Solomon’s Temple is said to be the first Temple built by the Israelites to honor their God. 

But not a single stone from it has ever been found after a century of searching. 

Could its description have been code for the human brain…the wisdom it housed symbolic of the wisdom WE hold, provided we are open to it?  

What we DO know is that Solomon’s Temple was said to be a dwelling place for Divinity. 

So, if they were really talking about the brain…what a thought. 

AND there’s something else to think about. While the brain is designed to receive external frequencies, it has a partner, the HEART. 

Here’s how it works: the brain sends the information/frequencies it receives directly to the HEART, which then transmits them to every cell in the body. 

With STRESS this process becomes skewed. 

And- looking around, we DO see plenty of signs of skewed behavior. What you think of as “skewed” may be different from what I think, but that’s not the point… 

…what I’m saying is that it may be time to give some thought to getting our hearts and brains back in sync. 

Part of this will involve no longer focusing on what’s WRONG, because life is a manifestation of where one focuses their energy. We DO need awareness, but only to create positive change. 

So, speaking of positive change, it’s time to talk about Qi Gong. 

This extraordinary exercise, virtual or otherwise, is powerful because it works with what the Chinese referred to as “the great unseen life force from which all things emerge.” (they figured this out over 5,000 years ago.) 

The key- it must be done DAILY, which many find difficult. This is the reason Triple Grand Master David Harris developed software, the SRC4U software, that could send the frequencies of the exercise directly to the etheric field. 

Here’s an example of the manual version. 15 minutes a day is all it takes.

For those with the software, here are a few codes that could also be dowsed in: 

  • receive and exchange energy for wisdom and guidance in everyday life 9694001 
  • balance yin and yang   79936426 
  • awaken awareness of self- healing ability 3003583 

There’s a lot of material to cover on all this. This is just a start.
Also, there’s a new post on


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SRC4U Software Consultant, Energy Coach, Energy Teacher, Entrepreneur, Published Author, Public Speaker, Quantum Explorer​
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