SRC4U Software Consultant, Energy Coach, Energy Teacher, Entrepreneur, Published Author, Public Speaker, Quantum Explorer​
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