That being the case, this might be the right time to share some information from Transurfing Reality by Vadim Zeland.

Seriously- we seem to have world-wide stress related to, at this time, the Coronavirus. But there’s ALWAYS some kind of nightmare situation going on somewhere on the planet, not to mention for many on a personal level.

According to Zeland, it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can CHOOSE the world we want to live in.

Sounds like a plan, except for all the evidence that this kind of magical thinking doesn’t work, right?

OR- could something be skewing our choices? If so, is there a way to CLEAR this and create the reality we consciously desire?

According to Zeland, yes and yes.

Over the next few days am going to share how he explains going about this.

Before getting started, know that we’re receiving our stress management daily. Added another image to the mix today- Azithromycin-because it’s reported that a doctor in New York is having 100%  success in clearing the coronavirus by treating patients with 200 mg daily of Hydroxy Chloroquine, 500 mg of Azithromycin and 220mg daily of Zinc Sulfate.   (hydroxy chloroquine and zinc images were already in our sessions.)

Back to Transurfing- in the 90’s one night I sat straight up in bed, screamed out VORTEX, spelled it, V-O-R-T-E-X, and went right back to sleep. Never did understand what that was all about.

Now maybe I do.

Transurfing Reality refers to the “vortex”. The only difference is that it’s called a PENDULUM. (not to be confused with the dowsing tool by the same name.)

The author is referring to whirlpools of energy that exist in the unseen world. Specifically, they’re in the “field”- which he refers to as THE SPACE OF VARIATIONS.

These whirlpools, whatever you want to call them, aren’t positive in nature. They drain personal energy, blocking CHOICE. More on that as we go along.

Moving along- This “space of variations” (field) has an infinite number of LIFE TRACKS.

These tracks are like film reels. They have always been there and will be there forever. Whatever a person is experiencing is just a manifestation of the film reel- a/k/a part of the space of variations – they happen to be on…

…which they are on because of their THOUGHTS.

Of course, as you already know, most of these thoughts come from the unconscious mind. Many are even programmed in.

We can work with this kind of stress in a variety of ways, the SRC4u Software being just one.

But there’s an even bigger challenge. It’s these PENDULUMS.

Let’s figure out a way to clear THIS kind of stress.

Meanwhile here’s today’s scan, etheric, not physical

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