THE MYSTERY OF TIME by Cathy D. Slaght

On Jan 16th we started running the Mastery to “restore vagal tone”. The group’s energetic request was to keep this going for 90 days.

With that in mind, I was SURE we would want a simple Wonder Click on the 17th, No screen cast would be necessary,


We wanted a BUNCH of protocols, including something new that’s been added, which is John Keely’s musical chart. (you can see all this in the screen cast below.)

These protocols continued to run through last night! Final theme was Spleen Meridians.

Could this lengthy session be due to receiving the Vagal Tone Code in the Mastery, and/or the image of Keely’s Musical Chart?

From what I’ve been reading on DONOVANHEALTH.COM, along with the book on Keely, possibly.

It seems every part of the body has its own musical tone.

According to Donovan, simply HUMMING that tone can restore one’s health.

His top priority is keeping the nervous system in balance.

This is a big deal because if one gets stuck in the sympathetic nervous system/i.e. stressed, the body’s natural healing forces are diverted.  (Some signs of being “stuck in the SNS” include high blood pressure, poor sleep or digestion….)

Current health statistics indicate many Americans could be STUCK.

The PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM is the HEALING mode, because it allows the body to CALM DOWN –  in other words,  DE-STRESS.

That’s where healing begins.

According to Donovan, getting into a calm/parasympathetic mode relates to the vitality of the VAGUS NERVE,

This has been virtually ignored by Modern Medicine.  But as he puts it-

“The VAGUS NERVE is the Guardian Angel who swoops in and gets us back into the Parasympathetic mode. It’s an ancient healing pathway that connects the brain with every system in the body.”


“VIBRATING THIS PATHWAY WITH SOUND – restoring VAGAL TONE-   is KEY to restoring overall health.

High vagal tone is associated with, among other things, cutting heart problems nearly in half, enhancing the immune system, and keeping the brain younger.

That’s why we’re receiving the energy of . 3001936- it stands for Restore Vagal Code.

But also, I ordered Donovan’s program. It’s GREAT- a series of 20 minute (roughly) humming sessions that one can follow along with.

First, I just listened, to get a feel for what he was doing, while thinking “This is terrific! Am going to do it every day!”

Haven’t even looked at it again.

Seriously, the days seem to FLY by –

There’s no TIME for adding anything else along with the SRC4U work, right?

It’s not as if  taking care of oneself should be the #1 priority.

OR- could this be a non-beneficial “program” running in many of us?

From this point, along with my personal SRC4U stress management, will be HUMMING. (fortunately musical ability has nothing to do with results)

Will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, the new RIFE frequencies are now all loaded into the SRC4U charger. Hopefully by tomorrow  I’ll have gotten them to Kevin so he can download them for anyone who’s interested.

For today we requested, energetically, a General Options scan, with a focus on Sustenance Requirements.

Stress related to Fatty Acid deficiency was highlighted.

Our Conscious Language Mastery statement-


And, the rather lengthy screen cast from the 17th- etheric, not physical


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