Working with energy- via computer software such as the SRC4U Software or any other approach- is still considered by some to be “out of the box”-

SPEAKING OF WHICH – some of us are so far out of the box by now we don’t even know where it is anymore. This can present a problem, because with what we’re seeing in the world we sometimes want to crawl back in.

STILL, we are aware of the vast potential of learning more about the unseen fields of energy (frequency information) that surround ALL. Specifically, according to science, we are surrounded by all the information needed to create not only the life desired but even heaven on earth, and equipped to pull it in.

Much of mankind seems to be missing the mark on this, though. Our focus with the SRC4U Software is to clear whatever blocks/stress might be related to this. Most recently we’re focused on CELLS, which turn out to have all kind of interesting capabilities when it comes to creating the life desired. Some scientists even say it’s as if we’re playing a reality game! Please consider tuning into the ZOOMwhenever possible.

  • But it really is time to start posting again, too. This post is about the recent Travis Scott concert.

Why? Because one HUGE factor in how we create our reality is THOUGHTS. One major influence on  thoughts – and possibly a dark one at that- may be music and images.

As far as the Travis Scott concert, there are 10 young people dead and, last count, 23 in the hospital. It seems people went crazy. Not surprising, since the stage- which looked like a “lake of fire” with an upside- down cross was also flashing “go crazy” to the crowd.

(we do know that images can quickly put people into a trance- as validated by science, 30 seconds of watching TV is all it takes, so imagine such high-powered images flashing at a bunch of kids, not even factoring in the lake of fire and upside down cross)

We’re not going to be ridiculous here, of course. For example, some say this concert was like a SatanicRitual. We all know there is no such thing as Satan. That would mean there was also a God. 

Still, there were a few more interesting symbols. One was hands with eyeballs in the middle. This same image was in the award -winning movie Pan’s Labyrinth, which was about a child eating monster. Nice.

Then there’s all the Moloch symbols- Moloch, in ancient days, represented child sacrifice. The sacrifices were usually done by throwing children into the huge furnace in the shape an open mouth in a big head. (Anybody seen Scott’s most recent album cover?)

But such rituals were ages ago, there is no longer child sacrifice, right?

Another strange thing, though- this concert was at the same time the final ok came out for ages 5-11 to do the hokey-pokey. Doing the hokey pokey or proof of testing for covid was required for admittance. Ironically, in similar concerts that got out of control the cause of death was always asphyxia, but, in this case, it is reported to be heart attacks.

Of course, for the truth, we need to talk to eyewitnesses and watch the very first reports from local news stations, both of which said many of the kids were having heart attacks. Once mainstream starts reporting, things seem to change. 

I do have sympathy for Travis Scott, who is said to be heartbroken. He is said to have had no idea of what was going on, even though people were jumping on stage and telling him people were dying.  

And two final thoughts – did you know that frequency can be manipulated in such a way to effect emotions? It’s old technology. However, with the SRC4U Software perhaps some of this stress can be neutralized.

Also, a number of people who were at the concert seem to have awakened as to their music and celebrity choices. Here’s a code that could be run in the SRC4U Software to assist:

  • : the young people of America now awaken 3208441

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