If it’s true that we’re surrounded by a vast informational field (technology validates that we are) AND that we, as powerful computers, are designed to pull in, via FREE WILL CHOICE what we NEED-

-then maybe it’s time to taker a closer look at how to properly choose.

There’s plenty of material out there on this.  Neville is my personal favorite. But then Reality Transurfing came along and put a twist on it.

The author says we are BLOCKED regarding free will choice because we get caught up in energetic vortices he refers to as Pendulums, (These are defined as information-based energy structures that act as whirlpools, sucking up the energy of all participants.)

In other words- and am finding this a challenge to explain- it seems certain “whirlpool-like” energies step in and, by working up our emotions, skew access to the informational field.

You know- the field with all the solutions.

Earlier writings refer to these energies as alien or entity based, but we’re not focused on that, for reasons that will be clear as we go along.

The Main Point: getting caught up in a Pendulum is NEVER beneficial, although some are LESS destructive than others.

Here’s an example of how the “pendulum concept” works : for many, emotions regarding the Mainstream Media have formed a powerful and destructive mixture of emotions. Some swear by everything reported on the news, others believe very little of it.

What makes this a PENDULUM is that these people then get upset about it and even fight with EACH OTHER over it.

NOTE: the entertainment industry knows very well how to stir all this up.

Anyway, years ago I got into the habit of double checking what was reported on the news. Much of it turned out to be a distortion of facts.

Here’s just one example: the story of the killing at Popeye’s over a chicken sandwich. Remember that?

It wasn’t true.

There WAS an altercation, but it was in the parking lot. Nothing to do with a sandwich.

In distorting facts, the media made a certain ethnicity look like a bunch of animals who would kill over a sandwich. I found myself enraged.

BUT in this rage, I fed the Pendulum. That’s right. A Pendulum doesn’t care what kind of energy is sent, just that it keeps coming.  Groups who understand this intentionally stir it UP.

Get it? Another quick example, all those out there who become enraged over politics  are FEEDING the very system that blocks them from finding solutions.

There are only 2 ways to get out of a destructive Pendulum and, as a result, find solutions. One is to ignore it, (NOT to be confused with IGNORANCE) the other is to do something so unexpected, so ridiculous, that the energy of the Pendulum gets confused.

Let’s break this down over the next few days in reference to the highly destructive Pendulum that’s been formed by emotions related to the Coronavirus.

(If you find yourself backing away from this subject, you may already be a captive!)

Meanwhile the stress management continues, etheric, not physical



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