Over the years- and they’re adding up- the more work done with the etheric field/ blueprint, the more I’ve come to see that much of what we believe on a conscious level is the OPPOSITE of what’s true.

A side effect of this realization may be a thirst for knowledge, which- with all the information out there- can lead to overwhelm and disorganization.

SO- these first few days of 2020 I’ve been doing some goal setting and planning. Supposedly every 1 hour of this kind of activity saves 8-10 hours down the road. (

The SRC4U software can assist- in my case I started with a HUGE list then narrowed it down via the dowser. As far as the group goes, daily “dowsing in” of conscious mastery statements tested out as a high benefit, so that’s been added.

In addition, a few things I resonated highly with at this time: growing herbs OUTSDE, (Inside didn’t work out too well), taking some conscious language mastery workshops, and completing the basic SRC4U software manual

(Not sharing everything, because it’s better to keep goals to oneself until they’re manifested. Exception- if you’re working with a coach.)

Now am making a vision board via the Mastery. If you’re in the group, I’m happy to go through this process with you, just get in touch.

Being that what we perceive as our reality is just a bunch of numerical codes, here are a few examples of codes that can be run in the SRC4U software along with this goal-setting process:

  • Empowering habits 60343105
  • Financial blessings 312845213
  • Belief   7367533
  • Success   178026330
  • Grace 685297960

(grace doesn’t easily coexist with chronic stress, so keep up the stress-management!)

Regardless of anything else, starting and ending each day with gratitude for what you ALREADY HAVE can create miracles.

(Gratitude, 3622768     Miracles 2818446)

Working this way – i.e. sending information to the etheric field for setting goals – is uncommon. But the OUTSIDE-IN approach, where we (or others) try to FORCE change doesn’t seem to work out all that well.

In other words- maybe it’s time to be uncommon, since beating oneself into submission doesn’t seem to lead to a high level of happiness.

While we’re on this submission thing – many go on DIETS after the holidays. Is it possible that what we’ve been taught about dieting is the opposite of what’s true?

More to come.

There’s a new post on for those who want to do some stress management related to America.

Meanwhile- May your dreams come true. (74397195)

Today’s scan, etheric, not physical


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