We’re still receiving Qi Gong energy, a/k/a stress-management, for energy/stamina- today the theme is SHOULDERS. Also, some codes were dowsed in for stress related to PSTD -post traumatic stress disorder.

This may not be, technically, a DISORDER, but the brain’s reordering of sensory pathways to process trauma.

This can create some stress – a few examples – sleep disorders, lashing out at others, substance abuse, obesity, isolation, anxiety, depression…

Those going through it typically won’t talk about it, which is why we may not realize how many could be suffering.

SO- we’re doing some stress management.

For starters, today, along with the qi gong, we’re receiving the Reiki symbols HALU and ZONAR via the Pro Tools.

These symbols, on a deep level, work with stress related to the 2nd chakra.

This is where human beings bury traumas that are too difficult to work with on a conscious level.

HALU is said to penetrate deep into the subtle bodies to uproot negative energies. This can include psychic and psychological attack.

Once the clearing and release has taken place Divine Light fills in the cleared areas to repair and regenerate.

Specific areas HALU can assist with:

  1. Healing unconscious patterns
  2. Healing the shadow self
  3. Healing sexual and physical abuse issues
  4. Dispelling psychic and psychological attack

ZONAR, which we’re also receiving, is said to have a “spiritual anesthetic” quality, preparing a person for deep healing and releases.

Some of this release is coming from deep within the DNA and/or tissues.  (this is referred to as cellular memory, and can be the root cause of many illnesses)

Abuse issues, for example, may become buried deep within the second chakra.

ZONAR can assist with:

  1. All forms of physical pain
  2. Cellular level healing
  3. Past life issues (dimensional) brought forward into the present lifetime.
  4. Healing child abuse

Also, we requested the energy of Alexandrite, a rare stone regarded as having regenerative powers.


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SRC4U - Spiritual Real Time Connection, Energy Coach, Published Author and Quantum Explorer
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