This week had a call from someone with the software who said “Okay, have been hitting SRC4u Software “The Wonder Click” every day. Now I’m ready for MORE.

That’s how it’s supposed to work- SRC4u Software “The Wonder Click” is designed to clear blocks (created by stress) to receiving  information, in frequency form, that surrounds us. Hitting that one button is all a person really needs to do.

BUT, after a short time, many say they notice interesting coincidences in their daily life. Plus, IDEAS start flowing in. Creativity expands.

This seems to lead to a desire for more knowledge, not just about how to operate the SRC4U Software but about life in general.

With all this in mind, I suggested he might want to start “doing more” by dowsing in some Conscious Language Mastery statements at the beginning of his sessions.  This seems to enhance the flow of information.

Since the beginning of 2020 this is done daily for the group. There’s a list in the VSA (Virtual Spa Academy) of what we’ve been requesting up to this point. Hopefully this will inspire some to create their “OWN” VSA list.

NOTE: this list can grow like the BLOB- but with better results – because the Universe may start sending inspiration for MORE statements to dowse in. Example:  recently someone recommended a book of commands- details are in the VSA as to title/author and command categories it includes. A few examples – business, career, communications, daily routine, DNA activation, food and drink, health, legal, manifestation, etc.

Positive statements about such things, circulating in the etheric field throughout the day, can’t hurt!

But the point- if the list keeps growing, it may need to be scanned via the Find Options tab to see which statements need to be dowsed in for the day.

Either way- all the statements or just a few-  it’s going to take TIME.

That’s the main challenge with changing reality- there’s a “time cost”, and some may just not be able to “spend” that time right now.

That’s why the energy group was formed- at this time in life I DO have the time.

Speaking of which, am still reading Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely by Theo Paijmann.

Keely, over a century ago, apparently invented machines that operated not by steam or electricity but by what may have been SOUND.

As Ruldolf Steiner said back in 1916- abbreviated from a speech – “Just imagine such a motor that one could operate by sound waves or perhaps by the generation of his spiritual life…what would become of this if it had become a reality!”

None of Keely’s writings survived. He never got any patents, either. From what I’ve read he seemed extremely disorganized, having one crisis after another, accused of being a fraud by the mainstream.

But – interesting coincidence  – I’ve been loading up a bunch of new Rife frequencies in the charger. (When completed Kevin will have the downloads for anyone interested). It’s monotonous, so have been listening to www.youtube.com even more than usual and came across the work of JIM DONOVAN.

After years in a rock band, Donovan destroyed his health. Working to restore it he discovered that the KEY to health is the VAGUE NERVE and that it, has its own MUSICAL TONE.

In fact- he says every part of the body has a TONE.

According to what he’s learned, the HUMAN BODY is the most magnificent musical instrumentever in existence and we can HUM certain tones to restore our health!

Have sent away for the information, will share when it gets here.

Meanwhile, found the following code in Healing Numbers website

We’ve been receiving this tone for the past several days, and resonate highly with continuing for a total of 90 days via the Mastery:
Details, etheric, not physical-


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