Knowing What You Don’t Want

Knowing What You Don’t Want by Cathy D. Slaght (Blog from 3/27/2015)

Every morning, first thing, I start the daily energy clearing session for the group. Often I also do a second scan- the software makes this a simple step, no matter how large the group – to see if anyone in particular needs even more of a boost. If they do, I send a little focused energy their way. Yesterday a good friend who’s in the group was “stressed”- i.e. her numbers were off – so I called her to see what was wrong. She was watching the news about the plane crash over the alps and was extremely upset. It had totally thrown her momentum off for the day.

That crash really tapped a vein for many of us. The emotion is right there. It’s a terrible tragedy. It, along with many other things we see on the news, makes us wonder – what is happening to this world?

And those who understand energy know we’re not really separate from all this- we’re
CONNECTED energetically, because all of us are part of an infinite subtle energetic matrix,
or web. (Science can now measure at least a part of this web and has even photographed it!) Because of this web, if it happens to one, it happens to all ,on an energetic level. We have a
collective energy, global vibration, whatever you want to call it. Many believe we can’t help but be on a downward spiral because of what they’re seeing in the world.

But it’s not true. You have the ability to stand in the middle of anything and set your own frequency so you are not bogged down. Most of mankind has no idea they can do this. However, If you choose to go this route, you can help bring the global energy UP. The higher your personal voltage, the more powerful the impact. You can actually, through your personal vibration, pull others up.

That’s because you are more than your body. You are a strong vibrational force. Yes, you’re
part of the web that connects all of us. And yes, what happens in the world has an impact on
every one of us. But compare the infinite web of energy we’re a part of to the world wide web, which also happens to surround us all. You go online but YOU choose what you pull up on your computer screen . Virtually everything is “out there” in that wireless web of energy, but you’re not a victim of it- YOU tune in to what you choose, and, of course that’s what appears on your screen.

Well, it works the same way in the infinite “web” that connects us all. It has EVERYTHING in it, all frequencies, all levels of vibration. What YOU choose appears on your “screen”, i.e life. (The fact that most are unaware of this doesn’t diminish the power of its truth)

But how can you raise your personal voltage? Here are two ideas:

1. You might want to consider turning off the news. Our media elites have become hopelessly corrupt, reporting only what their sponsors allow. Many of us form our opinions based on information they have deliberately twisted OR kept from us. Turn it off- especially in the morning-and watch what happens to your day! In fact, did you know studies say the more television a person watches, the less satisfaction they report with their life? I remember a couple of years ago taking a vacation with a friend who was a pile of nerves. She’d started working out of her house, and was listening to MSNBC all day. It hadn’t even occurred to
her, until she got away from it- what was happening.

2. Decide, as early in the day as possible, that you want to set your vibrational frequency to “ease”. This is easier than it sounds- just decide. You are much more powerful than you may
realize. Don’t tune into the momentum of what’s going on around you if that isn’t what you want to create. Because that’s the way it works. You cannot have a life that reflects anything other than the momentum of your vibration. We are in an attraction based universe. Only the vibration you “get going’ comes to you.

I’m trying to do my part with the daily energy clearing. You might consider joining out group- right now it’s just $10 a month! Here’s just a small part of the lower vibratory energy, or stress, we’re clearing today:

First, our unconscious selection was to clear any blocks to good fortune! Have included a screen shot. This is qigong energy, so the hands you see are an example of what a qigong practitioner would be doing to move away the blockages. If this looks silly, you may not be aware that in every human civilization before this healing was accomplished by moving energy

src group

We’re also working to clear stress related to trauma, the peripheral nervous system, reproductive system and lungs. The stress factor today – spleen and pancreas.

We’ve requested energy to forgive self and others and clear the emotion of hatred. And the message for the day, again from the scan-

Words to Ponder= Treat people as if they were what they should be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.—


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